Why practice Search Engine Optimization? – I tell you the reason!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in short, is gaining popular in this internet world. If you have a website and you want people to find your website, knowing Search Engine Optimization will help you to reach your target audience. SEO help the search engine to rank your site and improve the click for SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Search Engine Optimization also aide in the user experience (UX) allowing them to navigate your website at ease.

For businessman who want to build a website, learning about SEO will help them a lot in reaching out to much more potential customers and lead to more revenue for them. The web has moved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and even to Web 3.0 now and newer and advanced technologies are being used to increase the visibility of business website. Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, etc are gradually being used widely by marketers.

Copywriters are required to know about SEO too. They cannot just write good, organic web copy without knowing the SEO principles. For marketers, they too need to master the SEO principles so they can plan their online marketing strategies and campaigns to target the right audiences.

Organic Content Strategy

SEO plays heavily on the Organic content strategy! By creating original, genuine and true content in the business website, searchers will come to your site more frequently. In order to reach out to the web user, we need to know the value of SEO and execute it according to the right strategies.

Google is still king

As of today, Google keeps innovate and continue to keep relevant to the searchers. At present, Google has 67% and Bing has 29% of the search engine usage. This makes Google remain at the top of search engine industry. Many of the big search engine companies like Netscape, Lycos and Alta Vista have went missing. Google has killed them.

Collapse of Brick-and-mortar business

With competition and reduced costs of the E-Commerce websites, many of the brick-and-mortar business collapsed. E-commerce spending has reached US$186 billion a year in 2014 and is expected to increase further. The growth of internet for work and leisure has expanded in every country. Consumer prefer the comfort of online purchasing, with the improved security and credit card transactions. Online research is also very convenient and easy to use.

Keyword Research

In order to get more traffic to your website and have more online presence, finding the right keywords to use on your website is very important. By using the keywords that people use when they perform their google search allow your website to be shown up to them. Once your website appear, you have all the means to present your content to them, and that allow you to show them your products or services.

One of best keyword research tools I found is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It provides all the necessary tool you need to identify the right keywords to use at your website and drive more traffic to your online presence.

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