Is The GeneratePress Premium Version Worth It

Is The GeneratePress Premium Version Worth It

Yes, if you wish to build a professional-looking website and do not want to use a Page Builder. The GeneratePress Premium allows you to customize your website using elements, and hooks, and access its Site Library which has over 33 pre-designed demo sites. The price for the premium is only $59 per year and you … Read more

Are Niche Sites Still Profitable

I was also curious to know, whether Niche Sites are able to bring me a lot of income before I jump right into it Therefore, I decided to write this article and share with you my findings, so that I can follow some methods I found out and you may also utilize them as well! … Read more

How Do I Achieve My Dream ?


My dream is to ….  and I want to get it within this year. Once I achieve my dream, I will … Sound familiar to you?  Many of us have a dream, especially when we are young and we want to get that dream in a short time.  Usually, we will tell ourselves that, when … Read more

So you know Affiliate Marketing?

I came across Affiliate Marketing in April 2015 when I attended one of the seminars telling you how to make money online and get richer. The seminar was by Click Events, and it was advertised on Facebook and I clicked on the advertisement when I was reading my friend posting. During the seminar, the speaker … Read more

What Is Security Investment

As a business owner of your Online Business, it is important that you know What is Securities Investment. This will help you to raise funds to finance your new business development if you decided to go big. There are two common methods to raise your business capital: Equity Financing – by issuing new shares or … Read more

Where are the Best Black Friday Sales

It depends on what kind of products or services you intend to get. Many marketers would put up their Black Friday Deals for you to select. You will have plenty of choices to decide. Here is the list of products/services with their respective place to shop: Products or Services you love to have Photo/Picture Where … Read more

How Traveltech Startup Klook Succeed

Do you like traveling? Are you sick about the Covid-19 restriction and hoping to regain your traveling experiences again? If you like traveling, perhaps you may hear about Klook travel platform. If not, check it out and see whether this travel platform meet your travel needs? For every business to succeed, there are some secrets … Read more

How To Get On Page 1 On Google

I would like to suggest a method that I used currently to put my post on the first page of Google. Follow the steps which I outline here and go through the steps, and you will see your post get to improve in ranking. Eventually, it will reach the 1st page. But bear in mind, … Read more

Importance of content creation at your site

Today I saw my site health turn to red, alerting me time to create new content on my to get more traffic to my website. It has been mentioning many times that we need to have fresh content creating on our website. Google search engine is always on the lookup for new content in … Read more