Best Affiliate Marketing Program In Singapore

Best Affiliate Marketing Program In Singapore

The best affiliate marketing program in Singapore is Wealthy Affiliate. It was founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005, and has been growing each year since then. Both of them are Super Affiliate and have created huge income when they were young at age doing affiliate marketing business. They know how the business work and thus the program implemented by them is gear towards Affiliate Marketers in mind.

The success of you is also their success. Therefore, Kyle and Carson want you to succeed, and is constantly upgrading their platform to serve you better. Since I joined in 2015, I have seen many new features and tools added on it and enable Affiliate Marketers like us to perform better and earn higher income.

There are many affiliate marketing program on the internet, you will find big name like Amazon, Clickbank, eBay, etc. But the one I strongly recommend you to sign up with, is Wealthy Affiliate.

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What must Best Affiliate Marketing Program have?

If you search through the internet, there are thousands or a million of Affiliate Marketing Program you can sign-up with. All of them are free for you to register, because you are helping all these Program creators to make money by recommending their products.

Affiliate Marketing Program or Affiliate Program in short, is a program used by many companies to reward their affiliates for promoting their products/services online. It is a type of performance-based marketing efforts and reward those people handsomely if those people genuinely promoted their products/services.

However, before you spend your important times and efforts on any of the program, please consider following key points which I listed here to avoid any waste of your valuable energy. Go with the one which gives you the best deal and reward you handsomely.

Recurring income – This is the best and important one which I highly recommend choosing those affiliate program having this. With this, you can count on continue income coming in, as long as your referrals keep renewing the membership and you being rewarded for your initial effort.

Good training platform – Good teacher will produce good students in the school. Applying the same concept in an affiliate program, you will see members continued to scale new heights after learning and applying those taught in the platform. When the training is effective, students will learn fast and absorb what being taught.

Legit program – I have been with Wealthy Affiliate marketing program for 3 years and I have seen many successful affiliate marketers. All started as beginners and learn through all the training program and action every single day. The income reported is legit and everything being taught works when you follow the steps outline in the program.

Well establish – Both founders Kyle and Carson started the affiliate program in 2005 with focus on keyword research tool. As years go by, more features and values have been added in the program and platform. Now, you can purchase your domain at the platform, create content using SiteContent and do your keyword research inside the program platform.

Large community helping each other to succeed – As you work at home for your online business, it could be lonely at times with you facing the computer the full day. Business tends to have challenges at times, and we need others to help us up and motivate us to achieve greater heights. This is where Wealthy Affiliate large community of members come in. Many of them are here to help others succeed and share their experiences.

Why I recommend this Affiliate Marketing Program?

Will you recommend your friend to eat at a particular restaurant if you never dine there? Or will your friend believe in you if you never been at the restaurant? Does your recommendation add more weight if you have eaten there?

I have been the premium member of this Affiliate Marketing program, and have benefited and earning income from it. Also, there are many successful Affiliate Marketers in this program whom I have known. I will not promote a program which is scam and do not deliver its promises.

Proven System – Majority of us want to use system which works for others. Just like the airplane successfully bring people to a new destination, and those people came back with a lot of wonderful experiences to share with you. You, being the new learner, will like to experience the same good feeling others have realized in their journey.

Success story – There are no shortage of success stories in the program each month, since the program started 13 years ago. Every successful members is eager to share with you, how they succeed and benefited from the affiliate program with additional income and more freedom.

Most lucrative recurring income for you – Wealthy Affiliate offering lifetime cookies and recurring income, as long as you are the paid premium member. Comparing with Amazon affiliate program, which offer only 24 hours cookies and pay very little commission for your efforts. You really need to consider this best affiliate program, since you are the Super Affiliate so your income should be inline with it.

Effective bootcamp training – There are 7 courses in the affiliate bootcamp for you to attend online and learn how to promote this best affiliate program. In total, you will have learned 70 lessons by the time you master all the affiliate techniques.

Technologically advanced and sophisticated affiliate marketing system – Both founders Kyle and Carson want the best system for all their affiliate members to use. Therefore, they constantly upgrade its system to make it the powerful system in the market and always progressive and highly advanced.

Full support from both co-founders Kyle and Carson, as well as their team of experts are passionate about affiliate marketing business. Therefore, you have their full support to grow their business and reward you with affiliate commission.

A full Affiliate Resource Menu – It consists of 7 items (1)Program Details (2)Your Stats (3)Tasks (4)Your Referrals (5)Links & Tracking (6)Messages (7)Banners. All these features allow you to grow your affiliate business and monitor your own progress and performance.

Even free member can promote this Affiliate program – When you sign-up as the free starter member, you can start making income by promoting its affiliate program. If you want higher commission, you can become premium member and the income will be double and can be awesome at times.

Offer lifetime commission and lifetime cookies – This is unheard-of in the industry and you are protected once you put forward your effort in the beginning. There will be handsome payout to recognize your dedication. Founder Kyle has said, if you are committed to his business, he will be there to support you and he will reward you handsomely.

Try it out free here for the best affiliate marketing program in singaporeHow Do You Get This Affiliate Program?

To get this best Affiliate Marketing Program in Singapore, it is very easy. You do not need to go down any place to attend some free speech workshop, and discover many upsell you need to buy. All you need to do, is sign-up the free starter membership online below and you are ready to go.

sign up the free starter membership online here

Many affiliate program will advertise on Facebook, and want you to attend their free workshop in the downtown of Singapore. Although Singapore is a city state and traveling from one corner to another place is convenient, you still need to spend time and effort to make yourself presence and visit the office location.

Most of the times, the speaker will likely sell you their high ticket course. They will usually say initial course fee is $2,000 and now they are having special promotion and you only need to pay few hundred dollars. This is to entice you to take up the special offer on the spot. I personally do not like this kind of sales tactics.

For my highly recommended Affiliate program to learn in Singapore, you do not need to travel any place. All you need is visit your computer and click those links I recommend and you are ready to go and learn a new skill.

Two options for you to choose:

– sign up as free starter member. Create your online profile and start interacting with other members online. Take the basic course free of charge.

– become premium member to earn quicker money, and access to more training modules, live webinar weekly and live chat with other community members.

I would suggest you to start as a free starter member first, and learn the basic module offer in the platform. Once you are familiar with the system, consider to upgrade if you want more advanced training, tools and features in the platform.


How This Program compare with others?

This Affililate Program has just turn 13 years this September and it continues to evolve and introducing new features to help you make more money online. There is an incentive trip to Las Vegas every year, if you promote enough premium members for the Online Training program.

– There is no necessity to upsell you once you become the premium member. All the tools and resources are there for you to start making money online.

– two levels of membership (free starter and paid premium), with the premium membership give you added features and tools to grow your business efficiently.

– founders are super affiliate themselves, therefore they can relate what and how you feel about affiliate marketing program


Other Affiliate Marketing Programs in Singapore:

  • Amazon – must have sales within 3 months, if not disqualify and need to re-apply
  • ClickBank – mainly digital products like ebook and many products are scammy
  • Qoo10 – commission is very little, about 1~2%
  • – online shop for you to purchase your favorite products
  • – Originate from Australia and have a branch office in Singapore
  • AvantLink – Large team supporting you to grow its affiliate program
  • Lazada Singapore – Part of Alibaba group and is growing its business actively in South-East Asia market


Free For You to Sign Up Today

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing program which give you the best commission and have recurring income continuously, visit my Home Page at this site and start to make you money today.






Jobs you can work anywhere

Jobs you can work anywhere





Do you want to find those jobs that allow you to work anywhere in this world?

When I google on the internet, CNBC has one article mentioned there are 25 companies allowing you to work from anywhere. Here are the list which CNBC listed out:

CNBC listed 25 Companies allow to work anywhere

  1. PRA Health Sciences – Project Manager and Recruitment Manager
  2. CyraCom – Interpreter
  3. UnitedHealth Group – Clinical Coordinator and Data Analyst
  4. SAP – Marketing Coordinator and Customer Manager
  5. Fiserv – Project Manager and Service Executive
  6. Anthem – Marketing Manager and Health Manager
  7. WeightNot – Cloud Administrator and Nutrition/Weight Loss Coach
  8. Western Governors University – Program Mentor & Benefits Administrator
  9. Grand Canyon University – Counselor and Account Executive
  10. Chamberlain College of Nursing – Online Professor & Faculty Specialist
  11. BCD Travel – Account Manager and Travel Consultant
  12. Walden University – Program Coordinator and Academic Coordinator
  13. Paraxel – Clinical Manager and Research Associate
  14. Salesforce – Vice President and Solution Engineer
  15. nThrive – Cancer Specialist and HTML5 Developer
  16. Toptal – Talent Sourcers
  17. Appen – Medical annotator and Transcriber
  18. SecureWorks – Security Architect and Systems Advisor
  19. InVision – Community moderator and Recruiting Coordinator
  20. Perficient – Strategy Director and Business Consultant
  21. Conduent – Customer Associate and Care Agent
  22. Wells Fargo – Data Architect and Application Systems Engineer
  23. Connections Education – Social Teacher and Payroll Specialist
  24. Rasmussen College – Online Instructor and Support Specialist
  25. Pharmaceutical Product Development – Research Associate

I would say that, majority of these jobs actually are regional work which allows you to work at another location or different from the normal working hours. The flexibility and freedom to work when you wish, where you want is still limited in scope.

What I wish to refer you, are jobs that really allowing you to work anywhere you wish and you can decide when you want to work. How wonderful to have this kind of job within your reach.

For example, you are in overseas and you decided to work on some task which you have been thinking for long. You are in the hotel room at night and just finish dinner with other members. Sitting alone in the hotel room and you decided to work in the job which you have been thinking for a while.

Jobs you can work anywhere

No problem. Immediately you can decide to open up your PC notebook and start work on it. With 30 minutes, you would have completed those tasks in your mind and take a break for rest.

I am doing exactly what describe here and typing in my thoughts on this Notebook computer. The freedom you can decide when to do, how to do, what to do have created many wonderful experiences.

Feel tired right now?
You can decide to continue or take a rest break for a while and continue as you like. Rest or not rest  depending on your decision. You decide your own pace and how many hours you wish to put in. All on your own term. How wonderful this kind of job to you?

Here is the job I am talking about:

Internet Marketer <–> Online Marketer <–> Digital Marketer

All of the above allows you to work anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer, or iPad, or Smartphone and with Internet connection. Many countries in this world already have these facilities in place for you to utilize and you must take this great opportunity to use them.

Want to know how to start having this job?
Visit my Get Started page and check how to get it.

Can These Jobs Allow You To Work Anywhere?

For those who are reside in Singapore, I have found some useful resources which you may refer and get a glimpse of what kind of jobs are available in the market.  Can these jobs allow you to work anywhere you wish? I do not think so. If those jobs are not you wish for, explore other means like Affiliate Marketing business model.

Best-Paying Jobs Work  Anywhere – Forbes

There are some interesting jobs which I found out from the article posted by Forbes, which you may want to consider. Those who are entrepreneurial and self-driven will like these jobs very well. Here are the list provided by Forbes for your consideration:

  1. Teleradiologist – They will review patient digitally transmitted images and consult with doctor using videoconferencing.
  2. Telepharmacist – Pharmacist reviewing prescriptions and verify for your drug interactions from anywhere they prefer.
  3. Telenurse -Will perform telephone triage by advising patients over the phone.
  4. Medical Transcriptionist – Working remotely and convert physicians’ voice recordings into typed reports
  5. Online Teacher – Running teaching class online by providing lecture from anywhere in the world, with a webcam and notebook computer.
  6. Online Translator – Help you translating to your prefer language, either they work anywhere or when you travel to another country.
  7. Phone Sex Operators – Providing scheduling and geographic freedom to work anywhere, anytime

Is this the kind of job you wish to work? Not your type.

Consider my suggestion and explore what job I recommend to you.
Visit my review page on this Online course at Wealthy Affiliate Platform to see what is inside.

What are those 18 Jobs & Skills Allow You TO Work Anywhere

By signing-up the Online course I recommend you before, you will be able to acquire those skills (I would say most of them) outline below, especially Online skills. Think about the freedom you will get when you have these skills with you in life. Let’s do it.

  1. Copywriting – You will be writing articles for others and getting paid for it. There are already freelance work at you can apply for.
  2. Virtual Assistance – Can be email correspondence, answering Skype phone calls, data entry or updating websites.
  3. Translation – When you know two or more languages, you can provide translation job and earn income for the service you provide. As China become more developed and many of its citizen travelling to other countries, if you know Chinese language it will be potential for you to do translation and earn money.
  4. Search Engine Advertising – You can help clients manage their advertising campaigns on Google search engine and its content network. Google do offer a program to certify you as Google AdWords consultant.
  5. Social Media Marketing – You can help companies manage their fan page and twitter account and run Facebook ads.
  6. Web design – You can use WordPress to help companies build their websites.
  7. Search Engine Optimization – Helping companies to rank their websites in the top positions, especially the First Page.
  8. Graphic Design – Learn the knowledge of Photoshop or Canva to provide graphic designing work for companies.
  9. Programming – Becoming a great programmer takes a good few years of working experience. Therefore, start early and choose one particular programming language you are good at to start with.
  10. Consulting – You can provide consulting work in law, marketing or HR as your specialty.
  11. Online teaching – You can teach language course, mathematics, science on the internet to students in secondary school or even university students.
  12. Trading – Doing Forex and Stock trading online has been available many years ago and it will continue to evolve.
  13. Sports Betting & Arbitrage Trading – This is more risky but may provide some fun while you work on it.
  14. Affiliate Marketing – By recommending visitors to your website to buy products from your recommended source, you can pay by commission. This require you to know how to drive traffic to your site. The earning potential is huge, and this is the area which I am focusing on. You will learn a lot in my recommended Wealthy Affiliate Online course.
  15. Online Poker – Some people run this from remote places like Bali, Costa Ric, Phuket and adopting game psychology to manage their Online Poker. You need times and money to master this skill.
  16. E-Commerce – Building an online store and sell your products on the internet. You can also consider selling on Amazon or eBay marketplace, which they will take care the shipping logistics for you.
  17. Blogging – You can consider setting up a blog and provide quality contents for people to visit often. When traffic getting more, you can consider to monetize using Google Adsense on your site.
  18. Online Entrepreneurship – There are plenty of opportunities for you to make money online, with creative and innovative ideas from all sources you can explore on the internet. This is the entrepreneur spirit successful online marketer possess.

With the world getting more digital, you will stand to gain when you acquire above skills. Learning another skill take times, therefore I encourage you to start now rather than wasting your valuable time watching TV, browsing internet for gossip news or reading your friends Facebook posting unnecessary.

online training program

Online Business for Seniors






Many developed countries are aging in their population and there are more seniors as compared with 10 years ago. With the life expectancy increasing each year, seniors of age should consider setting up Online business to continue supporting themselves for a better life style.

What kind of business is good for seniors to start with? I would suggest to start with the online business. Basically, online business allows you to work from home and you do not need to travel much.

There are some people who like to work at public library because it has the free internet access for you to use, and you can always refer to books at the library for business ideas and guidance. The startup cost for setting up online business is very low and risk is also lower. In addition, the method to launch your online business is straight forward and easy.

online business you can consider
Become your own boss by starting your Online business in 4 simple steps

You may wonder how do you start your online business? In fact, it is very easy, as long as you follow the right path which successful people have done it before. I have found a very wonderful platform for me to start my online business, with many helpful members and a lot of experts to guide me during my online business journey. A community full of warm members giving useful tips to each other, wanting everyone to succeed online. No competition among the members, but to help one another. Thus, I want to share with others, this great platform, for any senior who wish to become boss of their own.

online university
Online platform to start your own business

As the world getting more connected, internet has become a big part of our life and many things are inter-connected. Being online allows us to communicate with the world and also companies are getting online to engage with consumers and enterprises. By mastering all the online tactics the platform I am offering here, any senior will be able to create business online with 4 simple steps.

Being senior, it means you have shorter time to experience failure and re-start again if fail. Thus, finding a business with lesser risk and simple to start is important for seniors to consider. In order to preserve your hard earned money for your retirement needs, choosing businesses with lesser problematic is essential to preserve your fund but also realising your dream of having own business.

Excited about Wealthy Affiliate online course
I am excited to start my own business

Feel excited now, right? Having own business make person feel important and motivate us to think the unknown and do it while we are in this world. If you want to create your own business now, click below picture to learn more about the platform I am using.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate here

Creating a successful business require works and consistency and never give up spirit. This is the same for your online business. During your online journey, you will face the up and down and many hurdles, but believe me, you must stay the course and do not give up. You will eventually reach your goal of becoming own boss and have a very successful business.

Tools you need to create online business

You do not need many things to create your online business, the only tools you require are computer and internet connection. These are the 2 things you need. Being online means you can work anywhere, as long as you have these 2 things with you. You can do your business outside your home, at any country, at bench or bar, anywhere you want, as long as there is internet connection and your computer.

Kind of businesses you can do online

Being senior yourself, you know what are the needs and wants of those seniors in your community. It will be very easy for you to come up those products and services needed by the seniors.

Here are list of products & services I can think of, and various business ideas for the elderly market:

  • work at home ideas for retires
  • how to start a business helping the elderly
  • blood pressure machine
  • phone with large buttons
  • wheelchair
  • safety rail for toilet
  • walking sticks
  • bed safety railing
  • nursing care services
  • travel package for elderly
  • designer walking canes
  • slower-paced tour packages

business that cater to the elderly

You may learn from others who have setup online store to cater for seniors like Senior Shelf, online magazine for elderly at Silver Talkies, or selling all kind of cares for seniors like BeautifulYears. These websites are very popular in India as the nation seeing more of its population grow older.

In the United States, Always Best Care, a leading senior care franchise system has been expanding its franchise actively in the country. This may be one of the online business idea you can consider to target the seniors in our society.

If you wish to be a business coach, you may follow Jeff Williams and start a business like Bizstarters and do coaching. You can sign up for the free starter membership at my Get Started Page to learn how to create the Online business like Jeff Williams.

Why Online Business For Seniors

You must be wondering, why setup your online business since you are already in senior old age? Isn’t you should enjoy your retirement life and spend quality time with your family at the old age?

The real truth is, in life it may not be so easy to live comfortably when you are at old age. With the ever changing and fast changing world, the younger generation will have a lot to catch up with their daily challenges. If we as seniors can help to lighten their burden, it will be very helpful to our children.

Look at the developed country like Japan, it has been reported that more record number of seniors are continuing to work, either in part-time or contract works. Why they need to work? Partly is also government seeing ageing become a big burden for the government to feed the old, therefore government want the seniors learn to care about themselves.

By continue to work, the seniors can help someway or another in their living expenses. Also when you grow old, the health care premium will go up and it become more costly.

Want to help your children and reduce their burden? Get some money to support your health care premium when you are getting old? I strongly encourage you to start your online business now by taking my #1 recommended online course to prepare for your future years.

Most of the seniors thought that they are able to find job with most of the countries’ government encourage employers to re-employ them again, but the truth is many employers prefer younger workers. When you are old, you become like a dinosaur to employer comparing with those 20-something colleagues. If you are lucky to find a job, mostly those jobs are not what you wish to do but people hate to do it. Therefore, I always encourage people who are 50 now or coming to 50 years old to start creating their online business. Getting your online business to grow take times, but once it become authority site among your niche you will be able to earn continue income for the niche market you choose.


What is the best Affiliate Marketing training?

Best Affiliate Marketing Training





Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing training so you can sign up for it?
Indeed I was searching for it online after I attended one affiliate marketing event locally and decided to find out more about it on the internet.

At the event, I almost sign-up for it but because of the organiser behaviour I did not take the offer. The speaker introduced their affiliate marketing program at first with more than 2 thousand dollar course fee but gradually he reduced to about 1 thousand dollar to attract people signing up. At first, I thought the training going to be held at weekend on the following week but due to my schedule I not able to make it. I spoke with the speaker/organiser any other day available for it to sign up but was informed no at all and they try to ask me to sign up on the spot.

Feeling not very flexible in their offering I left the venue and went home to search more about what affiliate marketing is all about. It was during that night when I google for affiliate marketing topic Wealthy Affiliate website shown up. After reading up the website introduction, I sign up for the free membership, since it is free for me to register.

I would consider the Program as the best, if the Affiliate Marketing Training program consists of following:

  1. Free Starter Membership for you to try out
  2. Video Training easy for beginner to follow
  3. Easy for you to create content
  4. Compare with other Affiliate Marketing Programs
  5. Proven Successful Student from the program

Free Starter Membership To Learn Affiliate Marketing

I enjoyed the free startup lessons and find that Wealthy Affiliate give people the feeling of a honest company which I can trust. For the first 7 days, free starter member can use all the features of premium members entitlements like live chat with other members. Below is the chart showing the difference between starter free membership and premium membership:


Wealthy Affiliate different membership

For the first 7 days, I log in to Wealthy Affiliate for the free starter membership and witness how all the WA members interact with each other and motivate others to learn about the online marketing skill. I enjoyed the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform and started to know more about affiliate marketing topics. After the 7 days, I continue to use the starter membership without paying any single cent, but of course I missed all the premium features like live chat and other supports.

It was about one month later, I decided to sign up for the premium membership and to enjoy the cheaper discount rate I go for full year membership at US$359 which workout to be US$29.92 per month. This is much cheaper if I pay US$49 each month. I would encourage you to sign up for full year, if you are serious about creating your own business and this small investment is worth to take on.

Comparing this US$359 I paid for the full year premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, with the one thousand dollar I would have paid for at the local event affiliate learning course, Wealthy Affiliate is much much cheaper. I like the best part is all the online courses can be self-learning, at your own pace and you decide when and how fast you want to learn about online business skills.

Wealthy Affiliate online training program teaches you how to setup your own website using WordPress platform, and guide you to get more traffic to your website. You just need to follow those steps provided at Wealthy Affiliate and you will get your website up and running within a very short time. I can guarantee that your website will be ready by the next day.

Click Here and I will bring you to the sign-up page for the free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Try it to see yourself how powerful the Wealthy Affiliate online training program will benefit you.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very large community you can tap on, to learn more about Affiliate marketing. Each day, members will post useful and tips on ways to improve your marketing skills. Affiliate marketing uses the principles of inbound marketing methodology, which is the direction most of the modern marketers using currently.

Inbound marketing is less intrusive than outbound marketing and it is the right marketing strategies we should adopt.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Training Through Video

There are many methods for you to learn about Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform, you can watch the process of making money online through video and have a better understanding of the whole process. Founder Kyle has prepared many useful video for you to learn and start making money.

As YouTube become popular, many of us often choose to watch other people do things in a proper way. I personally use YouTube for my learning on topics like Excel Power Pivot, How to Troubleshot My PC, etc. It is so much easy to learn from others by watching how they do it.

Content Creator SiteContent To Power Your Affiliate Marketing

When you become the member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have the access to its content creator called SiteContent. This is a wonderful platform for you to create content. Founder Kyle has a classroom training, teaching you how to Create Your Keyword Rich Content for SEO. Take a look at the video lesson. 

Kyle recommend us to create content with 500 to 3000 words with high quality content. This will help you to rank higher in Google. Wealthy Affiliate is always on the lookout for new ways of improving its platform for members to improve their Affiliate Marketing business.

SiteContent was only released in late 2017 and there are a lot of free photo and images you can use while creating your content. This makes our job so much easy and faster in creating our content with images.

What other people recommend for their Affiliate Marketing Training?

When you google, below are a list of the Affiliate Marketing Training providers you will find on the internet:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • SiteSell
  • Chris Farrel Membership
  • Affilorama
  • and many more

All of them have their unique strengths and capabilities and I believe they do provide good services and results, otherwise they should not be exist by now. I would suggest you pick one of them and try out yourself. Give it sometimes to see whether it work for you.

For any business or task to get result, you need to put in time and efforts. This apply for your online business like Affiliate Marketing. For me, I choose to use Wealthy Affiliate as my main training platform to grow my Online Business.  It is comfortable for me and value for money at this moment.

Feel free to check out all of them and use what you feel is good for you!

Successful Wealthy Affiliate Member Become Business Owner

There are many successful members of Wealthy Affiliate become business owner after they enroll with the training online, follow the steps and put in the efforts. They are now having own online businesses and teaching others.

Here is one of the members Dom Wells, owner of Human Proof Designs, which have been featured in many authority sites for their tremendous works. Have a look!

Leo, founder of Netwise Profits, has been making a full time income Online since 2005.  He joined  Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member in 2012 and his income has continued to climb higher each year.

Best Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Why not sign-up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and explore it yourself. It is absolutely free.  Go to my Home Page and visit the site.

With internet widely available at home, the best place to learn is Online. Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Platform you can access 24/7, anytime you want; anyplace you wish.


So you know Affiliate Marketing?

I came across Affiliate Marketing in April 2015 when I attended one of the seminars telling you how to make money online and get richer. The seminar was by Click Events, and it was advertised on Facebook and I clicked on the advertisement when I was reading my friend posting.

During the seminar, the speaker spoke about the “New Rich”. He told us that in the new age, you do not require to have land or money to get richer, just your new knowledge. That sound cool and excite me because I do not have land and much money with me now, therefore what he said really keep me motivated throughout the seminar.

He even mentioned there are virtual workers nowadays, whom you can outsource your tasks to them. The speaker was Andrew Koh, he informed formerly he was AIA Insurance Director before the financial crisis in 2008. I almost sign up for the course even it costs thousand dollar. But, due to my other commitment and I not able to attend the seminar date, I asked the speaker any other date available but they just want to close the deal on that day and reluctance to service me. So, I walk out from the room.

It was a blessing that I did not sign up for the course. After reaching home, I started google on the internet and researched more about Affiliate Marketing. That was during that time I discovered the best Online Affiliate Marketing Course I can try out for free at first.

So, what exactly is Affiliate marketing all about?
It is in fact promoting someone else products and services online. There are many Affiliate marketing providers and the trend is growing. Some companies in fact started to adopt this as one of their marketing strategies to grow their business.

Affiliate Marketing

A typical scenario is like, you create a camera lens review site and convert your expertise into review and link the review pages to Amazon product pages. If your site visitors follow the link and buy a product, you earn commission. The aim of Affiliate marketing is to promote other peoples products in exchange for a commission on the sale. This is very similar to traditional business model as a Manufacturer Representative. All you need to do, is promote and you get paid. By referring the customer to the vendor, you exchange for a referral fee.

Want to know more about Affiliate Marketing and have some hand-on experience about this business model? Visit my Wealthy Affiliate Get-Started Page and experience yourself how is it like to be your own boss and have your own business in 4 simple steps.

You may also want to visit and these 2 websites to find profitable Affiliate Programs to promote and earn commission.

Recently I came across one of the articles by Neil Patel – Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide when google about Affiliate Marketing. You may visit the article and have a read of it. It gives you a good understanding of Affiliate Marketing. For those of you wish to become an Affiliate Marketer, Neil Patel has the 4-step guide you may follow.

Rise in Online Marketing

According to, there are at least 4.59 billion pages of the Indexed Web as of July 23, 2017. This is huge number of Webpages on the internet. Online marketing is becoming popular in most of the countries around the world. Many companies are setting up their online presence to take this growing opportunities. Rising demand for online purchase also pushing up the take up rate of online business.

rise in online marketing

Take for example in Singapore, a young man has used his life saving of S$15,000 to create an online platform to allow other younger generation to learn about entrepreneurship, self-help topics, medical health issues, etc. The website, invites internet experts contributing articles to it and is in the process of inviting experts to create video content. (this is way too costly, you may want to check out my “Get Started” page to create your online platform instead)

Another local start-up, aims to provide the best foreign currency exchange rate online. It differentiate from others by offering live “retail” rates from money changers directly, instead of mid-market rates used by the banks. The company want to help users save money, instead of paying an extra surcharge up to 15%. Users will be able to lock in the rate they see in real time with the preferred money changer, and pick up the currency they order on the same day.

There is also another group from the PMET (Professionals, managers, executives and technicians), whom have been layoff by their company due to restructure or relocate to their low-cost countries. They are eager to start their business and have shown high interest for the online business. Learning all the online marketing skills will help them to launch their online business confidently.

rising trend of online marketing

With the rise in Online Marketing, there is also opportunity for new digital entrepreneurs to setup their own Online Marketing agency. One of the new successful new agency in Singapore is Carbon.

Below is one of the ads done by Carbon for the Singapore audience. You may want to have a look at it at Vimeo platform.

Class 95FM Spin Around The World Contest Spot

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Time To Speed Up My Online Business

It is time for me to speed up my online business, since I am jobless now. My company has decided to close down the office and all the employees will be laid off. Although I have started creating my online business 2 years ago, I did not go full swing as my work takes up most of my times even after work. It is pressing urgent now since I am jobless without income.


Time to speed up my online business
Setup online business


Just Do It

Nike slogan is very effective in helping us do our work. Without thinking and worrying too much, what we need to do is, just do it. By doing small thing one at a time and do it consistently, I believe we will be able to realize our goal and dream. Today I went for a run and I set my goal to run for 15km, although I feel tired at times during the run but I persistent and continue my run. Eventually I achieve my goal of running 15km, and I feel so excited and rewarding when I acheive my target.

A confidence and healthy mind set helps us to boost our morale and lift us to the next level of achievement. We feel great about ourselves and it is going to make us feel good.

I am very fortunate to found an online platform, allowing me to setup an online business with 4 simple steps. Online business is an internet business. As long as you know how to use computer to access internet, and use search engine before, you can start your own online business.

There are many ways you can start online business, you can open your online store, helping small business to setup website, promote other people/company products using Affiliate marketing techniques. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all these skills. For those who want to learn SEO, there are plenty of lessons for you to learn too.

Focus On Today And Now

One thing I learned today from Dale Carnegie book – How to stop worrying and start living, is the advice from Sir William Osler – who has organized the world-famous Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. When he was a young medical student, one day in the spring of 1871 he read words from Thomas Carlyle that helped him lead a life free from worry: “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”

Think about just today and do your ulmost best for the day. Do not worry about the past and the future. Just focus on today and now, the present. Do what lies ahead of you at hand, and do what you can see now. Past is past and future is uncertain, therefore stop worry about all these and put your effort on now, the present time that is with you.

Follow Those Who Did it

There are many successful Wealthy Affiliate members who have achieved success in their online business. We can learn from them and follow what they do, step by step. One of the members you may wish to learn from, is Steve with nick name IveTriedThat. He has created a wonderful post Top 9 Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners. Please check it out here.

How To Start Business Online Free

You may be wondering, How To Start Business Online Free? Is it really true that there is such kind of business available online? Will you get scam or cheated by this kind of company? How do you know whether they are legitimate or not?

Not to worry. I am here to assure you that this company – Wealthy Affiliate, is a honest company and they have a Starter membership which you can sign up for free. Once you sign it up, fill up your profile on the site, and click on the Affiliate Program at the sidebar on the left and start learn about WA Affiliate Program. This is totally free for you to sign up.

By promoting WA Affiliate Program, you will get pay for a commission. It is like you are a Representative for Manufacturer, and when you promote their products the manufacturer will pay you commission for your effort and work. As a Starter Member, when new member sign-up for their premium membership, you will be paid for a commission. For premium membership, new member can sign-up for just a single month, or yearly.

For new membership promotion, first month is only US$19. When they sign up through your Affiliate Link on your site, you get commission of US$4. This is really awesome because when you add-up for a sign-up rate of 30 new members per month, you get commission of US$120. The more members sign-up for the premium membership, you get even more (if 300 sign-up, you get US$1,200 commission).

After the 1st month promotion, the premium membership is US$49 per month. If the new member continue to pay monthly, you get commission of US$11.25 recurring. When I say recurring, it means as long as they pay each month US$49 to Wealthy Affiliate, you can US$11.25 each month. In ten month times, you will get total commission of US$112.50 for each member. Imagine you have 10 members sign-up under your Affiliate link, you will get US$1,1250 for your effort.

If the new member sign-up for the yearly premium membership of US$359 because he/she want to enjoy the saving, you will get even more commission of US$87.50 recurring. When you have 10 new member sign-up for the yearly premium membership, you get US$875 from it and it is recurring each year when they continue to be member for the subsequent years. If you work for one year to get 1,000 new members to sign-up for the yearly premium membership, your total commission is going to be awesome at US$87,500.

How about double of this commission for you? What you need is yourself sign-up as the premium member, all your commission will be double. For the same situation like the above, when you have 1,000 new members sign-up for the yearly premium membership, your commission income is going to be US$175,000 for a year. Is it awesome income for you?

If you want to start a small business online, I strongly recommend you to join our community here. You will learn what are the ways to start a clothing business online, starting a retail business online or get your business online ideas here. There are many ways you can create your online business, for example starting a candle business online or setup a drop shipping business online.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a loving community that constantly guide you to succeed online. You will not feel alone when doing your online business.  Each time you come across a difficult task, simply just post your problem on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and you can receive support from other members, 24/7 and free.

When you sign-up for the premium membership, you can access many “How-to” online learning modules at the Wealthy Affiliate Online platform. Teaching like how to start business with no money, how to start a business online for free, how to start business on amazon, etc are freely available for members to learn at own times own pace.

Online business is different from conventional physical space business. It operates 24/7 whole day and running 365 days throughout the year. You can reach out to wider target audiences and different countries. Therefore, your market size has become larger.

Go to my “Get started” page, and you can start your online business immediately. To succeed, you need time and effort to keep you going. All businesses have online strategy in their pipeline and will be happy to assist you.

Reviews for Wealthy Affiliate have been very positive and I do not see any cheating case on the internet about Wealthy Affiliate. You can be assured that it is not a scam to get your money. I have just renewed my annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate and intend to continue my learning at this community. Wealthy Affiliate provide WordPress website hosting to you once you sign-up the premium membership. Security at Wealthy Affiliate server is very reliable and secure.

Feel free to visit my website more often to check out other useful information you able to adopt in your business management.

Start working on it, don’t wait

If you think a particular task need to do it immediately, it is better to do it now. Do not wait until the disaster happens! It will be too late. Also, you may feel unease through those days.

I have read a lot about the important of creating good content and frequent content to get your content to be known in the online world. However, I never open the next step -> start writing my content. It has been months I did not pen any single article on this website.

But, now I started again because I read good advice from other Wealthy Affiliate member the important of keeping the momentum going. When you have no time, do a short and brief post. It will be better than nothing. As time goes by, your writing skill and thought will become more fluent.

Just Do it

I am very blessed to know about this wonderful platform at Wealthy Affiliate and to learn a lot about the online world and pick up many essential skills in my internet marketing. In these few months, I have read many articles talking about the important of getting businesses online. Even when I travel overseas, I can see many people are using Smartphone to access the Internet and interact with the outside world. This trend will continue to evolve and more business opportunities will allow us to tap on.

Feel free to visit my “Get Started” page to know more about the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate community.

Sometimes thing may be urgent than you think

In life, there are times when you need to do something immediately. For example, your boss want the report for his meeting so you need to do it for him immediately. You can wait further and he will shout at you if you do not give it in time to him.

Or you have a flight to catch and you need to leave your house now to get a taxi. Otherwise, you may not be able to reach the airport in time. This and some other things may create anxiety in you to rush thing up and complete the task in short time. You may be able to make it but certain thing you will not be able to make it in short time.

What are the thing you are unlikely to make it in short time?
To me, money will need times to earn especially you will need large sum of money for medical need or repairing of your damaged housing facilities.

Have you ever think of owning your business, build up your online business? If this is what you wish to have, I suggest you visit my Wealthy Affiliate banner on my site and start signing up the free starter membership program at Wealthy Affiliate to know all the tools and helps this wonderful community can help you.

How To Manage The Elderly Health Care Costs

Recently I saw a report that elderly will need more health care costs to support their life in their old age. This is scary to me as we grow old you will not be able to work and there is no more income to sustain our lifestyle. Add to our old age, sickness and all kind of health issues may occur. So, how to manage the elderly health care costs by our own?

Do you think the government will take care of you? Is the government going to use their reserve or government fund to support your health care and forgo about their GDP growth? Think carefully about these issues. We need to start our planning now, if you are 50 years old and above. Very soon, we will be too old to work and our body will start create various types of health issues. So, how do we manage it and do our planning now?

how to manage the elderly health care costs

One of the options I am working on right now, is to have passive income which many people are working on it. With the passive income model, when we grow old and not able to work we still have passive income to sustain our lifestyle we want, or at least cover our health care costs.

So what passive income model you can consider or what should you do now in order to have this future money coming into your pocket? The business model I am working now, is using the Affiliate Marketing method to gain our passive income in the years ahead. With right mentor and good support system, we do not need to worry about the rising health care costs.

Affiliate Marketing business model

The report which I saw predict that each senior will cost the government US$30,000 on the health care by 2030. This is a lot of cost to any government in the world. By taking into consideration of the demographic changes, long-term care costs,  medical cost inflation, public expenditure, private insurance and out-of-pocket spending, all these factors contribute to almost 10-fold increase of the health care costs from now. The report also mentioned that the number do not include indirect costs like transport and opportunity costs of the caregivers’ time.

With this reporting, many government will start to think wisely (I guess) how to avoid or pass this huge health care cost away. Any government of today will start to persuade their own citizen to start thinking how to take care of themselves or get your money upfront and keep it for you first, and use it to support you when you are old. All government will not want them to get into trouble. They will start all the education, teaching you how to care about yourselves when you grow old…….. All kinds of excuses and tactics to persuade their own citizen to have long term planning when they are young and strong.

educationhealth care costs during retirement

The health care and social care systems for all  the government in the world are always complex and difficult to manage. All countries face the hurdle to manage it well and are important topics for each election year.

As an individual, we really need to carefully consider how to prepare our future life and how to fund our retirement health care needs. All the insurance companies will want to make money and they will think of ways to increase insurance premium or avoid people with high health care costs.

Are you prepare yourself for all these unknown in the future?
I have already started my planning and started this website to inform and educate all the seniors, and even provide an avenue for you to earn passive income for your future years.

The way to gain your future independence is very simple. Just follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Create a website
  3. Attract traffic
  4. Earn your income

To know more about these simple 4 steps, visit my “Get Started” page and see for yourselves, how others achieve their financial freedom.