Make Money On Your Own Website

When your website has visitors coming in, it is time for you to make money on it. There are various ways you can make money on your own website. Since it is your own site, you have full control over it.

Affiliate Link

You can consider to put an affiliate link on your site to lead your visitor to go visit another site for the product/service you wish them to consider. For example, below Affiliate Link will bring you to my Wealthy Affiliate link for you to sign-up for the membership. This method use HTML Link Code to link you to the target site at Wealthy Affiliate.

Alternatively, you can put up an image with the link to direct visitor to the site you wish them to go. Here, I have an image of Wealthy Affiliate banner for you to go and explore Wealthy Affiliate membership detail.


Inline Frame Link

This method allows you to load another website within your page for your visitor to view it.

Write Insightful Reviews

Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle has good suggestion to those Affiliate Marketers, that one of the effective ways to make money online is writing good reviews. Most buyers will go online to do research before their purchase, therefore by providing good reviews you actually attract them to visit your site and click on those products you recommend.

You can read about this post by Kyle on the method you can use to provide a product/service review. Check it out to start making money on your site.

How about making money online by promoting Aweber services?


Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing refers to promoting other people products or services on your website, and you get paid a commission when visitor make a purchase. This business model do not require you to have huge capital, you only need to master the skills of attracting visitors to your site to read your articles.

It is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get started making money online. Over at our website here, we are using this method to earn commission from people who like our recommended products and services and make a purchase. If you would like to learn more about this method, feel free to visit our Get Started Page and sign up for the Free Membership Program we recommend.

Sell Physical Products Online

The next fastest way to make money online is selling physical products. You can list your products on your website by creating an Online Storefront for visitors to make purchase. You can either sell new product or refurbished products on your website, depending on the business model you decided to pursue.

Here are some of the business ideas you can consider:

  • buy directly from manufacturers and sell online to consumers
  • find old stuff at home which are still usable and offer discount on your website
  • become authorized distributor for a reputable brand and market their products on internet
  • source cheaper pricing from other places and sell it at higher price on you online store

Sell Photography or Art on your Website

For those people who love art or has very good in photography, you can consider selling all these stuff on your website. There will always be interested buyers who constantly look out for the best art or photography online to buy. You can target these groups of customers and make money by selling to them.

Selling your work to those stock photo websites like Shutterstock or Getty Images is also one business idea you can think of. They will either pay you upfront or give you a percentage of the buying price when a sales is being closed.

Renting Your Extra Stuff Online

Do you have things which you don’t use it often and want to get extra money? For example your extra vehicle at home or spare room. These are the common things you can rent it out to other people to use.

Before you rent it out, make sure you took a photo and take note of the condition of your items. When people return the items to you, you can verify the condition again and ask for compensation if you find that there are big damages to it.

The renting could be in hours or months, depending on the items iteself. It is advisable to draft up a contract before you rent them out to protect both parties.

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