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How do you start to create your own internet online business? It is actually very simple in 4 basic steps. First, decide the interest you are passion about. Second, create a website using WordPress. Third, attract visitors to your site. And last, start putting the income generation tool on the site.

Here is the page to guide you to start. I have done a lot of research on the internet and have discovered the model for you to start at ease. There is a free starter program you can sign up for free and if you want more support and features you can upgrade to premium membership (which I believe you will because I was convinced after I tried it).

Check this out, Get the latest free guide here!

It is important for us to have a dream. Below is one favourite Video I like and it will motivate you to realise your dream.

Create a website for your business

You can build a free WordPress website easily, by our recommendation Join a support business community here. If you wish to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Online platform, you can register here to create your free Starter membership. It is free, no credit card information is required.

Feel free to put your comment below and I will come back to you in soonest times.

Learn About E-commerce

There is growing number of online stores coming onboard, and for those who want to learn about e-commerce and I welcome you to visit Wealthy Affiliate Online Learning Platform. It is the best training online you can find in the world currently.




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15 thoughts on “Get Started”

  1. It’s really not too late for 50’s individuals to start an online business. Some of them availed of the early retirement and can invest a little of their retirement fee in creating, maintaining, adding contents and optimizing a website. They also have a lot of time to learn and manage the website or they also have an option to hire outsourcers to manage their website for them.

    • Dear Keye,

      Absolutely correct as you have pointed out. With more times and experiences, 50’s individuals will find this online business very easy to start with and will create their additional income stream within a shorter time. Thank you for supporting me with the comment on my site.

  2. I think targeting the 50 plus age group is a good idea, as with so much downsizing and redundancies happening these days, I’m sure may older workers are seeking more financial security and creating an extra income stream would help a lot. I think you should add more pictures or videos to this page. Wealthy Affiliate has some great video tutorials that would make your page more enticing to visitors. Good luck!

    • Dear SC,

      Thank you for the advice on adding pictures and video. I definitely will take this advice into consideration. Me myself will be 50 this year and belongs to this group and I want to lead by example. I am enjoying my new found business now and wish all who join me will see the benefits. Once again, very appreciate for your comment on my site.

  3. Hello Thomas Are you assuming that people fifty and over have a short attention span? You post was ha ha. However it was short and to the point so I guess that’s enough to catch their interest and you point them in the right direction which is to Wealthy Affiliate so they really can’t go wrong. 🙂

    • Dear Peter,

      Yes, WA provide the right platform for them to start online business with ease. With a community full of support, I strongly believe they will love it. Thank you for coming my site for this comment.

  4. It’s a great idea to target people that are above 50 as the workforce ( especially in my country ) is getting younger and younger by the day!
    Thnakfully internet marketing can offer people over 50 a route back into work and an enjoyable route at that. Great website – I wish you all the luck in the world

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for the comment. It is indeed very important for 50 years old and above professional to start building their own business at Internet. The path of learning to be your own will lead to many tremendous opportunity ahead.

      I wish you well too!

  5. I have been wanting to know how to start up an online business for a very long time, and I Thank You for writing this post!

    I don’t know where to start first because Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix look fantastic…. I think I will begin with Wealthy Affiliate 😀


  6. I am a bit confused with this text for several reasons. You mentioned something free for 30 days and give link. This link leads to Wealthy Affiliate. There is nothing limited to 30 days at WA. I am a member and I am sure about it.

    Then I see several comments speaking about businesses for 50plussers. But there is nothing about the age group in this short text, except in the site title itself. Being one of those 50plussers I would appreciate having some more information. Thank you.

    • Hi Jovo,

      Thank you for the comment on my site. There are several features and support not available after the 30 days trial for free membership. Therefore, it is important to highlight in advance so new member will not be disappointed when they discover later. One key features is the interaction with other WA members and this is the most important part of the WA community which premium members see the benefits of it.

      The “Get Started” page is created to allow easy access for those interested to join the WA community. I have several posts focusing on the senior community to encourage them setting up their online business. Thank you for the suggestion and I will definitely include more information within that page.

      It is glad to know you are already building your online business at this age range and welcome to share your experiences with others.

  7. Hi Thomas, finally found a website that provides guide on online marketing and online business. You are doing a great job here! It is never too late to start build an online business at 50s with proper training, skills and mind set.

    Thanks for the link to where I can learn all these SEO tricks and tips on how to get the website ranked on search engine! I have been following the training courses and I can see some growth in traffic! Thanks a million!

    • Dear Alex,

      Glad that you have found my site to learn more about online business. Wish you succeed in your learning and create your own business to achieve your dream. All the best to you.

  8. Getting started making money is the hardest part online. Once you know how to do it you can create multiple websites and will be successful. In my opinion using wealthy affiliate is the most beneficial online money making tool avalibele. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I know how hard it could be not giving up as it takes a lot of patience and persistence and is overwhelming to any beginnerwith the amount of information. It is one of tje best platforms to make money from with the least initial investment. Great review. Cheers

    • Thank you for the comment. Wealthy Affiliate has a strong community of members who are helpful in supporting each other to grow their online business. A great community all of us would love to associate with.


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