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How do you choose the right keyword research tool? This is a big question which many internet marketers will want to answer for it, since there are so many types of keyword tool out there.

Types of Keyword Research SEO Tool in the market

Google has its own Keyword Research SEO tool – Google Ads Keyword Planner. I have used it before but find it not user friendly and rather complex to manage for beginners. The main intention for Google to have this tool, is to allow publishers to manage their Google Ads on it search engine platform. If you not intend to use paid advertisement, I do not recommend you to use it.

Wordtracker was started in 1998 offering reports on the terms people used in search engines. It has continued to evolve and grown, and develop core concept Keyword Research KEI with many online resources.

Keyword Discovery is a Trellian company with a database exceeding 36 billion searches tracked over 12 months. It help you identify the keyword used by your customers, and suggesting related keywords you need to look at as well.

Bing Ads Keyword Planner is a tool developed by Microsoft, to help you conducting keyword research and identify the most effective ad groups and keywords to boost your campaign performance.

My favorite Keyword Research SEO Tool

I have created this Jaaxy review page to let you see how powerful and useful Jaaxy  will help you in attracting more traffic to your site and lead to the success of your online business.

One of the features in Jaaxy is the QSR “Quoted Search Results”. The QSR will show you how many pages are in competition with you and having the same quoted term in their pages. The higher the QSR the more competing pages you need to tackle with. Jaaxy advise you to choose those keywords having QSR <300.

Visit my post at Keyword Research SEO Tool and decide whether this is the right tool for you. You can sign up to use it for free 30 keywords. After that, you decide to sign up for the premium membership or not. You have the control, you decide yourself. There is no force selling here.

Created by Kyle and Carson in 2005

Jaaxy was created in 2005 when both founders at Wealthy Affiliate started their own business to help Affiliate Marketers to increase traffic for making money online. It was many successful and effective during the launching year and it continue to power many Internet Marketers to make money online.

You can try your search at below Jaaxy search box, to see how powerful it is!

Advanced Keyword Research Technique

There are always new techniques which you can find on the internet each day, I just found one today September 7th 2018 on this Detailed Dot Com. This article “Advanced Keyword Research” provide you some concept of their advanced technique you may consider to apply on your site.

Below is the author of this article:

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18 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review – Keyword Research Tool”

  1. Great review on Jaaxy, Thomas! It’s amazing how much research one can do with this helpful tool! I learned the ins and outs of finding my way around this platform.You have offered precise and thorough information in helping me proceed with my online business! Thank you for this informative post and I wish you all the best in your continued success!

    • I am happy to know that you have benefited from this powerful Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy. With this wonderful tool, digital marketer can find a lot of keywords and phrases to target for their content and get rank easily by Google. 

      Jaaxy Lite is included for premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. No longer you need to pay additional fee when you become premium member. It is better than Google Keyword Planner when you get familiar with it. 

      Want to give it a try? scroll up this page until you see the Jaaxy Search Box and test it yourself. 

  2. Yes Jaaxy is definitely a great keyword research tool! I use it to find keywords to write articles about. Even the starter versions are extremely powerful. The articles on my blog that use keywords from Jaaxy get ranked way faster than other random posts I make. it’s also great for getting ideas.

    • Good that you are using Jaaxy to do your keyword research before creating the content on your website. Jaaxy will help us to identify what are the popular keywords people are searching on the internet. With the insight from Jaaxy keyword research tool, we will be able to create the useful and quality content for our target audience. No point creating content which nobody is interested, it will be a waste of our times. The more people searching for those keywords, the higher chance for them to read our content. And that is where money will come in, when the searcher find our content relevant and useful to them.

      When they click on our affiliate link and make the purchase, we will be rewarded with commission from the product/service provider. This is how Jaaxy keyword research SEO tool help us in our content creation.

  3. I had no idea that something like this existed.  Your site led me to Jaaxy for the first time, and this is life-changing.  I had no idea how to isolate keywords to target with articles.  I just guessed and hoped I got lucky all this time.  This really helps me know what my direction should be.  I follow your simple directions and then make a list of keywords.  That way, when I am low on inspiration I can just review the list and try to get to writing again.  Absolute lifesaver here.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Glad that you learned about Jaaxy through my website and have started your keyword research.

      At Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will know how to use Jaaxy to list down a list of targeting keywords for your content. More content, more traffic and lead to higher exposure. 

      I used Jaxxy to find those keywords having high traffic and less competition. This will lead me to create relevant contents which help to address visitors issue.

      You can sign-up the free starter membership and start exploring the Jaaxy in the platform.

  4. Top of the world to you Thomas?

    I have been using a trial version or free version of jaaxy now for about a year and find it much better than the other ones I have seen or heard about.  I found your page because I am in the process of researching the premium version.

    There is no better way to get organic traffic to your website than to target the right keywords or string of keywords.

    • Hi Remy,

      Yes, Jaaxy is so much easy to use comparing with others I have used in the past. It allows you to target those keywords which are less competitive (QSR less than 150) and have more than 50 searches per month.

      When you are creating content on your site, it is important that you do research on what keywords are being search by others. If there is no demand, no point creating the content and it will be a waste of your effort. 

      For beginners, you also do not want to compete with big boys therefore choose those keywords which are less competitive. Jaaxy has all the features to guide you finding the right keywords for your content.

      Jaaxy has been tested and proven for more than 10 years in the market. There is free starter member for you to explore.

      Want to give it a test run?

      Go to above Jaaxy search box and put in your keywords today.

  5. Looking for a new keyword tool to help out with my blogging. I’ve been using Google Keyword Planner all these while and realized that it’s only good for paid ads which I’ve yet to go into. Anyways, I’ve not heard of Jaaxy before. Seems like there’s a free trial for that. How much would it cost to use it full time? Thanks. 

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for coming to my site.

      Jaaxy is free to use for Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate and you can get up to 30 searches. For Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, it will be under Jaaxy Lite and there is unlimited keyword searches you can perform.

      There are more advanced and powerful options within Jaaxy program, and these are mainly for those high usage internet marketers who want fast and multiple searches for their enterprise application. 

      As a start, sign-up the trial and get a feel of it. It is absolutely free for you to use. 

      Enjoy the service by Jaaxy. 

  6. Jaxxy is undisputed best keyword research tools,  its amazing vis–vis how much research one can get your hands on once this suitable to lead tool! I learned the ins and outs of finding my habit concerning this platform.You have offered exact and thorough mention in helping me be lithe gone my online issue. At the times I started using Jaxxy my site game discharge adherence understand a added see as my site bodily ensue in visibility in google. Thanks for this educative adding occurring

    • Yes, Jaaxy is one of the best and easy to use keyword research tool in the market.

      Comparing it with other tool like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ubersuggest it is much easy and affordable to use. When you become the member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to use Jaaxy within the platform. I like its simplicity and incorporating within the same system inside WA. 

      With WordPress hosting, domain purchase, Content builder, Comment feature all-in-one solution, you can use all the awesome features and tools to optimise your content and get rank on Google. 

      Easy and Affordable keyword research tool everyone should use. 

      Feel free to explore and sign-up at my site to start making money online.

  7. I’ve recently had to admit to myself that my old keyword tool was just not doing the job any longer – my articles do not seem to rank that well.

    I’m impressed that this Jaaxy tool has a competition parameter – so that I can actually see for once what chance I have with succeeding with a keyphrase. How many articles do you think you can get off the 30 free searches?

    • Hi Chris,

      Good that you like this Jaaxy keyword research tool. 

      I have been using it to target those keywords with 100 searches and above, plus less competitive keywords having competition less than 100. This strategy seem working well for me and it allows my content to rank well on google.

      Based on my past experiences, I usually use one keyword phrase per article and put LSI keywords within the same content. With this, it allows me to utilize less of the free 30 searches. Anyhow, I have upgraded to premium membership therefore I am entitled to use the Jaaxy Lite version with unlimited searches.

      Perhaps you may want to consider upgrading to premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate to enjoy enlarge features and resources.

  8. Great tips and tools; the discussion on starting a business in your 50s is so timely, not just petsonally, but I was in a profession where I learned of many a software engineer of asvanced age being laid off and finding it difficult to get rehired due to age…almost anyone over 50 runs across age-discriminatipn and so on-line businesses make absolute sense.  Giving tools and advice on how to do that is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      It is true that those 50 years old and above are getting tougher to find job when they get layoff. Most of the hiring managers tend to be younger at 40s and they normally do not like to work with people age higher than them.

      The age of life long employment and working for a company many years are gone. The job market is experiencing huge change in its model and I believe it will change even faster and greater.

      Wealthy Affiliate has the platform for us to learn a new skill and finding the right keyword to target is a challenge. Jaaxy Keyword research tool will help you to target those area whereby more people need help and solution. 

      When there is demand and existing supply is limited, you will have a bigger chance to succeed. Avoid strong competition and focus on finding the right solution for your target audience, you will succeed.

  9. Jaaxy is great. I myself uses it for keyword research. The user experience is straightforward and I love that you can save keywords to list. So that you can compare, pick and choose later. 

    Occasional, the QSR number takes a while to show up. Have you encountered the same issue?

    Overall, I’m happy with Jaaxy and would recommend it.

    • Hi Wei,

      I am happy to hear that you use Jaaxy keyword tool to do your research. It is so much easier to use as compared with Semrush and Google Keyword Planner tool. 

      The interface is easy to use and understand, the more I used it the better I become on my keyword research skill. Occasionally the QSR number will take longer times to response you, and I usually do 2nd time and it recover the next round. It is a small matter which it has not affected my usage so far. 

      Since I am the premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I entitle to use the Lite version for unlimited keywords usage. This is well sufficient for my usage. 

      Thank you for the comment and welcome to visit my website. 


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