How To Success In Online Business

With the growth of smartphone adoption, more businesses are setting up online and this lead to strong competition among all the online businesses. In order to succeed, there are important things which we need to do in order to attract and engage customers to do business with us.

Have A Vision for your Online Business

In order to transform your business in big way, you need to have a vision of how your Online Business going to be.

Many great leaders have a clear vision of what they want to do in life, and they setup to realize their vision in their daily life. By having a thoughtful and deliberate planning in your business, you can realize it sooner.

As your business evolve, you need to continue reimage and reshape your vision. Align to the changes the world is revolving each day, and you will be relevant at each stage of your business.

Vision help you to realize your business goal fasterGive customer the best deal and highest value

To win the heart of our customers, we need to understand their problems, desires and serve them well and this require us to be an expert in that field. We can help our client by providing free training to them, educate them what are the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their business. By helping them eventually help our business, this is the new business strategy we need to adopt.

We must be a valuable resource for customer to refer when they need help and advise. By emphasising of giving the highest value to them, we create value for them to approach us. Offer online resource of free information is a very effective platform to attract new customers.

Every body want to do business with someone who knows what they are doing and saying. Customer want us to help them with their problems so they can stop searching for the solution.

A lot of companies are reluctant to give and they want to receive or get commitment from their customers, before they start doing their business. By giving first to get later is a better business solution to your customers. When customer receive the solution from you with your help, they will reciprocate back and do business with you willingly. As long as your give do not lead you to be broke, it is absolutely right to give first and receive later.

When you freely share with others your expertise and experience, you are not giving away yours and all your expertise and experience still with you. You are just sharing them with others. By sharing with others, and they will appreciate what you have offered and they will return with more to you.

Getting business from customer require them to first know you, and second to like you and eventually trusting you. The combination of know + like + trust will lead to believe in you. With this success formula, you will have the business from that customer.

Be useful to your customers

To succeed in this competitive world, you must focus energy on creating useful information your customers want. Stay relevant to their needs and they will pay for it.

Today customers have more information than before and they can easily access internet for any information they want. Self-serve information is everywhere and most customers utilise it for their purchase decision.

People want to know how your products and services will solve their problem and they want to know why your solution is better than others, especially your competitors.

For consumer products, most of them buy for one of the 2 reasons. Either they like to have pleasure (for example relaxing, good food, becoming popular) or they wish to reduce pain (like stress, poor health, financial problem). When you are communicating with them, tell them the benefits of your products and services.

Building trust

Search engines love blog content therefore you need to have a good content platform to publish right contents for them to find you. You can expand more articles, workshops and ebooks on your platform.

Creating social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Inc. Online magazine communities. You can build rich profiles and get all the links, images, and videos pointing back to your website. Ratings and reviews sites are useful content hubs you can connect and participate in to get more exposure to increase your online presence.

A content telling people what makes your company different, how your company approach customer service and why your company do what it do will build more trust in their heart. Presentations, workshops, and seminars are very effective ways to provide education and allow deep engagement with the customers. FAQs allows value of information packaged in a simple format and help position your company favourably against competition. Telling success stories of how your customers succeed through the use of your product or service offerings help people learn from others.

Try to answer below questions and put that within your content. You will have the right content to attract potential customers to your site:

  • What are the top 5 results your customers want to achieve?
  • How your offerings different from your competititors?

Organic SEO to win business

There are 4 key factors which will help you to generate more leads for your business. First is creating a lot of useful and valuable contents. This is the foundation of your online presence. And you must create different flavours of contents to attract potential clients to you.

The 2nd factor is using the right keywords in your contents. You must know what keywords your potential clients put into the search engines. Knowing that will allow them to find you on the internet world.

3rd factor is links to your main website. How to do it? Very simply you just need to create good contents and use the popular keywords which potential clients often search for.

Last factor is make use of the social media. These days, everyone has their own social profile,  be in on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You need to capitalise on these useful social media reaching out to more people.

Eager to know more about the ways to improve your online business? or how to setup your online business? Visit my “Get Started” page and check out what are the tools you can use.

Identify Your Dream

You need to be passion and enthusiasm about the things you do in your business. Stick with your believe and focus on your course, never let others steal away your dream. Be determine to succeed in your online business and commit to your work. Dream it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you do thing that you love, time become not an issue because you want to do it often.

Radiate your passion in your online business! Show it on your website and let people feel your passion when they visit your site and read your contents.

Use Keyword Research Tool

If there is no demand or interest of your products or services in the market, it will be very difficult for you to succeed in your business, that include your online business too.

In order to determine whether there is high demand and whether the competition is high for your products or services, using the right Keyword Research Tool will help you to succeed.

At Wealthy Affiliate, once you sign up for the membership, there is Keyword Tool which you can use to do the research. Feel free to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review page for more information and sign-up for the free membership to give yourself a try. It is absolutely free for you to explore.

Learn From Other Experts

We can always pick up tips from other experts whom have gone through hardships and a lot of learning to reach their destination. I have come across a few of the Online Experts like

  • Ramit Sethi – His website GrowthLab has a lot of useful tips and resources you can refer and learn from it. One of his students has written an article about making $2000 a day for his new product. You can have a read and learn from it.


How To Get On Page 1 On Google

I would like to suggest a method which I used currently to put my post on the first page of Google. Follow the steps which I outline here and go through the steps, and you will see your post get improve in ranking. Eventually it will reach the 1st page.

But bear in mind, Google consider the freshness of the content as one of the ranking factors. Therefore, constantly update your content is essential to win the race.

The last update of this post content was Aug 9, 2018 and today (Nov 10, 2019) I put in additional content to update it. Let’s see how it rank in Google search.

Here are the 6 steps you may follow:

  • Step 1: Go to Google Search Engine, key in this phrase how to get on page 1 on google.
  • Step 2: Copy the URL of those SERP appearing on Google 1st, 2nd and 3rd page.
  • Step 3: Paste them into an Excel sheet and sort SERP by the ranking.
  • Step 4: Start reading and analyse all contents written by SEO writers.
  • Step 5: Implement suggestion by top ranking writers. First with the one on position o and follow by rank 1, 2, 3…..
  • Step 6: Check Google ranking result, re-tune your content and improve further.

Step 1: Go to Google Search Engine, key in this phrase how to get on page 1 on google

Google is the number 1 search engine people use, it is the place people go to when they want to search for information they need. Therefore, it is important for you to know How To Get On Page 1 of Google. The method you use on Google Search Engine can be used on Bing and others as well, once you master all the techniques.

Remember not to put any quotation mark on the phrase, because most searchers do not use it when they type in their question inside search engine. Also, with this method you can reveal the true competition that are related to your content.

Step 2: Copy URL of those SERP appearing on Google 1st , 2nd and 3rd page

Most searchers will look at those SERP appearing on the 1st page, and they are some even will cover till 3rd page; with some extreme will scan through all the pages till the last. But mostly they read the content of those URL listed on front page.

Google search engine has become smarter day-after-day, and they will show you the relevant result and content to your question. There are ton of SEO specialist on the internet who will teach you how to get rank on Google. You can learn a lot from those writers appearing on the first 3 pages.

Step 3: Paste them into an Excel sheet and sort SERP by the ranking

Paste those URL you copied appearing on 1st, 2nd and 3rd page onto an Excel sheet and rank them according to their position appearing on the SERP. It is important for you to have a framework to work on and track your progress and result. Excel sheet has been widely used by company to monitor performance and report the result subsequently. It is a tool you can use in your ranking exercise.

In the Excel sheet, you can create various column with “SERP”, “Rank”, “Read”, “Implemented”, “Improved” to keep track of your action and progress. This is the method I used to keep myself on track to achieve higher ranking result on Google.

Step 4: Start reading and analyse all contents written by SEO writers

When I entered the title of this post, my post not even appear in all the 27 pages of the SERP on November 20th, 2017  because I have yet to implement those guidelines given by those SEO experts. The first post appear with featured snippet is Neil Patel “The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings Without Getting Penalised“.

Neil Patel Featured Snippet Posting

This position is name as Position 0 in the industry and is picked by Google to be highly relevant to the search phase, especially those DIY “How to” topic. It may attract searcher attention and encourage them to click your post, better than the Position 1 ranking number 1 on SERP.

Neil Patel is the expert in SEO ranking therefore I have no issue for him to rank on this 1st row of the SERP. He is indeed a genius in this highly competitive niche market. I learned a lot from this blog post. The steps that he highlighted here are relevant for you to take note of, when you want to get to Page 1.

Update on September 5, 2018 on Neil Patel’s post ranking

When I google the same phrase “how to get on page 1 on google”, Neil Patel’s post not anymore ranking on 1st page. However my article of this post appear on 1st Page, right at the bottom (wow… I have made it to 1st Page of Google).

Update on November 10, 2019 about the Featured Snippets

The Featured Snippets belongs to Cristers Media Marketing Agency by Buddy Rigotti. Neil Patel’s post still rank highly on Page 1 appearing after the Featured Snippets. 

Want to learn more about Featured Snippets?

Click Here 

What does this tell us? If your content is relevant, up-to-date and useful, Google will continue to rank you. New and better writers continue to appear and you too can become one of them.

How can Google find your site? Check out my Get Started Page.

Step 5: Implement suggestion by top ranking writers. First with the one on position 0 and follow by rank 1, 2, 3…..

Knowing something but without any action is not going to work, especially in SEO industry. After reading those articles, you need to take action and put efforts on your content. As I said in earlier step, Neil Patel article has many useful tips for us to follow and implement. you need to analyse it and do those actions you deem relevant to your post and do those action which you have not done on your content.

Here are some of the suggestions by SEO experts:

SEO of Meta Title

Meta Title is very important for the searcher to identify what kind of content on your page. Google suggest that the characters length should not be more than 60. More than that, it will be cut off by Google during the SERP.

You can edit the Meta Title in your All-In-One SEO or Yoast SEO Plugins when you are using the WordPress Content Management System.

Try not to use words like “a”, “the”, “but”, “thus”, “if”, “an” in your Meta Title. These words will not help you. You can consider adding prefix (before) or suffix (after) to your title like words “buy”, “review”, “purchase”, “discount”, “coupon”, “deal”, “shipping”, “order”. Words like these may attract the eyeballs of the searcher to click on your post.

SEO OF Meta Description

The Meta Description appears right below the Meta Title during the SERP when searcher found your page. Google recommend to keep the length less than 160 and you can edit your Meta Description in the All-in-One or Yoast SEO Plugins.

Some SEO specialists prefer to customize the Meta Description themselves, rather than leave it to Google for its own insertion. The Meta Description is not one of the ranking factors by Google, but certainly it may attract the searchers attention and motivate them to click on the SERP.

SEO OF Link Building

In order to get rank well, you need to put external links and internal links within your page. These are essential elements Google look for when Google decide which page to put forward to the searchers when they put in their keywords.

If you prefer to learn online, about How To Get Ranked number 1 Of Google, you may consider to explore Wealthy Affiliate Online Course. On this online platform, you will be able to access various kind of modules to learn all about SEO.

How Social Media Posting Work

With the popularity of Social Media platform, many people are using these social media for communication. They spend a lot of their times on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. In order to reach out to them, you need to get yourself presence on all these platforms.

Once you created your content as a page or post, remember to post your content on your social media sites. This action will lead you to get found by the search engines faster.

SEO of Google Tools

Google has useful tools which you can utilize to make your site page rank higher. The Google Search Console (used to be Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics are free tools provided by Google for all of us to use. Feel free to check them out and learn to use them effectively. Another important tool – Google Keyword Planner, is very useful for you to identify right keywords to use on your page.

After you have created your content, it is advisable to do a Fetch as Google in the Search Console. This action will lead to faster index of your page/post and allow the search engine to find you in soonest time.

Step 6: Check Google ranking result, re-tune your content and improve further

With all the earlier 5 steps you have performed, the exciting part you wish to know is your ranking performance. This is the step you want to do now. Put in the phrase you wish to rank in Google search engine, see the ranking result. I hope the steps outline here will make your ranking improve one step, and you need to continue to climb further.

How long does it take for a new website to rank on Google? I would say, as long as you keep learning all the techniques and action on your website, you will reach the top rank on google.

See you at the top!!!

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It is always helpful to learn from others as well. You may want to click on below book from Amazon to learn from Ben Norman, and he will teach you to get ranked to Page 1 on Google. Most importantly, Google will rank you when your content is relevant to what the keyword phrase searcher has input at the search box.

Ben Norman is the CEO and founder of Koozai, a digital marketing agency in UK helping SME to increase their business online. I found his book in Singapore National Library board at Ang Mo Kio branch, and would like to share with you what I have learned from this book.


One important lesson the book teaches you, is the use of Organic SEO on your site. According to Google Webmaster guide, there are various elements you need to consider and master, in order to get your page rank highly on Google. You will know more, when you purchase the book from Amazon for further reading.

How To Get On Page 1 On Google

Creating useful contents helping reader is the most effective method to get rank by Google. When your content is love by Google, it will reward you with your content being displayed on the 1st page of Google search.

This article How to create pillar content Google will love, is going to help you tremendously in getting more traffic to your website. Have a read and apply what you learn from the article.

Learn From Brian Dean How To Rank #1 In Google

Below is the video by Brian Dean teaching us how to rank on Page 1 of Google. I suggest you to watch it often so you can utilize his method.

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Use Attention Getting Words In Your Title Post

When your content post appear on the 1st page of Google, you need to attract the eye balls of the searchers. In order to stand out from other Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you need to use Attention – Getting Words in your title. Below are some of the suggestions:

  • advise
  • congratulations
  • limited time
  • save
  • wanted
  • announcing
  • free
  • new
  • secrets
  • which
  • at last
  • guaranteed
  • now
  • smart
  • who else
  • because
  • how to
  • proven
  • special invitation
  • why
  • confidential
  • introducing
  • revolutionary
  • success
  • yes

Visuals SEO Ranking Factors

The use of visuals will help in the SEO conversion. Images, Videos and GIFs are effective ways to improve conversion rate. If you want to improve your SEO, do not ignore all these visuals effect.

Adam Connell has good article teaching us where to find all the visual tools to improve your website SEO ranking.

There are free video editing software on internet, which you can download on your computer to use it for your application. Feel free to visit Oberlo Website and use them to optimize your content.

How To Get Millions of Visitors from Google in 2018 To Your Site

On September 7th, 2018, I get to know this article “How Four-Numbers Can Send You Millions of Visitors from Google in 2016“. This really excite me because I was searching for a way to increase traffic to my site. Amazon has just rejected my affiliate membership due to low traffic to a site, which  I was promoting Amazon product.

I am eager to learn all the necessary steps to gain more visitors to my site. This article make me want to read more about it. How I get to know this article, it is through the wonderful network I got at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a wider network of successful Affiliate Marketers helping each other to succeed. You really must join. Visit my Get Started page and sign up for the free membership today.

The strategy work in 2016 and it will still work in this year 2018. Imagine million of visitors coming to your site, and you will have a huge opportunity to offer your products to them.

Money waiting for you

Google is a technology company, just like Facebook and Microsoft, they continue to evolve and keep upgrading their technologies, products and services to meet the ever-demanding consumers. In order to keep up with the changes, we need to be part of a growing community.

One of the best Online Business Community I recommend you to join, is the Wealthy Affiliate Online Community. Feel free to sign-up for the free starter membership here  and get inform all the latest development in the industry.

The Google SEO Ranking Factors

The Google SEO Ranking Factors

How many times you have heard about the importance of SEO to increase traffic to your website and The Google SEO Ranking Factors you need to be aware of? And you wonder which one to follow and learn from?

Worry not. I would suggest you find one or two, the most three factors which you can start with and work on it few months to see the result. After getting success, then move on to the other factors which you think will give you further boost in your traffic. By doing one-step at a time, you learn by doing.

Google SEO ranking factors

Here are those SEO Ranking Factors you need to understand:

  • Keyword in the  Title Page
  • Keyword in the Link Anchor Text
  • Fast Page Loading Speed
  • No Plagiarism
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Don’t Use Stop Word
  • Social Media Marketing


Keywords in the <title> page

This is one of the internal ranking factors which you can control directly. When you do it right, your ranking in the SERP will become much better. Your page title should reflect what is being written in your content, just like the title I have chosen for this article.

The title need to be relevant to your page copy and the words found in the <title> tag must also be found in the page itself.

Use Keyword Tool in Wealthy Affiliate to search for keywords that have high searches and less QSR competition.

Keywords in the Link Anchor Text

Use relevance keywords in your link anchor text to get higher ranking. Google will find your site more easily and it is an effective way to get more inbound links. You may use different variations of anchor text to get more  hits from different combinations of keywords.

Create Link Anchor Text for your visitors, not for the search engines. Therefore, do it naturally and let the readers feel comfortable reading your contents.

Page Loading Speed

Page speed is crucial to your SEO and you can make use of Google developer’s tool to check your score. Following the suggestion to fix the problems once you have completed the Page Speed test.

If your Mobile or Desktop speed is poor, mostly Google will ask you to eliminate the render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.


Google will penalize you if your content is similar to other people’s content. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your content is not being stolen or others do not have the same content as yours. One of the tools which I found very useful is Copyscape. It is an online plagiarism detection platform to help you look for content theft or similar content on the internet.

Copyscape is free to use only once a month, and you can sign-up for the Pro-version when you decide to use it for more times.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

As more and more people using their mobile phone to access internet for information, Google would like to tap on this opportunity and make the user feel at ease. Google love to make the user happy and therefore if your site has slow loading speed, or not friendly to the mobile user Google will not want to show up on their search engine result page.

You can check whether your website is mobile friendly by putting your URL at Google’s Mobile Friendliness Tool.

Social Media Marketing

With the arrival of Facebook, more social media platforms are being introduced each year. We now have many others to use, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, WhatsApp,YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Each has its own loyal users and fan group, with some of them having large followers. These are useful platforms which you can use reaching out to potential buyers of your products/services.

Don’t Use Stop Word

Recently I came across some articles, telling me not to use stop words in our Meta Title; Meta Keyword; Links; Header Tags. You may wonder what are “Stop Words”?

Here are some of the common stop words you may want to avoid using: And, A, The, In, On, Of, Be, I, Me. Does this strategy work? No harm do your A/B testing on your site and see the outcome.


It is good to check your ranking result after all the improvement implemented on your site. I usually will google my post title and see whether my post appearing on SERP Page 1 or 2, if not I will review, research and make improvement.

To make money online, your post or page need to be on 1st page or at least 2nd page. Not many people will browse their search results after the first 2 pages. Therefore, if you are not able to rank your content on these 2 pages, you are unlikely to make money online because no one will ever see your content.

It is important that you learn how to check your ranking on Google, and find ways to rank higher on it.

You will notice that most of the successful Online Marketers have their content rank very well on the internet. When you google those contents relevant to their niche, you will find that their post/page is on page 1. That gives them the competitive advantage over others, because more people will read their content and click on their recommended products/services.

How to get more readers to my blog?

How to get more readers to my blog

How to get more readers to my blog when I have contents but no one come to read it?  What should I do? These are the questions you would like to find an answer for it.

You may want to do some actions on your site and make improvement to it. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Perform SEO audit
  2. Improve website design
  3. Answer questions raise by searcher
  4. Catch visitors attention

Performing SEO Audit

You may need to do a SEO Audit of your website. I found an article written on Search Engine Journal “How To Perform an In-Depth Technical SEO Audit” very relevant to this topic. Have a read and pick up the important pointers from the article.

Some of the tools you may want to explore further are:

It is okay. I will guide you the way as I have learned from the internet. One effectively way is to build relationship with successful and important people in your chosen field. They would like a lot of followers in reading their contents and you can build on their networks.

To reach out more readers, you must focus on engagement and build real, mutually beneficial relationship with them. Only then, the readers will come and read your content. You can also learn from expert Michael Stelzner of his Advanced Blogging techniques – How to Make Your Blog Serve Your Business Needs.

Improve Your Website Design To Get More Readers

When your website design is not effective and easy for the readers, they tend not to continue reading your articles and may leave your site within few seconds. I have came a cross an article by Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media. He teaches us the 27 tips to design your website that works.

Here, I extract few pointers which you can refer and when you have more times, go through the article and have a full review.

1.  Use descriptive, key phrase and focused headline

Reader will decide whether to continue reading, by looking at your headline. If it is relevant to their needs, they tend to continue their read further down your article. The headline need to be descriptive and tell the readers what is it about your article.

There are various articles on Copyblogger which teach you how to write magnetic headlines. You may have a read inside and pick up good tips from those articles.

Popular marketing company MOZ also has good tip to guide you in writing irresistibly worthy headlines you can apply. I found it useful and would like to share it with you here.

2. Use People Pictures

I like the phrase “from the time we were born, we gaze at faces more than anything else”. This is so truly that we human like to see faces of other people and this is one reason Facebook is so popular.

Use real people photos instead of stock photos. Real people pictures are more genuine and build stronger trust.

3. Use Arrows As Visual Cues

A simple arrow can be very powerful in getting your visitor to look at the element on your page. By pointing it with an arrow, your reader is likely to notice it and read about it.

Answer Those Questions Your Searcher Asking

One of the ways to get content idea is, answer those questions your searcher is asking. When searcher come to the internet and go to Google search engine, they are looking for an answer to their question. If you can provide the useful and right answer to them, you win them over.

In order to provide the answers to those questions, you need to identify what are those questions searchers likely to ask on the internet. One useful resource you can turn to, is at Answer The Public. You will get many ideas when you check this website.

Catch Visitors Attention

There are  3 basic ways for you to get attention from your website visitors:

  • educate them
  • entertain your online audience
  • inspire those who visit your article


Importance of content creation at your site

Today I saw my site health turn to red, alerting me time to create new content on my to get more traffic to my website. It has been mentioning many times that we need to have fresh content creating at our website. Google search engine is always on the look up for new content in the internet world.

Without content or new article, google will not visit your website often and your website will tend to disappear when people searching for the related topic. Website with fresh content and ever green site will attract google to come.

So, what we need to do? 

Make it a habit to create new content each week. With practise, the ease of creating content become much easier and skill of doing it will also improved. And the habit of doing the thing you do each day, will remind you to do it each day. It become automatic process that you will do each day, without you knowing that you have created the content on your site.

Habit, habit, I love you 

Sing along the phrase above and you feel more relax and motivated to live another day, to pursue your dream which you longing to have with you, for the rest of your life.

Do what you love to do each day, and with each doing your love become much deeper and your love will flourish everywhere in your life, in each and everyone you encounter daily.

Live each day with Love

When you fill your mind with love, you feel your heart with passion and you will tend to offer help to others. Love, is the most important element in our dealing with others. When you have love, you forgot about the shortcoming, and have a passion heart to serve others.

Show your love to others now, do it now and stick with it forever, and never stop.

Ideas To Create Content On Your Website

Having difficulties to create content on your website and do not know what to write about? I have found some good ideas for you to consider from one of the Wealthy Affiliate member, Steve. He has wrote about a blog post on ways to generate blog post ideas to get attention. You can visit and review the post and benefit from it to get your brain juice flowing again for your content creation.

Delivering and Creating Values In Your Content

How do you create and delivering values to your target audience with your content?

Here are some of the effective approaches you can consider to put on your website. These are useful topics which searchers like to read and review:

  • Infographic
  • Video Series
  • New Tools
  • Interview Series
  • Slide Shows
  • How To Guide
  • Q&A
  • Webinar

Rise in Online Marketing

According to, there are at least 4.59 billion pages of the Indexed Web as of July 23, 2017. This is huge number of Webpages on the internet. Online marketing is becoming popular in most of the countries around the world. Many companies are setting up their online presence to take this growing opportunities. Rising demand for online purchase also pushing up the take up rate of online business.

rise in online marketing

Take for example in Singapore, a young man has used his life saving of S$15,000 to create an online platform to allow other younger generation to learn about entrepreneurship, self-help topics, medical health issues, etc. The website, invites internet experts contributing articles to it and is in the process of inviting experts to create video content. (this is way too costly, you may want to check out my “Get Started” page to create your online platform instead)

Another local start-up, aims to provide the best foreign currency exchange rate online. It differentiate from others by offering live “retail” rates from money changers directly, instead of mid-market rates used by the banks. The company want to help users save money, instead of paying an extra surcharge up to 15%. Users will be able to lock in the rate they see in real time with the preferred money changer, and pick up the currency they order on the same day.

There is also another group from the PMET (Professionals, managers, executives and technicians), whom have been layoff by their company due to restructure or relocate to their low-cost countries. They are eager to start their business and have shown high interest for the online business. Learning all the online marketing skills will help them to launch their online business confidently.

rising trend of online marketing

With the rise in Online Marketing, there is also opportunity for new digital entrepreneurs to setup their own Online Marketing agency. One of the new successful new agency in Singapore is Carbon.

Below is one of the ads done by Carbon for the Singapore audience. You may want to have a look at it at Vimeo platform.

Class 95FM Spin Around The World Contest Spot

All these rising trends are leading to good opportunities for Wealthy Affiliate Associates to promote and introduce our proven and tested online platform. Anyone interested to know what online business is all about can sign up for the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, try it for free and decide whether online business is a piece of cake to you!!!

In order to succeed in your online marketing journey, it is important to master the SEO skill. By learning all the essential techniques Search Engine Optimisation offering to you, you will be able to attract more traffic to your online presence – Websites, and get people to know your products/services offering. Wealthy Affiliate platform will guide you the way to master your SEO craft and there are many members in the community willing to guide you along the way as well. Want to check out more? Check this out.

Time To Speed Up My Online Business

It is time for me to speed up my online business, since I am jobless now. My company has decided to close down the office and all the employees will be laid off. Although I have started creating my online business 2 years ago, I did not go full swing as my work takes up most of my times even after work. It is pressing urgent now since I am jobless without income.


Time to speed up my online business
Setup online business


Just Do It

Nike slogan is very effective in helping us do our work. Without thinking and worrying too much, what we need to do is, just do it. By doing small thing one at a time and do it consistently, I believe we will be able to realize our goal and dream. Today I went for a run and I set my goal to run for 15km, although I feel tired at times during the run but I persistent and continue my run. Eventually I achieve my goal of running 15km, and I feel so excited and rewarding when I acheive my target.

A confidence and healthy mind set helps us to boost our morale and lift us to the next level of achievement. We feel great about ourselves and it is going to make us feel good.

I am very fortunate to found an online platform, allowing me to setup an online business with 4 simple steps. Online business is an internet business. As long as you know how to use computer to access internet, and use search engine before, you can start your own online business.

There are many ways you can start online business, you can open your online store, helping small business to setup website, promote other people/company products using Affiliate marketing techniques. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all these skills. For those who want to learn SEO, there are plenty of lessons for you to learn too.

Focus On Today And Now

One thing I learned today from Dale Carnegie book – How to stop worrying and start living, is the advice from Sir William Osler – who has organized the world-famous Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. When he was a young medical student, one day in the spring of 1871 he read words from Thomas Carlyle that helped him lead a life free from worry: “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”

Think about just today and do your ulmost best for the day. Do not worry about the past and the future. Just focus on today and now, the present. Do what lies ahead of you at hand, and do what you can see now. Past is past and future is uncertain, therefore stop worry about all these and put your effort on now, the present time that is with you.

Follow Those Who Did it

There are many successful Wealthy Affiliate members who have achieved success in their online business. We can learn from them and follow what they do, step by step. One of the members you may wish to learn from, is Steve with nick name IveTriedThat. He has created a wonderful post Top 9 Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners. Please check it out here.

25 free ways to get more traffic to your website

Here are a list of 25 free ways for you  to use, so you can get more traffic to your website:

  1. SEO
  2. Backlink building
  3. Article marketing
  4. Press release
  5. Forum marketing
  6. Classified Ads
  7. Thank you Page Marketing
  8. Posting Blog comment
  9. Social Marketing
  10. Guest blogging
  11. Feeder sites
  12. Twitter
  13. Video
  14. Newsletter
  15. Viral marketing
  16. Link wheels
  17. Online directories
  18. Free download websites
  19. Tell-a-Friend Scripts
  20. Email signature
  21. Facebook like Pages
  22. Traffic Exchanges
  23. Ad swapping
  24. Product Reviews
  25. JV Give away event

Did I said free? Yes, these are free methods you can learn from the internet. Just google any one of them and the internet will show you the relevant websites which you can start to learn from. Some of the methods can be rather complex and you may need to master some technical skills in order to accomplish the task. If you want someone to guide you step-by-step, and has the proven program to bring you to success, I strongly recommend you to sign-up for my prefer Wealthy Affiliate online training program. You do not need to master all the 25 free ways, just follow the steps Wealthy Affiliate tell you and you will be on the way to success.

Turn to the right and look for the Wealthy Affiliate banner and click on it. I will show you the way.

Why practice Search Engine Optimization? – I tell you the reason!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in short, is gaining popular in this internet world. If you have a website and you want people to find your website, knowing Search Engine Optimization will help you to reach your target audience. SEO help the search engine to rank your site and improve the click for SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Search Engine Optimization also aide in the user experience (UX) allowing them to navigate your website at ease.

For businessman who want to build a website, learning about SEO will help them a lot in reaching out to much more potential customers and lead to more revenue for them. The web has moved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and even to Web 3.0 now and newer and advanced technologies are being used to increase the visibility of business website. Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, etc are gradually being used widely by marketers.

Copywriters are required to know about SEO too. They cannot just write good, organic web copy without knowing the SEO principles. For marketers, they too need to master the SEO principles so they can plan their online marketing strategies and campaigns to target the right audiences.

Organic Content Strategy

SEO plays heavily on the Organic content strategy! By creating original, genuine and true content in the business website, searchers will come to your site more frequently. In order to reach out to the web user, we need to know the value of SEO and execute it according to the right strategies.

Google is still king

As of today, Google keeps innovate and continue to keep relevant to the searchers. At present, Google has 67% and Bing has 29% of the search engine usage. This makes Google remain at the top of search engine industry. Many of the big search engine companies like Netscape, Lycos and Alta Vista have went missing. Google has killed them.

Collapse of Brick-and-mortar business

With competition and reduced costs of the E-Commerce websites, many of the brick-and-mortar business collapsed. E-commerce spending has reached US$186 billion a year in 2014 and is expected to increase further. The growth of internet for work and leisure has expanded in every country. Consumer prefer the comfort of online purchasing, with the improved security and credit card transactions. Online research is also very convenient and easy to use.

Keyword Research

In order to get more traffic to your website and have more online presence, finding the right keywords to use on your website is very important. By using the keywords that people use when they perform their google search allow your website to be shown up to them. Once your website appear, you have all the means to present your content to them, and that allow you to show them your products or services.

One of best keyword research tools I found is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It provides all the necessary tool you need to identify the right keywords to use at your website and drive more traffic to your online presence.