Importance of content creation at your site

Today I saw my site health turn to red, alerting me time to create new content on my to get more traffic to my website. It has been mentioning many times that we need to have fresh content creating on our website. Google search engine is always on the lookup for new content in the internet world.

Without content or a new article, Google will not visit your website often and your website will tend to disappear when people searching for a related topic. A website with fresh content and an evergreen site will attract google to come.

So, what do we need to do? 

Make it a habit to create new content each week. With practice, the ease of creating content becomes much easier and the skill of doing it will also improve. And the habit of doing the thing you do each day will remind you to do it each day. It becomes an automatic process that you will do each day, without you knowing that you have created the content on your site.

Habit, habit, I love you 

Sing along the phrase above and you feel more relax and motivated to live another day, to pursue your dream which you longing to have with you, for the rest of your life.

Do what you love to do each day, and with each doing your love becomes much deeper and your love will flourish everywhere in your life, in each and everyone you encounter daily.

Live each day with Love

When you fill your mind with love, you feel your heart with passion and you will tend to offer help to others. Love is the most important element in our dealing with others. When you have love, you forgot about the shortcoming, and have a passionate heart to serve others.

Show your love to others now, do it now and stick with it forever, and never stop.

Ideas To Create Content On Your Website

Having difficulties creating content on your website and do not know what to write about? I have found some good ideas for you to consider from one of the Wealthy Affiliate members, Steve. He has written a blog post on ways to generate blog post ideas to get attention. You can visit and review the post and benefit from it to get your brain juice flowing again for your content creation.

Delivering and Creating Values In Your Content

How do you create and deliver values to your target audience with your content?

Here are some of the effective approaches you can consider to put on your website. These are useful topics that searchers like to read and review:

  • Infographic
  • Video Series
  • New Tools
  • Interview Series
  • Slide Shows
  • How To Guide
  • Q&A
  • Webinar

Step-by-Step Guide To Create Your Content

If you are stuck with an empty mind and do not know what to create for your blog content, you may follow the suggestion suggested by Ann Handley. She has done an infographic for you to reference when you need some help. Take a look below:

Ann Handley

From Visually.

If you wish to buy the book from Amazon, I have the link below which you can purchase through. There will be no extra cost to you, and the commission I earn will help me to support this website.

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