How To Success In Online Business

With the growth of smartphone adoption, more businesses are setting up online and this lead to strong competition among all the online businesses. In order to succeed, there are important things which we need to do in order to attract and engage customers to do business with us.

Have A Vision for your Online Business

In order to transform your business in big way, you need to have a vision of how your Online Business going to be.

Many great leaders have a clear vision of what they want to do in life, and they setup to realize their vision in their daily life. By having a thoughtful and deliberate planning in your business, you can realize it sooner.

As your business evolve, you need to continue reimage and reshape your vision. Align to the changes the world is revolving each day, and you will be relevant at each stage of your business.

Vision help you to realize your business goal fasterGive customer the best deal and highest value

To win the heart of our customers, we need to understand their problems, desires and serve them well and this require us to be an expert in that field. We can help our client by providing free training to them, educate them what are the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their business. By helping them eventually help our business, this is the new business strategy we need to adopt.

We must be a valuable resource for customer to refer when they need help and advise. By emphasising of giving the highest value to them, we create value for them to approach us. Offer online resource of free information is a very effective platform to attract new customers.

Every body want to do business with someone who knows what they are doing and saying. Customer want us to help them with their problems so they can stop searching for the solution.

A lot of companies are reluctant to give and they want to receive or get commitment from their customers, before they start doing their business. By giving first to get later is a better business solution to your customers. When customer receive the solution from you with your help, they will reciprocate back and do business with you willingly. As long as your give do not lead you to be broke, it is absolutely right to give first and receive later.

When you freely share with others your expertise and experience, you are not giving away yours and all your expertise and experience still with you. You are just sharing them with others. By sharing with others, and they will appreciate what you have offered and they will return with more to you.

Getting business from customer require them to first know you, and second to like you and eventually trusting you. The combination of know + like + trust will lead to believe in you. With this success formula, you will have the business from that customer.

Be useful to your customers

To succeed in this competitive world, you must focus energy on creating useful information your customers want. Stay relevant to their needs and they will pay for it.

Today customers have more information than before and they can easily access internet for any information they want. Self-serve information is everywhere and most customers utilise it for their purchase decision.

People want to know how your products and services will solve their problem and they want to know why your solution is better than others, especially your competitors.

For consumer products, most of them buy for one of the 2 reasons. Either they like to have pleasure (for example relaxing, good food, becoming popular) or they wish to reduce pain (like stress, poor health, financial problem). When you are communicating with them, tell them the benefits of your products and services.

Building trust

Search engines love blog content therefore you need to have a good content platform to publish right contents for them to find you. You can expand more articles, workshops and ebooks on your platform.

Creating social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Inc. Online magazine communities. You can build rich profiles and get all the links, images, and videos pointing back to your website. Ratings and reviews sites are useful content hubs you can connect and participate in to get more exposure to increase your online presence.

A content telling people what makes your company different, how your company approach customer service and why your company do what it do will build more trust in their heart. Presentations, workshops, and seminars are very effective ways to provide education and allow deep engagement with the customers. FAQs allows value of information packaged in a simple format and help position your company favourably against competition. Telling success stories of how your customers succeed through the use of your product or service offerings help people learn from others.

Try to answer below questions and put that within your content. You will have the right content to attract potential customers to your site:

  • What are the top 5 results your customers want to achieve?
  • How your offerings different from your competititors?

Organic SEO to win business

There are 4 key factors which will help you to generate more leads for your business. First is creating a lot of useful and valuable contents. This is the foundation of your online presence. And you must create different flavours of contents to attract potential clients to you.

The 2nd factor is using the right keywords in your contents. You must know what keywords your potential clients put into the search engines. Knowing that will allow them to find you on the internet world.

3rd factor is links to your main website. How to do it? Very simply you just need to create good contents and use the popular keywords which potential clients often search for.

Last factor is make use of the social media. These days, everyone has their own social profile,  be in on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You need to capitalise on these useful social media reaching out to more people.

Eager to know more about the ways to improve your online business? or how to setup your online business? Visit my “Get Started” page and check out what are the tools you can use.

Identify Your Dream

You need to be passion and enthusiasm about the things you do in your business. Stick with your believe and focus on your course, never let others steal away your dream. Be determine to succeed in your online business and commit to your work. Dream it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you do thing that you love, time become not an issue because you want to do it often.

Radiate your passion in your online business! Show it on your website and let people feel your passion when they visit your site and read your contents.

Use Keyword Research Tool

If there is no demand or interest of your products or services in the market, it will be very difficult for you to succeed in your business, that include your online business too.

In order to determine whether there is high demand and whether the competition is high for your products or services, using the right Keyword Research Tool will help you to succeed.

At Wealthy Affiliate, once you sign up for the membership, there is Keyword Tool which you can use to do the research. Feel free to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review page for more information and sign-up for the free membership to give yourself a try. It is absolutely free for you to explore.

Learn From Other Experts

We can always pick up tips from other experts whom have gone through hardships and a lot of learning to reach their destination. I have come across a few of the Online Experts like

  • Ramit Sethi – His website GrowthLab has a lot of useful tips and resources you can refer and learn from it. One of his students has written an article about making $2000 a day for his new product. You can have a read and learn from it.


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  1. Actually, setting up online business is easy but the most difficult part is running it to see the success of it.To make it run is what you have deliberated on.
    There are a lot of factors which gets into turning your business around to make it profitable and those ones that you have mentioned has said it all.thanks.

    • Dear Roland,
      Yes you are right. As Wealthy Affiliate platform provide an even much faster way to setup our online business. There are even more features and wonderful community in WA to push us further down the journey to success. All businesses are the same, to succeed we need to do right works and stay on top of all the necessary skills. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform to create our success online business.


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