Starting A Business at 50

Starting a business at 50

How to start a business at 50? Will I lose out to younger generation since there are less years for me to fall back on? What is the success rate for seniors like me to start a business?

When I learned that Wealthy Affiliate allow me to start my business at this age and the capital and resources I needed is very minimum, I was so happy and excited for many days. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful my life will be, when I have my own business.

The thrills of owning your business , and able to setup one fully belonging to you will excite many entrepreneurs.

It is the freedom of deciding what to do in your business entices many people to step forward.

It is not too late and surely possible to create your own business even though you are 50 years old. In fact, it is better to have your own business at this age. Why?

Because by this age you would have accumulated a lot of working experiences and have plenty of real life knowledge with you. You would have seem many businesses gone through the up and down, and will be able to handle all the hiccups in case any issue arises.

Starting a business at 50

By having your own business, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to utilize your knowledge and experiences in wide range of areas and business segment. There is no limit on how you are going to handle the business scale and what level of business you wish to participate with.

You decide how you are going to run your own business and create the vision you want your company to be. Sound exciting isn’t it? If yes, you should never miss this good opportunity to start your own business.

Once you decide to have your own business, you need to decide which kind of business platform you wish to start with. There are huge kind of businesses you can consider to setup, but do not forget about your online presence.

To succeed in this internet new world, you must let people find you and know you. Conventional business talk about getting traffic to your store, if you are in retail. Office setup will need sales people to promote and introduce products and services to others.

With the interconnected world like today, almost everyone has access to the internet. You need to establish your online presence for your business, the moment you setup the business.

How to go about getting your company be heard online? Come and visit my “Getting Started” page and you will discover there are so many useful tips for you to kick start your online presence.

With your online presence, you can reach your potential customers 24/7 and extend into many countries around the world.

You are never too odd to have your own business. Many seniors have done it and I believe you too can make it. Take a look at these successful seniors who have achieve wonderful business in their late life.

Business Ideas for you to start

You can consider to start a business focusing on the greying population. Many developed countries have this problem and they are in need of more healthcare workers. If you can help to eliminate this concern, your business will be in high demand. 

At Senior Service Business, you can find profitable idea to serve the senior citizen with your home-based business. Check it out today and start your own business to fulfill your dream of owning a business.

To give you an idea of an online store, whereby you can sell products targeting on seniors, you can visit website at Haf Box. This online retailer was setup by Mrs Eugenia Yeo in 2012 to offer those products she found lacking in the market. She has been doing well for her online business.

Public hospitals, community hospitals and nursing homes will require various products and services to support the aging population. Your company can help these organisation to fulfil their obligation or supplement their services.

Caring for Seniors are in big demand for many countries and the government usually have various subsidies to support them, your company can tap those schemes and provide the necessary products and services to meet the demand.

You can consider to provide active lifestyle among the seniors, offering products and services to keep them active and fit for their growing age.

Helping Seniors

If you have a good heart and want to help seniors to live comfortable without any worry in their old age, I can help you on that mission. I have learn a lot from Wealthy Affiliate and wish to share it to those till have not found this wonderful community.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to reach out to more people on the internet, and guide you to have your online business and create your passion in your heart in helping others.

When you know that you can help others, especially those that are close to you and dearer to you, you will feel energise and have more power to face each day. It gives you the hope and dream for each day forward.

Seniors Doing Business Online

It is actually more convenient and many benefits for seniors to setup business online. Less times will be wasted on your travelling time from home to office and back. As seniors, the body movement is usually less flexible moving from place to another.

With online business, you can do your business at home and save all the hassle of climbing steps and ladder to reach your office.

High speed internet connection is widely available at most homes, and the internet allows you to reach any country in the world within second of connection. What you publish on your website and products offering, can be reached and accessed by anyone at every corner of the world, when they find you online.

Millions of potential customers are waiting for you to explore within the reach of your online presence.

Go for it and reach out to all these potential clients. With your products and services that cater to their needs. Helping those find you online to solve their problems and needs.

My personal preference of starting a business at the age of 50 years old and above, or for senior citizens wish to setup own business, is go into online business. This is the new trend in our modern world as more people are using their smartphones or tablets to access information.

When you have a business online, people can find you online and you will have opportunity to connect with them.

Resources On Internet Helping Seniors to Start Business

There are resources on internet you can turn to for help, one of them I found today is Jeff William, founder of BizStarters. He has setup online service to coach older entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

According to him, older business owners tend to treasure flexibility in their work schedule than younger generation. They have gone through the corporate world and some of them have achieved success in their career.

These older entrepreneurs have been there, done that, already managed people and they would like to grow a company without employee.

Povinelli, Founder of Dainty Wrist Jewelry, setup her online business selling all kinds of bracelets for the small-boned. Her aim is not to have a lot of money and big house but to be with her grandkids and enjoying the business.

James Glay, finally started his business at 59, after collecting vintage musical instruments for many years and setup Crash Boom Bam (now Vintage Drums And More) when he was laid off by his ex-company.

You can learn a lot from these senior citizen, how they setup their online business and witness there are many business ideas you can consider.

Highly trained and middle-aged professionals are out of work

Highly trained and Middle aged professionals are out of work





On 20th July 2015, the Straits Times reported that more and more highly trained, middle-aged professionals are getting out work. This is very sadden to hear it, especially when we think about those who have a family to feed. These professionals have spent many years climbing their way up to the top, but are being retrenched now. And the scary part is, when they try to find a new or similar job, many at times they realized a lot of companies will tell them they are “over-qualified”. These group of workers, term as PMETs (Professionals, managers, executives and technicians) have hard times finding job.

Again on 31st July 2015 another sad news released on The Straits Times, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will be cutting several hundred jobs in Singapore as the bank scales back its presence here to just the trading and sales operations only. Many global banks in Singapore are having job cuts, both at the front and back offices. I hope not many Singapore citizens will be affected by this job cutting.

On 14th June 2019, The New Paper reported that Layoffs in Q1 is higher than last year 2018 and majority of those get retrenched are 40 years old and above. 69% belongs to the professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs). If you fall under this group, you will face many challenges to locate an employer willing to employ you.

Even the oil and gas industry equipment giant FMC Technologies from United States is expected to cut its job. With oil prices falling, many projects become unnecessary and companies will go for the easy solution – job cutting. Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Total too are cutting jobs, as the oil prices will remain low for several years. The outlook remain very uncertain, and hiring will be extremely tough.

Many factories in Singapore are moving out due to cost pressure and jobs in factories are hard to find nowadays. For those middle age professionals, things going to be even tougher. They may have school-going children  to support and they are not going to get the same pay job in future. With home loan, car loan and monthly expenses to cover, how are they going to face these challenges?

Some of these factory managers may be earning S$8,000 to S$10,000 a month with a degree from reputable university.  They have been working in the factory for 10 or 20 years and in-charge of the factory key management decisions for many years. With the downturn coming, are they prepare to face the reality?

Worst part is, if they have sick parents to take care of, that will make things even ugly and create more stress on these mature workers.

Ever think one day you will end up at this position?

You may want to consider establishing your business online right now, while you still have a job. Whether it is an off-line traditional brick-and-mortar business or new Online Business, you need to spend efforts and time to grow your business.

Start doing now, do not wait until you lose your job then start your business. Visit my Get Started page and sign-up for the free starter membership program to learn about setting up Online Business.

When you are out-of-job, there is no income and you should not spend unnecessary money. Any money you have will help to tide over the difficult period and most businesses will takes you at least a year to start earning money.

I do not encourage you to setup traditional brick-and-mortar business. Why? Because you will end up with burden of rental, operating costs, manpower fees, stock inventory risk, cash flow problem, etc.

Start with an online business. This business model is so much easier to  start with, and with your years of working experience and knowledge it is going to jump start the setting up of the online business much quicker than younger generation.

How do you start to prepare for this wonderful online business? The answer is within this website. You just need to go and visit my “Get Started” page and follow the industry expert step-by-step.

online business
Business startup

Middle Aged Professionals facing challenges ahead

When the economy is facing downturn, middle aged professional will be the one get axe first. Their salary usually are higher than those junior staffs and company tend to cut cost by retrenching these segment of workers.

If you fall under this group, be prepared and start learn how to create your own online business. There are platform which you can learn now and start the process early. Do not wait until you are being fired.

Visit my recommended platform and sign up the free starter membership to learn how to setup your online business today.


Online Business for Seniors






Many developed countries are aging in their population and there are more seniors as compared with 10 years ago. With the life expectancy increasing each year, seniors of age should consider setting up Online business to continue supporting themselves for a better life style.

What kind of business is good for seniors to start with? I would suggest to start with the online business. Basically, online business allows you to work from home and you do not need to travel much.

There are some people who like to work at public library because it has the free internet access for you to use, and you can always refer to books at the library for business ideas and guidance. The startup cost for setting up online business is very low and risk is also lower. In addition, the method to launch your online business is straight forward and easy.

online business you can consider
Become your own boss by starting your Online business in 4 simple steps

You may wonder how do you start your online business? In fact, it is very easy, as long as you follow the right path which successful people have done it before. I have found a very wonderful platform for me to start my online business, with many helpful members and a lot of experts to guide me during my online business journey. A community full of warm members giving useful tips to each other, wanting everyone to succeed online. No competition among the members, but to help one another. Thus, I want to share with others, this great platform, for any senior who wish to become boss of their own.

online university
Online platform to start your own business

As the world getting more connected, internet has become a big part of our life and many things are inter-connected. Being online allows us to communicate with the world and also companies are getting online to engage with consumers and enterprises. By mastering all the online tactics the platform I am offering here, any senior will be able to create business online with 4 simple steps.

Being senior, it means you have shorter time to experience failure and re-start again if fail. Thus, finding a business with lesser risk and simple to start is important for seniors to consider. In order to preserve your hard earned money for your retirement needs, choosing businesses with lesser problematic is essential to preserve your fund but also realising your dream of having own business.

Excited about Wealthy Affiliate online course
I am excited to start my own business

Feel excited now, right? Having own business make person feel important and motivate us to think the unknown and do it while we are in this world. If you want to create your own business now, click below picture to learn more about the platform I am using.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate here

Creating a successful business require works and consistency and never give up spirit. This is the same for your online business. During your online journey, you will face the up and down and many hurdles, but believe me, you must stay the course and do not give up. You will eventually reach your goal of becoming own boss and have a very successful business.

Tools you need to create online business

You do not need many things to create your online business, the only tools you require are computer and internet connection. These are the 2 things you need. Being online means you can work anywhere, as long as you have these 2 things with you. You can do your business outside your home, at any country, at bench or bar, anywhere you want, as long as there is internet connection and your computer.

Kind of businesses you can do online

Being senior yourself, you know what are the needs and wants of those seniors in your community. It will be very easy for you to come up those products and services needed by the seniors.

Here are list of products & services I can think of, and various business ideas for the elderly market:

  • work at home ideas for retires
  • how to start a business helping the elderly
  • blood pressure machine
  • phone with large buttons
  • wheelchair
  • safety rail for toilet
  • walking sticks
  • bed safety railing
  • nursing care services
  • travel package for elderly
  • designer walking canes
  • slower-paced tour packages

business that cater to the elderly

You may learn from others who have setup online store to cater for seniors like Senior Shelf, online magazine for elderly at Silver Talkies, or selling all kind of cares for seniors like BeautifulYears. These websites are very popular in India as the nation seeing more of its population grow older.

In the United States, Always Best Care, a leading senior care franchise system has been expanding its franchise actively in the country. This may be one of the online business idea you can consider to target the seniors in our society.

If you wish to be a business coach, you may follow Jeff Williams and start a business like Bizstarters and do coaching. You can sign up for the free starter membership at my Get Started Page to learn how to create the Online business like Jeff Williams.

Why Online Business For Seniors

You must be wondering, why setup your online business since you are already in senior old age? Isn’t you should enjoy your retirement life and spend quality time with your family at the old age?

The real truth is, in life it may not be so easy to live comfortably when you are at old age. With the ever changing and fast changing world, the younger generation will have a lot to catch up with their daily challenges. If we as seniors can help to lighten their burden, it will be very helpful to our children.

Look at the developed country like Japan, it has been reported that more record number of seniors are continuing to work, either in part-time or contract works. Why they need to work? Partly is also government seeing ageing become a big burden for the government to feed the old, therefore government want the seniors learn to care about themselves.

By continue to work, the seniors can help someway or another in their living expenses. Also when you grow old, the health care premium will go up and it become more costly.

Want to help your children and reduce their burden? Get some money to support your health care premium when you are getting old? I strongly encourage you to start your online business now by taking my #1 recommended online course to prepare for your future years.

Most of the seniors thought that they are able to find job with most of the countries’ government encourage employers to re-employ them again, but the truth is many employers prefer younger workers. When you are old, you become like a dinosaur to employer comparing with those 20-something colleagues. If you are lucky to find a job, mostly those jobs are not what you wish to do but people hate to do it. Therefore, I always encourage people who are 50 now or coming to 50 years old to start creating their online business. Getting your online business to grow take times, but once it become authority site among your niche you will be able to earn continue income for the niche market you choose.


Worry About Ageing Population In Singapore

Singapore population is getting old and government is worrying about ageing population related issues. Recent released figure in September 2016 reported that there are 13.7% of citizens were aged 65 and above. This is about 750 thousand of seniors in the whole population of 5.6 million. The figure may become 2 million (38%) by 2050. Scary, isn’t it?

Aging Population Singapore

As we grow old, all kind of sickness will come and health care related expenses will also increased. For the country, the government will be burden with all the health care costs as a nation. It is forecast that in 2030, there will be 2.3 working-age citizens for every citizen aged 65 and above.

The workforce obviously become much smaller if there is no increase in birth rate and foreigners are being restricted to come into Singapore. This kind of scenario implies that tax collection from the working adult is not able to support the ageing senior citizens. Government will not have sufficient tax collection to sustain the nation expenses.

Aging Population Issues in Singapore

Singapore Government has setup the National Silver Academy (NSA) to offer seniors aged 50 years and above taking up courses. Courses will be conducting at its network of post-secondary education institutions and community-based organisations. Seniors can choose from any of the 6 categories below:

  • Health & Wellness
  • IT & Science
  • Ageing & Life Skills
  • Humanities
  • Finance & Business
  • Media, Arts & Design

Even in Canada, more people are entering into the retirement phrase of their life. Here is the article recently talking about the Retirement nest eggs cracking, many of them started to realize that they need more income to sustain their living expenses. Some decided to go back working, others who are fortune to have money build their own business. How about you? Have you thought about it when you reach retirement age?

Government has been working hard coming up with a lot of action plan, to encourage a more successful ageing life style among the seniors. Subsidies for the courses and no exam is required for the participants, all these arrangement is to get more seniors to take up the offer.

However, I find that there is something lacking in all these arrangement. By offering courses for the seniors to take up and learn new things, what are they going to do with the increased in knowledge and skill sets? Knowledge gain in the mind but do not apply it in our daily life become a memory store in our brain.

If there is a way for the seniors to earn additional income, after completing a course and able to apply what they learn to make a living out of it. Will this be more useful and reduce the burden on the government to support the health care cost, if the seniors are able to self-support by themselves?

Singapore government support

Only Way To Help Ourselves When We Are Old

According to United Nations, global population aged 60 and above is growing fast and there were 841 million in 2013. This figure should have increase further by now and it is forecast to reach 2 billion in 2050.

All nations are facing the same issue relating to population getting older, and do you think the government have enough resources to take care all of us? The only way we can help ourselves is to prepare now for our future.

I am using Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform to create my own online income generation and in times to come, I will be able to support my own healthcare expenses when I grow old. Wealthy Affiliate offer Online courses to teach you how to make money online and provide basic free membership for anyone wish to learn. You can sign up for premium membership once you are familiar with the Online platform.

Seniors have many years of experiences which can share with others and use their experiences to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate teach you to find your niche and market your niche experiences to others. By sharing your experiences and at the same time generating online income for you, this is what I wish to see it happen in Singapore.

When the seniors able to support themselves, even with smaller young working population and reduced tax income from the young, the government will not be burden anymore with the health care costs.

Singapore government has said it could not tackle the problem alone. Therefor, as a citizen of Singapore, we must help our nation by providing good solution to reduce the tax burden on the younger generation and helping the seniors to live a fulfilling lives and age well.

less debt for government

Let’s us share with others about the Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform. When you help 10 of them, and each one of those 10 help another 10 each, the multiplication of 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 …. effect can reach million of them in total.

Do you want to know, what are the aspirations of an older Singaporean? You can visit his article on Population SG and read about it. I like particularly one statement he mentioned in the article, “People who are self-employed are not subject to mandatory retirement. They are the lucky people.” Do you want to be that lucky person? I would suggest that you start to plan your online business from now. How to start your online business? Visit my “Get Started” page and sign-up for the free starter membership and learn all the techniques you require to know by starting your business and be the lucky person you want to be.

Driving Taxi or Grab As We Grow Old

In Singapore, cars are expensive and one option for older generation can consider is driving Taxi or Grab to supplement our daily expenses. Singapore is a city state and population is rather dense. Therefore, the opportunity to provide transportation services is there. However, you need to prepare facing all kind of riders on board your vehicle.

This option is for people who enjoy driving and have licence to drive. If you do not have this criteria, Online business could be an option you wish to explore.

Never too late to start a business

Even at the age of 50 years old, it is not too late to start your own business. In western countries, many people start new careers in their 60s rather than retiring to stay at home. In fact, it is even better to create your own business at this age because you would have gain a lot of useful experiences and wide industry knowledge in the real world outside. 🙂

Examples of Seniors Starting own business

Everyone know KFC and the founder of famous Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harlan Sanders (better known as “Colonel Sanders”). He spent nearly a lifetime trying all kinds of jobs without success and finally he hit big at the time when he was 66, selling his successful kind of frying chicken.

Also, we know McDonald, the popular fast-food chain. It was setup by the milkshake mixer salesman Ray Kroc, when he was 52 and decided to buy over a hamburger shop and become the owner.

Older adults are growing rapidly in the developed world, as such we need society to help them live well at the old age and continue to make contribution to the society. An ageing population will put heavy burden on its country health care system. Online business is the best opportunity for seniors to start a new career and make a living themselves.

With more and more people using Internet to find information, watch movie, listening to music, perform research, etc. This creates many opportunities for us to do online business. The start-up cost is so much cheaper and you can start by yourself at first, allowing minimum business setup cost and trial run your business idea to justify the business potential in your niche market.

Never too late to start

In order to setup your online business, you need to know how to create your own website. Here, you will see me recommending Wealthy Affiliate Online platform for you to learn about Online Marketing Skills. With the online website, you can do many things:

  • sell things without setting up a physical shop
  • let other people know about your passion on a particular subject
  • share your creative artistic talent to the world
  • share with others about your knowledge
  • many, many more

I will show you the easy tool which you can use to create your own website, and you do not need to be an expert at web development to create website. All you need is follow my instruction and I will guide you step-by-step. By leveraging on what others have successfully created the online business, you can be up and running with your own website in a matter of days or even hours.

Don’t wait. Start now!

Visit us here to begin your business setup.


What is the best Affiliate Marketing training?

Best Affiliate Marketing Training





Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing training so you can sign up for it?
Indeed I was searching for it online after I attended one affiliate marketing event locally and decided to find out more about it on the internet.

At the event, I almost sign-up for it but because of the organiser behaviour I did not take the offer. The speaker introduced their affiliate marketing program at first with more than 2 thousand dollar course fee but gradually he reduced to about 1 thousand dollar to attract people signing up. At first, I thought the training going to be held at weekend on the following week but due to my schedule I not able to make it. I spoke with the speaker/organiser any other day available for it to sign up but was informed no at all and they try to ask me to sign up on the spot.

Feeling not very flexible in their offering I left the venue and went home to search more about what affiliate marketing is all about. It was during that night when I google for affiliate marketing topic Wealthy Affiliate website shown up. After reading up the website introduction, I sign up for the free membership, since it is free for me to register.

I would consider the Program as the best, if the Affiliate Marketing Training program consists of following:

  1. Free Starter Membership for you to try out
  2. Video Training easy for beginner to follow
  3. Easy for you to create content
  4. Compare with other Affiliate Marketing Programs
  5. Proven Successful Student from the program

Free Starter Membership To Learn Affiliate Marketing

I enjoyed the free startup lessons and find that Wealthy Affiliate give people the feeling of a honest company which I can trust. For the first 7 days, free starter member can use all the features of premium members entitlements like live chat with other members. Below is the chart showing the difference between starter free membership and premium membership:


Wealthy Affiliate different membership

For the first 7 days, I log in to Wealthy Affiliate for the free starter membership and witness how all the WA members interact with each other and motivate others to learn about the online marketing skill. I enjoyed the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform and started to know more about affiliate marketing topics. After the 7 days, I continue to use the starter membership without paying any single cent, but of course I missed all the premium features like live chat and other supports.

It was about one month later, I decided to sign up for the premium membership and to enjoy the cheaper discount rate I go for full year membership at US$359 which workout to be US$29.92 per month. This is much cheaper if I pay US$49 each month. I would encourage you to sign up for full year, if you are serious about creating your own business and this small investment is worth to take on.

Comparing this US$359 I paid for the full year premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, with the one thousand dollar I would have paid for at the local event affiliate learning course, Wealthy Affiliate is much much cheaper. I like the best part is all the online courses can be self-learning, at your own pace and you decide when and how fast you want to learn about online business skills.

Wealthy Affiliate online training program teaches you how to setup your own website using WordPress platform, and guide you to get more traffic to your website. You just need to follow those steps provided at Wealthy Affiliate and you will get your website up and running within a very short time. I can guarantee that your website will be ready by the next day.

Click Here and I will bring you to the sign-up page for the free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Try it to see yourself how powerful the Wealthy Affiliate online training program will benefit you.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very large community you can tap on, to learn more about Affiliate marketing. Each day, members will post useful and tips on ways to improve your marketing skills. Affiliate marketing uses the principles of inbound marketing methodology, which is the direction most of the modern marketers using currently.

Inbound marketing is less intrusive than outbound marketing and it is the right marketing strategies we should adopt.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Training Through Video

There are many methods for you to learn about Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform, you can watch the process of making money online through video and have a better understanding of the whole process. Founder Kyle has prepared many useful video for you to learn and start making money.

As YouTube become popular, many of us often choose to watch other people do things in a proper way. I personally use YouTube for my learning on topics like Excel Power Pivot, How to Troubleshot My PC, etc. It is so much easy to learn from others by watching how they do it.

Content Creator SiteContent To Power Your Affiliate Marketing

When you become the member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have the access to its content creator called SiteContent. This is a wonderful platform for you to create content. Founder Kyle has a classroom training, teaching you how to Create Your Keyword Rich Content for SEO. Take a look at the video lesson. 

Kyle recommend us to create content with 500 to 3000 words with high quality content. This will help you to rank higher in Google. Wealthy Affiliate is always on the lookout for new ways of improving its platform for members to improve their Affiliate Marketing business.

SiteContent was only released in late 2017 and there are a lot of free photo and images you can use while creating your content. This makes our job so much easy and faster in creating our content with images.

What other people recommend for their Affiliate Marketing Training?

When you google, below are a list of the Affiliate Marketing Training providers you will find on the internet:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • SiteSell
  • Chris Farrel Membership
  • Affilorama
  • and many more

All of them have their unique strengths and capabilities and I believe they do provide good services and results, otherwise they should not be exist by now. I would suggest you pick one of them and try out yourself. Give it sometimes to see whether it work for you.

For any business or task to get result, you need to put in time and efforts. This apply for your online business like Affiliate Marketing. For me, I choose to use Wealthy Affiliate as my main training platform to grow my Online Business.  It is comfortable for me and value for money at this moment.

Feel free to check out all of them and use what you feel is good for you!

Successful Wealthy Affiliate Member Become Business Owner

There are many successful members of Wealthy Affiliate become business owner after they enroll with the training online, follow the steps and put in the efforts. They are now having own online businesses and teaching others.

Here is one of the members Dom Wells, owner of Human Proof Designs, which have been featured in many authority sites for their tremendous works. Have a look!

Leo, founder of Netwise Profits, has been making a full time income Online since 2005.  He joined  Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member in 2012 and his income has continued to climb higher each year.

Best Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Why not sign-up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and explore it yourself. It is absolutely free.  Go to my Home Page and visit the site.

With internet widely available at home, the best place to learn is Online. Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Platform you can access 24/7, anytime you want; anyplace you wish.


Good business to start when you are 50 years and older

At the age of 50 years old or older, what kind of business you think is good to start with? Obviously setting up online business is the way to go. The capital to start an online business is small, comparing with conventional business setup whereby the rental and manpower costs will wipe out your earning. Furthermore, the life expectancy is getting longer with majority of us live past 70 years old. We need to deal with this reality and find ways to utilize the knowledge and experience of the seniors.

Business Ideas

There are various sources for you to tap business ideas when you want to start a business. One particular website which I found recently on the internet about niche market is Nichehacks. They have good comments from SEO Expert Brian Dean at Backlinko and Wealthy Affiliate’s member Dom Wells (He just wrote an article recommending beginner to start with Amazon affiliating products).

Business ideas

e-commerce is getting popular, including the South-East Asia countries. More media-savvy young population are turning to e-commerce site to buy things. This create very good opportunity for senior citizen in every country to tap on this opportunity. As we grow older, we have less energy to move about. Setting  online business is a perfect business venture for 50 years old and more people to create a new business on the internet.

In Indonesia, a new e-commerce site has been setup in February 2015 and is aimed to become “Alibaba of Indonesia”. According to market survey, online commerce is a US$100 billion business opportunity. Many companies are coming on board to ride this digital revolution. Individual must adapt to this changes.

Many emerging markets like Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam are also going into the e-commerce business. Senior citizen can tap on this growing trend for the overseas market. Even India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged on 1st July 2015 that he will bring Internet connectivity to all Indians, by upgrading the digital infrastructure in the country which has a population of 1.25 billion.

Digitization will change the way we live, learn, work and play. More seniors are accessing the internet and they are using smartphone to access the information they need. According to recent survey, those age 50 years and above are the highest group that uses the internet in 2014. Do you want to miss this boat? Better not and start learning how to create your online business to target this senior group of users who are 50 years old and above. Seniors are starting to surf the internet regularly, since they have more free times.

Wonder how to start your business and need help? Come with me, here! I will guide you.

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There have been a lot of talking about asking the seniors to live independently, well after their retirement. But how?

Here is an opportunity for senior to learn how to create an online business. With the knowledge of creating a business online, seniors can live a more fulfilling lives. It is never too late to learn. Do not doubt your own talents and skills. You may have it hidden and waiting to be discovered. Learning is a lifelong journey and it is part of our personal growth. All the seniors are encouraged to upgrade themselves even at their old age. As the Chinese saying, as long as we live, we must continue to learn.

The trend of online marketing is getting popular in many countries and this create many opportunities for wide range of industries. Surely, online marketing is not a sunset industry and it is future-ready you would like to equip yourself preparing for the shift. At Wealthy Affiliate online platform, all the senior citizens have the opportunity to pick up the online marketing skill to create passive income for the years to come.

Senior learning online marketing

You do not need to take up a degree course or go for night classes to learn about online marketing. Here, I would like to recommend this online training platform from Wealthy Affiliate for you to learn the skill online. You decide when, what time and how much you want to learn per day. You choose your own comfort time to learn. Get yourself ready when the opportunity presents itself gives you an advantage.

Online learning platform is very suitable for people who have no time to attend course and give you the flexibility of learning at home with ease, at your own time and self target. Many of the online learning has to be learn alone, but not for the WA platform I am recommending to you. Wealthy Affiliate online training has very good support system, and there are a lot of WA members to guide you and cheer you on to keep learning. This is a strong community which no other learning community in this world has. You really need to tap on with this wonderful platform.

With advanced medical care, we can expect seniors living past 80 years old. At the age of 50 years old, this can be a new start for a new career or pursuing new experiences. Many seniors, in fact, are very enthusiastic to learn about new skill.

continue to learn even old

Many countries are having ageing population and there are many studies on the ageing trends. Studies has shown that by keeping every senior physically and mentally fit, they will be able to continue leading a useful and active life. Picking up online marketing skill is one way to keep them mentally alert, as well as creating a opportunity to work at home.

As an individual, we have the personal responsibility to plan and prepare for our old age. Family and the community should be our second line of support, when we become too old to care about ourselves. We are more educated and economically better off than our older generation, and I hope we can help to lessen the burden on our younger generation by continue to work at our comfort home. Lifelong financial planning will prepare us for our financial needs in old age.

The trend of smaller families and longer life expectancy has big impact on the family support system and this system may not be sustainable in most countries. If we wish to have our desired retirement lifestyle beyond the basic level, we need to find a way to continue having an income when we get older. WA online platform will be able to meet this need, if you decide to take action now.

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The importance of seniors maintaining active lifestyles continues to be emphasized, with efforts to encourage healthy living, active lifestyles, social networks, lifelong learning and strong family ties.

business for seniors

The key to your future-proof career, is to learn about online business. And here I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the online learning platform for you. You will learn and master all the necessary skills needed to run your own online business, open 24/7 throughout the year.

Invest in online business

Is online business worth for you to venture into? Should you invest in online business? Online business can means Internet marketing business or Digital Marketing business. There are various names interchangeable with the term, all refer to similar business. E-commerce is considered an online business. It allows the goods or services to be transacted on the internet without the physical presence of a store.

Look at China company Alibaba, one of those e-commerce players and consider the tech crown jewel of China, the company is expanding fast and always looking for opportunities in every market. It has invested huge money US$206 million into Singapore company’s SingPost to build its online retail business in SouthEast Asia.  Singapore Online cosmetics startup Luxola has also been acquired by luxury giant LVMH for tens of millions.

The growth of Smartphone is everywhere and adoption of Mobile website and Apps are gaining ground in all the countries. Investing in online business will give you the advantages over competitors and you will be able to reach more audiences through your online platform.

With rising business expenses such as rentals and operating costs, setting up online business become an ideal option to consider for most of the companies, regardless they are small or big enterprises. With the digital revolution, we need to adapt the new mind set going online, or risk being left behind.

There are financial consultant encourage you to invest in stock or do currency trading, but these are risky investment and may wipe our your retirement fund if you are not careful and inexperience. To succeed in the investment market, you must have thoroughly understanding of the financial risks and potential gains. In addition, you need to well read about all kind of investment products and keep day to day update of what is happing in the financial world.

Hard to find workers in Singapore

Many companies in Singapore has a hard time to find workers, especially the small and medium size companies. SMEs usually do not pay as well as multinationals, and the situation is worst with current tight labour market. Therefore, if you think about setting up company in Singapore, think carefully, you will end up do everything yourself. In recent years, it is even more difficult as Singapore government increase the levy for foreign workers.


This is a new term referring to shoppers visiting physical stores to check on the products before buying them online at a lower price. By “show-rooming”, the shoppers can touch and feel the items before they buy them. In fact, this term started year 2010 in the United States whereby shoppers visited the electronics chain Best Buy to check on the electronics goods, and buy from online store Amazon instead.

With the rise and use of smartphone, shoppers can check online to compare price when they are in the physical stores. For country like Singapore, it is even tougher for brick-and-mortar stores due to popularity of online shopping. The growth was 17% year-on-year for online spending.

Reach out to new market

With online strategy, companies can sell their products beyond the limitation of local market and to serve countries in the region and beyond. 

Build your nest egg

As we live longer, we need to build more nest egg so that we have enough money to help us tide over the years when we are no longer working. The nest egg is our personal retirement fund we keep when we are still working, and safe it for later use. It is also a form of insurance and financial backup when you need it during emergencies.

The average life expectancy for most people has increased, therefore we need to recognize this and begin our financial planning. To have a comfortable life after retirement, relying on our social security income is not sufficient. We need alternative way to create income stream even when we are old. Online business is the best way to go about it and I have the method for people who are willing to learn. Go to my “Get Started” page.

Gifts for 50 year olds

What kind of gift you wish to have when you reach 50? What are the best gifts for 50 year olds family members or friends?

Ideas for 50 year olds can be vastly different, depending on whether you are giving the gifts for 50 year old woman, or preparing the gifts for 50 year old man. For man, he may be a golf lover thus you can get him a golf-related present. As for lady, she would prefer cosmetics-related gifts.

I guess different people have different needs and wants. Thus, the answer could be huge and vary widely. For me personally I prefer something that is useful and meaningful. It is not necessary to be expensive but allow the recipient to be excited when he or she get it from you.

Here, I like to suggest you to offer WA online platform learning to them. By joining the Wealthy Affiliate, there is an opportunity for he/she to create an online business for himself/herself. With the internet marketing growing each day, the skills and knowledge we need to have are all covered by WA platform. I have a page “Get Started” you can access to learn about the way to setup your online business. Do not hesitate to view and have a thought on it.

best gift for 50 year olds
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Singapore’s rapidly ageing population is a big concern and we need to learn from others. One country which we can learn from is Finland. It has a population of 5.4 million similar to Singapore and is also the fastest-ageing societies in the world. The Finland’s government is helping their seniors to lead a more fulfilling lives. I hope my website here is able to create opportunities for Singapore’s seniors to live a fulfilling lives too.

As reported recently, the number of old people aged 65 and above who live by themselves has about 42,000 as of August 2015. This number will get even higher with the ageing population. Government has been ramping up their efforts and investment in the care of the elderly but I believe it is better to prepare Singaporeans in advance, before they reaches the old age. Teaching them how to learn a living even when they are old at home with the online business skills will be very helpful. Teach them to catch fish rather than giving them the fish.

Singaporeans are living longer nowadays and also more healthy than the past generation. Thus, I wish more seniors can take up online learning platform at Wealthy Affiliate and continue to earn income so they are able to support themselves.