Google Analytics Skills You Need

Acquiring Google Analytics skills will help you to know how your website performance. It has been used by millions of marketers to verify their marketing efforts and optimize their conversion strategies. With this knowledge, you can then make improvement on your website. Google Analytics is free to use and it has >80% of market share. There are plenty of built-in reports you can use and it offer various customization options.

Google Analytics guide you in Traffic Acquisition, Find out how your customer behave online, ways to convert them into your buying customers, and give you the needed insights and big picture of your target market.

You may take a look at this video How To Use Google Analytics Tutorial ? This is useful for learner who prefer to see how Google Analytics work in real life. This Tutorial was created in November 2016, so many of the features in Google Analytics have changed. Nevertheless, basic tracking is still exist. You just need to adapt those data to your specific need.

Here is another tutorial done by other Wealthy Affiliate Member, showing you How To Track Website Traffic Using Google Analytics. This was created recently on September 2021.

Here are various online resources which you can refer to learn more about Google Analytics:

You can use Google Analytics to monitor how much traffic your website is getting and know where it is coming from. In addition, you get a lot of useful information like which posts/pages are more popular, conversion and bounce rate.

5 Report Suites in Google Analytics

When you login to your Google Analytics account, you can check on the 5 report suites. Each offering you different types of information:

  • Real Time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour
  • Conversions

Real Time Report will let you know what is happening at your website right now. It gives you live information on the traffic volume and what pages people are visiting now.

Audience Report let you know those people visiting your website in term of their demographics detail like age, gender, interest, where they are located, types of devices and browser they use to access your site.

Acquisition Report tell you where your traffic is coming from, which keywords are being used to find your site, and the links they came from. These information help you identify the most effective keywords and which marketing channel is good to use.

Behavior Report tell you which pages people are viewing, where they go and how fast your pages load. This report will let you find out, which articles send you the most traffic so you can work on boosting the ranking of these articles/pages. All these information give you feedback which articles are more popular and guide you to do necessary steps creating useful contents. Some say this Behavior Report is the core of Google Analytics reporting.

Conversions Report let you know how effective is your website in making sales or getting email sign-up. Also it tell you how good your site is getting user to do what you want them to do.

If you need help at anytime, you may visit Google Analytics Help Center for more information.

One of the features I find very useful using Google Analytics is identifying successful content. You would want to know which pages your visitors landing the most, and like to see where they go next. By knowing this information, you can focus your effort on creating more of that content.

How To Link Your Google Search Console with Google Analytics

There are a lot of useful data inside the Google Analytics you can explore and analyse. However, you need to know how to use it. We have found a useful and easy tutorial for you to refer. Click the button below to access it:

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Google Analytics is getting important for Internet Marketer and Digital Consultant, you may visit here “A guide to setting up Google Analytics for your WordPress site” for more information.

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