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When you master all the SEO skills, your website traffic will increase many folds and you will be able to get more businesses. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) focuses on organic search and teaches you how to pull in customers to your website. The only way to master your SEO skills is to keep learning and refer often to articles written by others.

There are many resources I found on the internet which you can refer to:

You need to know what people are actually looking for and draw them to your website. When they search for the product or service or answer, you are there for them and you provide the solution they need. After they land on your website, you would want to convert them into your customer. You need to add value, by offering solutions, suggestions, answers to their needs.

I have listed down what are the nuts and bolts of SEO and I want you to succeed in your online business. Do not build your site blindly, follow the steps I have presented here and you will become a successful website owner!

Knowing SEO will give you an edge over others and help in your ranking when Google search for the content you have created. If you are a webmaster, web owner, or digital marketer, you will need to master all the SEO techniques covering here.

The long-term benefit of SEO is evident to all the popular websites and it helps to produce a high volume of traffic to your site.

SEO involves

Using SEO in your marketing effort reduces your advertising bills and it is about as close as free you can get it. It is an important tool you should not neglect and you must also constantly keep yourself updated with all the SEO techniques. Most people trust organic search results, it helps to get more clicks on your site.

SEO has increasingly become one of the online strategies marketers use to increase their business revenue, it is the norm for all companies to grow. Wish to learn all about SEO? Visit my “Get-started” page.

Link Building

Know which sites link to your website will help you in your SEO management, especially the backlink to your site. More backlinks to your site will increase your site ranking juice and this is what Google wants to see. You can find out how many backlinks to your site by using WebstatsDomain for free website analysis.

WebstatsDomain is a free online service that collects and analyses any data about your domain and keywords you use for your SEO optimization. It even gives you an estimation of how much your website worth in a dollar sense. Very interesting insight!

SEO challenges

There are challenges you need to deal with when you apply SEO on your website:

  • competition from other websites
  • no guarantee to reach the top spot on Google
  • ranking fluctuation



14 SEO things you should do to get a higher ranking

(1) Create quality content

Google will search for the best content and present it to the searcher. Therefore, you should stay focus on creating relevant and high-quality content to attract them. Smart SEO practitioners understand their target audiences and know how they think, what they discuss about your services, products, and brands.

(2) Keywords in your Page/Post Title

When writing your page/post, put relevant keywords inside your content, in particular the title and first paragraph. Be natural, and do not stuff too many keywords. Know the intention of the searchers and use those keywords which they put in the search box.

Your title tag should not be too long and must be within 50~60 characters, otherwise it will be cut off when it appear on Google SERP. Put keywords at the beginning to attract your target audience.

(3) Use relevant keywords

Words that are related to your target keywords will make your content more relevant to Google search engine and make your page/post stand out among the others. Based on my own experiences, you should find out what are the keywords your target searchers will input at Google Search Engine. And you need to find those keywords with certain volume, otherwise is not worth your effort to create the quality content.

When there is no demand, your supply of the content become redundant and no one is going to find your content written on your website. With limited visitors to your site, you are unlikely to monetize your site content. Always remember, demand = opportunity.

(4) Engage with your audience

Try to get more engagement with the searcher like getting them to make comment on your page/post or asking them to take some action like clicking on those links within your article. This will push up your ranking.

(5) Having good user experience on your site

Structure your website with ease of navigation, feel good effect, fast load time, and good user experience will get them to stay longer at your site. This will increase the chances of conversion.

(6) Make your site be the authority within your niche

Keep your content up to date and constantly add value to your site. With relevant content and providing solutions/answers to the searchers, your site will become the authority to the user.

(7) Adding modifiers to the title

By adding modifiers like “best”, “tips”, “review”, “guide” to target long tail keywords which searchers are using more frequently now. Competition is also lesser so your content will rank much higher.

(8) Include Images and Video in your content

Putting video in your content help to increase the time readers spent on your website and this lead to higher ranking factor. Images also help to attract searchers to notice your posting and lead them to read your content more. Include keyword on your image filename, as well as Alt Text.

There is an increase importance of video marketing to attract traffic and rank higher in Google search. For those who wish to learn more about Video Marketing techniques, you are welcome to visit the tutorial done by member of Wealthy Affiliate community.

If you intend to upload your video onto the YouTube channel, I encourage you to follow the suggestion by Steve to optimise your YouTube Videos. Video marketing has become a big business every where, and you ought to learn how to use it in promoting your content on the internet. By learning from the expert, only then you can stand out from the crowd.

(9) Outbound and Internal Links

Put some outbound links in your content to link them with related websites. This action help Google to identify your content topic and rank it higher than those without.

Use internal links within your website to other pages will lead to higher ranking in Google search engine.

SEO expert Brian Dean is a strong believer that online marketers need to master the art of link building and he encourage the use of link generating strategies to increase traffic to your website.

(10) Hosting your site at high speed server

Google do not like website having slow loading speed. It will not re-visit site which took longer than 4 seconds to load. Therefore, choose your hosting partner with care. One of my favourites is Siteground providing web hosting with latest speed technologies and high security solutions.

Web Hosting
(11) Use related words and phrases

May SEO consultants teaches you that Google use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)  technology therefore you should practise it on your website. This is not true.

Google’s John Mueller has mentioned LSI keywords don’t exist. Furthermore, it was a old technology developed long before Google came onboard. Thus, Google is unlikely to use LSI in their indexing method.

Instead, you should get familiar and become more knowledgeable about your topic. Once you achieve that, you are likely to use related words and phrases in your content. Write naturally for your readers and Google will reward you by ranking you higher.

How do you find related words and phrases to put into your content?

Look at the autocomplete results to get clues, and use your answer as the related words or phrases. For example, when you put in your search phrase “best way to earn passive income”, you can see related words and phrases like “easiest way”, “good way” appearing. 

The other method is look at the related searches at the bottom of your search results. That will also give you enough clues for words and phrases that are related. Referring to the same search phrase we used above, we can see related searches for “How can …”, “What is …” appearing at the bottom.

Knowledge bases like and Wikipedia can provide a lot of related words and phrases you can use in your content.

In conclusion, semantically-related words and phrases will help to boost your ranking in google search engine result.

(12) Use Social Sharing Buttons

Study has shown that social shares attract searchers to your site, and this will lead to more potential link to your content. Social Sharing Buttons let visitors to your site add your pages or posts to their social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest, etc.

I have found more guide from other expert providing WordPress SEO tips. You may visit Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners and learn from it. This guide was provided by the editorial staff at wpbeginner. For those who have sign-up for the free starter membership program at Wealthy Affiliate, you may learn from its ambassador Loes’ Tutorial on Rank Higher in Google within 30 minutes.

Another method to add Social Bookmarks to your website is using AddThis. It will guide you through all the basic steps and at the end you need to paste the code given on your pages. If you are not sure how to do it, you may follow the step I outline here:

Go to your site admin and click edit on the page you want to add the Social Bookmarks. Click on the “Text” tab and paste the code given by AddThis. You now got all the Social Sharing Buttons on your page.

(13) Make your website mobile friendly

As smartphone being popular and many people are using their mobile phones to access internet, Google has put some ranking juice into their algorithm. For sites that are mobile friendly, Google is likely to rank them higher.

You can check whether your site is mobile friendly by visiting Google’s mobile friendliness tool.

(14) Local SEO Using Google My Business

In order to stand out and differentiate from your competitors, you may want to emphasize the location of your business when it is nearer to the searcher location.

As more people using their mobile phone to access information, they tend to search for local businesses near their present location when finding the product/service they need.

Google My Business provide you the best option to target local searcher when they are near your location. You can setup your free account at Google My Business easily and get rank higher for local SEO.

Google just updated their SEO Starter Guide on their website (dated Dec 14, 2017). You may want to take a look at it.

Content Tools To Improve Your SEO Performance

I came across one article on Content Marketing Institute providing us 19 contents tools that we can use to boost our search performance. Have a read and use it somewhere on your website to get higher ranking.

Get Your Website Ready For SEO

If your website is created using WordPress, I have the procedure you can follow to setup the All-in-One plugin so your website is ready for SEO. Visit the link at Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 Lesson 6.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to show up in Google, get traffic and generate a lot of revenue without spending money on advertisement.

Learn Optimization SEO

Learning never end because the new world keep evolving. Therefore, we must always look out for new advise from SEO experts. Today, September 10, 2018 I found out from our SEO Consultant Shaun Anderson that he managed and wrote all the content for this Hobo website.

A look at his website, you notice there are tons of contents on it. You may see his list of SEO topics written, as well as other related subjects. All are useful knowledge you can apply on your website to boost more traffic.

How To Learn SEO In Short Time

If you want to learn something fast, the best way is stay focus and work on it consistantly without any disruption. You need to have action and do it repeatedly to have an impact.

Below is one of the video which you can watch at your own time and repeat often whenever you like it. The more you watch it, the better knowledge you will gain and improve your SEO. Enjoy this video now:

Learn From the Top 15 SEO Gurus

It is wise to pick up your SEO essential skills from those who have succeed. Here are a list of SEO experts you may refer when you want to upsize your SEO skillset:

  • Matt Cutts – formerly worked at Google and now at U.S. Digital Service
  • Rand Fishkin – Founder of MOZ
  • Aaron Wall – Founder of SEOBook
  • Danny Sullivan – Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land
  • Barry Schwartz – Founder of Search Enginer Roundtable
  • Andy Beal – A pioneer in digital brand management & repair
  • Adam Heitzman – Co-founder of Higher Visibility
  • Dave Naylor – Founder of Bronco
  • Eric Ward – Columnist at ClickZ
  • Neil Patel – Co-founder of Crazy Egg
  • Bill Slawski – President of SEO By The Sea
  • Bruce Clay – Founder of Bruce Clay Inc
  • Vanessa Fox – CEO of Keylime Toolbox
  • Lee Oden – Co-founder of Top Rank Blog
  • Eric Enge – Lead author of The Art of SEO

Do research them on the internet and see what you can learn from them. You never know what new things you will discover then.

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  1. First off let me say, very accurate, very informative, and very easy reading I don’t want it to seem like feedback, the reading of your article has given me more ideas and I had.

    Although I’m pretty proficient with SEO, the article shows me aspects that I wasn’t clear on for this I thank you. but the instruction was amazing.

    Anything on SEO is very important when it comes down to traffic and Google Rankings, and hight up on the first page is a sweet spot 

    Thank you,

    Bill Wright  

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for the comment. SEO is always changing, especially with Google never-ending algorithm update. The best way to increase traffic to our site is still Search Engine Optimization techniques. 

      I am constantly upgrading my SEO knowledge, thus I visit my local library in Singapore often. The best book which I have read so far, is The Art of SEO written by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer and Jessie Stricchiola. 

      When you have times, perhaps you too can consider getting one from Amazon or borrow from your local library if it is available. 

  2. SEO is so important to get traffic and get good rankings! Thank you for this super informative and helpful article about how to master SEO! I believe that a well written and rich content is one of the keys to success! It takes practice and a good amount of training to master SEO. You give all the tools and advice necessary to make it. Wealthy Affiliate gave me all the tools to rank number 1 on the net. I am so pleased with the training and the community that is always there to help and support me! 

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. 

      By mastering SEO you will be able to get free traffic to your site and Wealthy Affiliate has the step-by-step training program for you to follow. 

      Each lesson teaches you one skill and by the end of 10 lessons you will master the basic SEO techniques. I am glad that you have acquired the skill set needed to succeed in the Online World. 


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