WordPress Vs Joomla

We have summarized some key differences WordPress Vs Joomla. Both are open source blogging platform and content management system.

As of now, WordPress has the largest user base of any self-hosted blogging tool in the world, about 20% usage at the time of this writing. This is about 60 million sites as of this writing today. Joomla is the next with about 3%. User can either use WordPress.com or WordPress.org for their blogging, with the latter option allowing more flexibility and customization.

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With WordPress, you can build a blog or website and engage as a community. WordPress is constantly evolving and is part of a larger ecosystem to create the best web experience for the users. The WordPress blog provides  a means for your expression. It has become the platform of choice for new blogs and websites. You may learn about WordPress by visiting this site created by WordPress Learning Platform.

Another useful place to learn all about WordPress with plenty of workshops is Learn WordPress Resouce. Go and check it out today.

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WordPress has been used by many Webmaster and you can find many kind of tutorials provided by experts like at WPBegineer. For those prefer to learn by video, you can watch WPBeginner on YouTube. If you want to speed up your research process for your content creation, you may refer to the Google Search Operators cheat sheet.

One of the top influencers on the web, Neil Patel recently wrote an article teaching you 17 Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips. You can have a read and pick up some tips from him.

Bogging Tips On WordPress by Theme Junkie

As you start to learn about WordPress, you need to consult experts who are already mastering all the features within the CMS platform. One of the sources of reference you can turn to, is reading all the tips and advice on using WordPress at Theme Junkie.

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Mastering Joomla with Ease

Joomla was launched in 2005 and it was the successor of Mambo from Australia. Since then, Joomla has many upgrades and improvement with the latest version in 3.x series focusing on mobile-friendly version. The order in creating your content for Joomla follow below sequence:

  1. Create Categories
  2. Create Articles
  3. Create Menu Items

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