Highly trained and middle-aged professionals are out of work

        On 20th July 2015, the Straits Times reported that more and more highly trained, middle-aged professionals are getting out work. This is very sadden to hear it, especially when we think about those who have a family to feed. These professionals have spent many years climbing their way up to the … Read more

Online Business for Seniors

          Many developed countries are aging in their population and there are more seniors as compared with 10 years ago. With the life expectancy increasing each year, seniors of age should consider setting up Online business to continue supporting themselves for a better life style. What kind of business is good … Read more

Worry About Ageing Population In Singapore

Singapore population is getting old and government is worrying about ageing population related issues. Recent released figure in September 2016 reported that there are 13.7% of citizens were aged 65 and above. This is about 750 thousand of seniors in the whole population of 5.6 million. The figure may become 2 million (38%) by 2050. … Read more

Best opportunity for seniors to learn ==> Is here !

There have been a lot of talking about asking the seniors to live independently, well after their retirement. But how? Here is an opportunity for senior to learn how to create an online business. With the knowledge of creating a business online, seniors can live a more fulfilling lives. It is never too late to … Read more

Invest in online business

Is online business worth for you to venture into? Should you invest in online business? Online business can means Internet marketing business or Digital Marketing business. There are various names interchangeable with the term, all refer to similar business. E-commerce is considered an online business. It allows the goods or services to be transacted on the … Read more