Master Cyber Security

There has been growing interest on master cyber security in many countries over the world. As internet connection growing every where, with the help of smartphone increasing usage in almost each part of the world, the importance of cyber security become paramount important.

Solving cyber security problems will require you to identify Web servers vulnerabilities or analysing network traffic so as to extract information.  Tasks such as forensic analysis, malware investigation and vulnerability assessment are Cyber Security Experts performing duties when they are given the job.

Singapore government has increasing saw the needs for the country to manage its cyber security with care and setup Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) to handle national cyber security matters. For more detail about the agency, you may visit its website for additional information.

The emergence of digital economy has bring about another threat to the economy – Cyber Attacks! To provide confidence to the user of digital world, online transactions need to be safe and secure. All parties like telcos, banks, utility companies, government must work closely to defend the digital world.

Download from Official Platform

Before we download any apps or games on our smartphone, it is important for us to ensure they are genuine and secure. Always do it on official app stores to prevent any cyber attack. Do not download from unofficial platforms and ensure your personal information is not being stolen.

Malware Analysis and Cyber Forensics

Skills in malware analysis and cyber forensics are in high demand currently. For those who want to master Cyber Security skill sets, these are two areas which they can consider. As countries move towards Smarter Nation, every citizen of the country need to be vigilant and alert to all kinds of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity 500

This is a list of 500 companies which have been identified as the world’s hottest and most innovative companies in securing the internet from cyber attacks. They are the kings in the cybersecurity world.

To see who are they, click here for the Cybersecurity 500.

Cyber Security Resources

There are various online resources helping companies to promote cyber security awareness and adopting cyber security practices. Check out at gosafeonline.

Here is a video that give you an idea of what skills you need to be a Cyber Security Specialist:

For those people who prefer to obtain recognized certification, you may refer to an article written by Shimon Brathwaite, Top Cybersecurity Certifications. With the certificate, you will feel more confidence and it help to boost your authority in the cyber security industry.

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