How To Change My Life

It has been a difficult period for me recently as I have loss my job last year. As of today July 13, 2018, I am still out of job and I need to support my family. What should I do and how to change my life so I can become a better person and provide the comfort to my family?

How To Change My Life
I have been searching eagerly these few days and looking for an answer to solve my problem. What changes I need to do on myself so that my life will become what I wish to be? Confused, doubts, angry, loss, etc all these negative’s emotion keep coming to my mind. I started to question myself, why this thing happen to me in this stage of my life?

Starting to seek for an answer. I re-read those books I have come across in the past and still lying in my bookshelf. Book like “Release Your Brakes” caught my eyes and I start reading it again, hoping to gain some perspective from it and get tips to improve my life. One sentence that strike me is ” How your life will change, will be the result of some decisions I am making now”. This is a very good phrase which reciprocal within me very well. Any decision we make now, will determine where our life will be. I totally agree with this statement.

The Decisions I Make Now Will Change My Life

When I accept the closing of my ex-company last year May 2017 from the management, this is the result I am facing now. If I will to reject their decision and decided to offer other alternatives, thing may change otherwise. Do I feel regret or angry? I am not sure at this moment because when I accepted their decision, I was loosing hope on that company and decided to moved on from it.

I wish to have a change at that moment as I see no future if I will to continue working for that company. The company has created many issues while I was with them throughout the 20 years career. I wish to have a better future life and decided to accept the closing of that company. So, why I am regret and feel lost? It shouldn’t be. I should focus on the better side and feel good about my decision. Start creating my new future and do what I wish to be in life.

So what is the life I wish to be?

A life that I can decide on my own terms and not being decided by others what I should do. I have strong feelings recently as I went for interviews and sending resumes to potential employers. Feeling so much stress and need to fulfill their needs instead of my wish, it limits my creativity and I need to focus on their wants instead of what I wish in my life. I feel kind of frustrated and trying ways and means to please them in order to get the job offer. Is that what we want in our life?

Life shouldn’t be this way. We must live our life with joy and fun and do what we want.

Guides I Should Follow In Order To Change My Life

So, what should I do now? How do I move from here and start make my life better?

With internet and books everywhere, we can always turn to them and refer to them,  and learn from the experts. Which resources are good and effective on us? It depends on each individual. Everyone of us is created differently. Therefore, it is important to find guides, methods and tips which work for us.

As the book “Release Your Brakes” mentioned, just like playing golf or driving a car, we need a manual which teaches us the basic and fundamental techniques so we can start with ease. I am re-learning about the techniques taught in the book, and eager to apply it in my life now.

According to the book, author James W. Newman promised you that Your Life Will Never Be The Same after you apply all the techniques in the book. I am excited about it.

Learn From Other Experts

It is always good to learn from experts who have experienced the same setback as you and they have moved on to become a better person that they want. Most important is, the change make you a better person you wish to be, not to follow others. Do what is good for you, uniquely different from others, be yourself and feel happy about it.

One of the articles I come across, is written by Tim Denning, “14 Ways I Completely Changed My Life“. You can have a read and get some inspiration from his article. His words are full of wisdom which I like them very much. All these tips can apply easily in our daily life and we should adopt some of them if all are too heavy for you. Try one of the methods he suggested and see the outcome. You never know what decision you make today will change your life tomorrow.

Be An Alpha

Recently I came to know a dietary supplement called Alpha-Male and wonder why the name “Alpha” and google it on the internet. It leads me to a site “To be Alpha” and this site contains a lot of tips to help us take control of our lives and live the life we want. Have a read and gain some benefits from it.


Change your thought today, and make a decision now, your life is going to become better. Have faith in ourselves that we can leave the world a better place and everyone of us can make a different.

Be happy with what we have now, and feel good about ourselves. I find blogging really an effective way to motivate ourselves to become a better person and also free ourselves of all the limits other impose on us. When we are blogging on our website, our mind is full of juice and we think freely. This is very important to cultivate a confidence within us.

For those of you who want to create your own blog or have your own website, go to my home page or Get Started page and sign up for the free account. It is absolutely free to use and you can create 2 free websites for yourself.

All the best to you and let us start our life changing journey together.

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Sell Like A Superstar

Have you ever want to be a superstar salesman that create a lot of businesses for your company?

If this is your wish, you have come to the right place. In here, I am going to teach you the methods which you can use to improve your selling skills and bring your company business to the next level. You will be amaze at all the methods I am going to show you. Read on and be ready to adopt those ways I show you.

Currently I am the General Manager of a company promoting various types of electronics products in the market and I have chance upon this book – Duct Tape Selling by John Jantsch. This is a great book which will teach you to think like a marketer and sell like a superstar. If you wish to know more about this book, you can purchase it at Amazon store from below:

Listen Perceptively

This means when you hear and interpret those words your customers said to you, you also need to consider those they didn’t say, what they might be thinking of, and how they are acting when they speak.

Ask right questions strategically to figure out what is your customer needs and concerns. Good questioning can reveal a lot of your customer wants. Ask your customer be specific about the question and answer require from you. For example ask them “What specifically would you like me to address?”, “why is that a problem?”, “How do you consider the product is meeting your requirement?”, “what is the purchasing route in your company?”

Duct Tape Selling

This is a great book written by John Jantsch, telling all the salesmen to think like marketer if they want to be superstar.

I have read it and have learn so much from it. Thus, I wish to share this book with others that pursuing the online business.

Inside the book, you will pick up a lot of useful tools which you can use it in your business. For example, I now know you can conduct free webinar using MeetingBurner for up to 10 attendees (most of the softwares need you to pay). You can also use Google+ Hangout On Air to broadcast and record your Hangout to your YouTube channel, making your Google+ Handout a much valuable sales and marketing tool.

Phrase like “It’s not who you know, it’s what you know about who you know.” will make you think deeper of what you need to know, in order to be superstar salesman. John Jantsch encourage us to use social media to know more about our prospects and customers. Best practices for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are mentioned in the book which you can learn from.

Journey with your prospect or client

One new approach John Jantsch has taught in this book, is journey with your prospect or client throughout the sale process. By identifying those hidden problem the prospect or client is having, you will be able to gain the trust and authority from them once they discover that you have the solution for their problem.

Importance of content creation at your site

Today I saw my site health turn to red, alerting me time to create new content on my to get more traffic to my website. It has been mentioning many times that we need to have fresh content creating at our website. Google search engine is always on the look up for new content in the internet world.

Without content or new article, google will not visit your website often and your website will tend to disappear when people searching for the related topic. Website with fresh content and ever green site will attract google to come.

So, what we need to do? 

Make it a habit to create new content each week. With practise, the ease of creating content become much easier and skill of doing it will also improved. And the habit of doing the thing you do each day, will remind you to do it each day. It become automatic process that you will do each day, without you knowing that you have created the content on your site.

Habit, habit, I love you 

Sing along the phrase above and you feel more relax and motivated to live another day, to pursue your dream which you longing to have with you, for the rest of your life.

Do what you love to do each day, and with each doing your love become much deeper and your love will flourish everywhere in your life, in each and everyone you encounter daily.

Live each day with Love

When you fill your mind with love, you feel your heart with passion and you will tend to offer help to others. Love, is the most important element in our dealing with others. When you have love, you forgot about the shortcoming, and have a passion heart to serve others.

Show your love to others now, do it now and stick with it forever, and never stop.

Ideas To Create Content On Your Website

Having difficulties to create content on your website and do not know what to write about? I have found some good ideas for you to consider from one of the Wealthy Affiliate member, Steve. He has wrote about a blog post on ways to generate blog post ideas to get attention. You can visit and review the post and benefit from it to get your brain juice flowing again for your content creation.

Delivering and Creating Values In Your Content

How do you create and delivering values to your target audience with your content?

Here are some of the effective approaches you can consider to put on your website. These are useful topics which searchers like to read and review:

  • Infographic
  • Video Series
  • New Tools
  • Interview Series
  • Slide Shows
  • How To Guide
  • Q&A
  • Webinar

Earn Money On Internet

This topic about Earn Money On Internet has very high interest when you google on the internet, having about 3K searches monthly. With high speed internet connection and more smartphone accessing the internet, the opportunities to earn money on the internet is going to grow year after year.

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I did some research on this make money online surveys and noted down those 12 articles appeared on 1st page of searched result. Lifehack has 2 articles came up on the 1st and 2nd ranking. I would like to find out what make Lifehack to rank so well.

The first article “24 Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet” was written on April 15, 2016. Till now, it has already more than a year after this article was published. This show that your effort done in a year ago will not be wasted and can be rewarded year after.

2nd article “5 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online” has this company Leadforce mentioned, which I would recommend for those able to pass the exam to take up the offer, since the hourly rate they pay is reasonable.

I found that these 2 articles from Lifehack did not really show you the step-by-step, how to earn money on internet. It left you with many unknown topics which you need to research further. For those who prefer simple steps for you to follow and earn money on internet, you may check out my recommendation of the 4-easy-steps for you to earn money online guide.

on the 3rd ranking by organic search result, HowStuffWorks’ article of “Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet” appeared under the topic of Earn Money on Internet. Out of these 10 ways, I personally like to SEO Reviewing work, which HowStuffWork recommend to contact Leapforce for the job.

Earn $50~$100 Daily On Internet

I found one article by Jafar Dhada, a tech blogger from India written on the website of All Blogging Tips. He has good advise on How To Earn $50~$100 Daily with Affiliate Marketing. I strongly recommend you to have a read and get his tips to earn some money.



UOB Income Builder Investment Tool for Singapore Citizen

UOB Income Builder is one of the investment tools build for Singapore Citizen. If you are Singaporean, you should seriously consider this investment tool. Be it for your retirement planning, or for your child education needs, or even for future emergency needs, UOB Income Builder has the solutions for you.

UOB Income Builder

With inflation increasing each year, the saving or fixed deposits interest we are getting from the bank is very small. However, investing in stock poise high risk for many Singapore Citizen with limited financial knowledge. Thus, UOB Income Builder offer the middle ground for us to consider. The Income Builder is a collection of these investment funds (BlackRock Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, JP Morgan Global Income Fund,  Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income, United Income Focus Trust and Fidelity Global Multi-Asset Income Fund) chosen by UOB investment specialists. These are diversified funds covering various geographical markets and asset classes and spread across equities, bonds and real estate investment trusts.

Other Online Income Generator

When you are 50 years old and above, you need to start thinking about your retirement needs. For Singapore Citizen who wish to embark on creating business of their own, you may consider to visit my other online income generator to learn about alternative option which will provide even more retirement fund for a longer term. There is a growing number of older workers determined not to end their careers when they reach their retirement age, but it depends very much of their employers especially the private sectors which has become very competitive in the globalization era. Therefore, to have better control over our own destiny and income, I strongly suggest to find work that allow us to earn income when we get older and we ourselves determined how much work we want to do each time.

How Much You Need For Your Retirement Fund

Depending on the lifestyle you wish to maintain after your retirement, the amount of retirement fund you need to set aside can be estimated based on your monthly income before retirement.

Take for example, if you wish to retire at the age of 55 and presuming you can live until 80 years old and the health condition throughout that period is not very critical. You can consider the following formula for simple estimation:

  • 80-55 = 25 living years
  • 25 x 12 months x S$4,000 monthly salary before retirement
  • You will need S$1.2 million in your retirement fund

This simple estimation will allow you to determine whether you can retire comfortably or not, without any worrying for certain unforeseen circumstances which may need additional or emergency fund to handle them.

Personally I like to take some buffer for safety zone, and when we are not working the income generation will stop and every month there will only be deduction than addition into your retirement. Just like a car, when you continue to drive and consume the petrol every day but do not top up the petrol, you will run out of petrol at one stage and the car will stop.

Same logic when we apply to our lifestyle when you are retire at home without generating any income, the retirement fund will be consumed very fast and we may even not realized it when it deplete in soonest time than what we can imagine.

Is there a suggestion to preserve our retirement fund and have an income generator to create income when you are old and not able to find work anymore?

Yes, with Internet and Online platform, and your years of working experiences and niche knowledge that yourself know better than others, you can continue to earn income to preserve your retirement fund.

Start learning how to use your computer and utilize the internet and Online platform to share the knowledge in your head. When other people appreciate your wise knowledge and years of experiences you acquired in the past, you can still make a living out of it.

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Getting worry about your future ? –> Come to me

Are you getting worried that you will not be able to work in the future as the economy getting bad in recent years? There is widespread concern the rising unemployment and a weak global economic outlook this year 2017. Will the government able to create enough jobs for all of us? Will the jobs be sustainable in both new and existing industries?

Fear not, my friend; especially mature workers. You can always look for new career and re-start a new journey.

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In this age of fast changing world with technology keep evolving, year after year, we need to skill, re-skill and up-skill constantly in order to stay relevant in the business world. Also, we must continue to develop our potential in life and have an impact in the society.

Cost of living is getting higher and starting a family is become much harder. There is also no job security in any company you work with, with the ever changing market and technology. In order to stay employable, you can consider signing-up the free starter membership program at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Myanmar Business Today

I was reading Today news (24th September 2016) about the article “A land eager to look rich: Luxury brands edge into Myanmar”. This article attracted my eye ball and I started to read into the detail.

I agreed that Myanmar will be a huge potential market for businessmen eager to expand their business into new market. I believe the time is right now for suitable products/services to go in, but which products/services and where to establish your business is the tougher part for businessmen to consider.

Myanmar business today

The article talked about government officials buying luxury sport utility vehicles and many rich people visited high class boutique in Yangon to buy their watches, in those upscale shopping area.

Myanmar’s economy is expanding fast and I believe it will be another China in the coming years. Since 2012, the growth of the economy is swiftly with government encourage foreign investment and there is strong political changes ongoing. In 2015, the GDP grow is about 7%, much increased from the 5.6% in 2011. With the luxury lifestyle most of the government officials are enjoying now, they will want the country to be like China in 10 years time.

Myanmar a land eager to get rich

I was just talking to one of the engineers from China, who moved to Singapore for better prospect in 2005 but realised his counterpart in China is doing much better than him. What a 10 years different a country can be, when the country has better land and huge population, with the government determination to bring the country to the next level.

With so many lessons they see from the news and various countries visiting, I believe the Myanmar government know which direction the country need to go after. Opening the country for foreign investment and make use of their existing cheap labor cost, huge .

Myanmar has huge natural resources like timber, minerals, oil and gas and these give the local people the good opportunities to trade with foreign companies which are eager to get. Yangon, being the capital and most cosmopolitan city in Myanmar, has seen his property market in the urban area growing each year. New high-rises upscale hotels and shopping malls are rising each month. But, be careful which business partner you choose to work with to avoid heavy mistakes. Invest wisely and do your business with diligent.

Myanmar business growing

Middle class is emerging and many Myanmar migrants are coming home start their business opportunities at home. This trend is not going to stop because these local people will want their country to be like China now, in the years ahead. With dream, things will come for all the human race in history.

With all these promising potential business opportunities in Myanmar, do you want to tap on it and get into the trend? If yes, you can consider learning all the tools and skills for online business setup in a country and what are the necessary knowledge you need to equip for your online business. Internet marketing knowledge is going to come into Myanmar and you must take this opportunity now. Where to start now? Go to my Get Started page and start from there.

If you wish to get more insight into Myanmar business potential, you may visit Solidiance, a Singapore-based consulting firm providing business insight for you to go into new market like Myanmar. Yoma Strategic Holdings, a company also based in Singapore, having larger interest in Myanmar has a lot of knowledge in the country for you to learn. Just visit their company website for further information you need. Want to setup your own site and create articles or posts about your interest? Visit Siterubix Powerful Website builder to create your own website in minutes.

For those who want to see how the rich in Myanmar spend their money, you can go to Yangon’s Golden Valley district and see those watch boutiques welcoming those riches into their shops for business.


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