Online Business for Seniors


Online Business for Seniors





Many developed countries are aging in their population and there are more seniors as compared with 10 years ago. With the life expectancy increasing each year, seniors of age should consider setting up Online business to continue supporting themselves for a better life style.

What kind of business is good for seniors to start with? I would suggest to start with the online business. Basically, online business allows you to work from home and you do not need to travel much.

There are some people who like to work at public library because it has the free internet access for you to use, and you can always refer to books at the library for business ideas and guidance. The startup cost for setting up online business is very low and risk is also lower. In addition, the method to launch your online business is straight forward and easy.

online business you can consider
Become your own boss by starting your Online business in 4 simple steps

You may wonder how do you start your online business? In fact, it is very easy, as long as you follow the right path which successful people have done it before. I have found a very wonderful platform for me to start my online business, with many helpful members and a lot of experts to guide me during my online business journey. A community full of warm members giving useful tips to each other, wanting everyone to succeed online. No competition among the members, but to help one another. Thus, I want to share with others, this great platform, for any senior who wish to become boss of their own.

online university
Online platform to start your own business

As the world getting more connected, internet has become a big part of our life and many things are inter-connected. Being online allows us to communicate with the world and also companies are getting online to engage with consumers and enterprises. By mastering all the online tactics the platform I am offering here, any senior will be able to create business online with 4 simple steps.

Being senior, it means you have shorter time to experience failure and re-start again if fail. Thus, finding a business with lesser risk and simple to start is important for seniors to consider. In order to preserve your hard earned money for your retirement needs, choosing businesses with lesser problematic is essential to preserve your fund but also realising your dream of having own business.

Excited about Wealthy Affiliate online course
I am excited to start my own business

Feel excited now, right? Having own business make person feel important and motivate us to think the unknown and do it while we are in this world. If you want to create your own business now, click below picture to learn more about the platform I am using.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate here

Creating a successful business require works and consistency and never give up spirit. This is the same for your online business. During your online journey, you will face the up and down and many hurdles, but believe me, you must stay the course and do not give up. You will eventually reach your goal of becoming own boss and have a very successful business.

Tools you need to create online business

You do not need many things to create your online business, the only tools you require are computer and internet connection. These are the 2 things you need. Being online means you can work anywhere, as long as you have these 2 things with you. You can do your business outside your home, at any country, at bench or bar, anywhere you want, as long as there is internet connection and your computer.

Kind of businesses you can do online

Being senior yourself, you know what are the needs and wants of those seniors in your community. It will be very easy for you to come up those products and services needed by the seniors.

Here are list of products & services I can think of, and various business ideas for the elderly market:

  • work at home ideas for retires
  • how to start a business helping the elderly
  • blood pressure machine
  • phone with large buttons
  • wheelchair
  • safety rail for toilet
  • walking sticks
  • bed safety railing
  • nursing care services
  • travel package for elderly
  • designer walking canes
  • slower-paced tour packages

business that cater to the elderly

You may learn from others who have setup online store to cater for seniors like Senior Shelf, online magazine for elderly at Silver Talkies, or selling all kind of cares for seniors like BeautifulYears. These websites are very popular in India as the nation seeing more of its population grow older.

In the United States, Always Best Care, a leading senior care franchise system has been expanding its franchise actively in the country. This may be one of the online business idea you can consider to target the seniors in our society.

If you wish to be a business coach, you may follow Jeff Williams and start a business like Bizstarters and do coaching. You can sign up for the free starter membership at my Get Started Page to learn how to create the Online business like Jeff Williams.

Why Online Business For Seniors

You must be wondering, why setup your online business since you are already in senior old age? Isn’t you should enjoy your retirement life and spend quality time with your family at the old age?

The real truth is, in life it may not be so easy to live comfortably when you are at old age. With the ever changing and fast changing world, the younger generation will have a lot to catch up with their daily challenges. If we as seniors can help to lighten their burden, it will be very helpful to our children.

Look at the developed country like Japan, it has been reported that more record number of seniors are continuing to work, either in part-time or contract works. Why they need to work? Partly is also government seeing ageing become a big burden for the government to feed the old, therefore government want the seniors learn to care about themselves.

By continue to work, the seniors can help someway or another in their living expenses. Also when you grow old, the health care premium will go up and it become more costly.

Want to help your children and reduce their burden? Get some money to support your health care premium when you are getting old? I strongly encourage you to start your online business now by taking my #1 recommended online course to prepare for your future years.

Most of the seniors thought that they are able to find job with most of the countries’ government encourage employers to re-employ them again, but the truth is many employers prefer younger workers. When you are old, you become like a dinosaur to employer comparing with those 20-something colleagues. If you are lucky to find a job, mostly those jobs are not what you wish to do but people hate to do it. Therefore, I always encourage people who are 50 now or coming to 50 years old to start creating their online business. Getting your online business to grow take times, but once it become authority site among your niche you will be able to earn continue income for the niche market you choose.


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18 thoughts on “Online Business for Seniors”

  1. These are great tips for seniors that are interested in starting an online business. You’re right, that seniors have less time to recover from “failure”, but failures are also lessons and it’s never too late to learn.

    While I’m sure it can be intimidating for those who didn’t grow up with a lot of technology at their fingertips, luckily, there are tons of resources (like Wealthy Affiliate) that can make learning how to use computers and start an online business a lot easier than if someone was trying to learn this all on their own.

    • Hi Aria,

      Absolutely. I wish to help more senior citizen to earn income especially those in the age group of 50 years old and above. If they are still working for others, it will be better for them to create another income in case the company make them redundant. Or if they wish to establish own business, Online business is less risky and require smaller capital to start with. For those who are retired at home, create Online Business will allow them to earn additional retirement fund and enjoy more lifestyle benefits. 

      In Singapore, I see many retirees live without any further dream. This should not be the lifestyle a senior citizen live at the remaining life. We can continue to pursue our dream and also do something we are passionate about. It is time for seniors to live their life to the fullest. 

  2. I am not over 50 y.o but I have to confess that this article is motivational, I have some pieces of knowledge on how to create your own online business, and by reading such kind of article it just put me inspired to write, write and write. Keep up the great work Sr.

    • Even you are young and not over 50, the techniques and skills require to master your Online Business is still the same. Wealthy Affiliate has a large community constantly supporting you to be successful in the Online world, and both founders Kyle and Carson keep innovate this wonderful platform.
      Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I see many good improvements and a lot of features have been added on since 2015. The process of doing business Online has become so much easy, seniors will find it a breeze to use Wealthy Affiliate platform.
      Many of the Wealthy Affiliate members are seniors, and it shows that this industry is well suited for them. Start enrolling the best Online Business teaching today, by visiting my Home Page and enter your email inside.
      No credit card or payment information is needed to sign-up for the free starter membership today.

    • Yes, many seniors are find ways to continue making money and Online method is one of the easier ways for them to start with. As we grow old, medical expenses will increase and it may eat into those saving the senior has accumulated in the past. To preserve and extend the usage of any retirement fund, seniors can consider to seek ways making money on the internet.
      Most seniors are very knowledgeable about computer and internet, thus teaching seniors to do business online is fund and rewarding. My most recommended method is Affiliate Marketing, promoting other people products and services on your own website.
      To learn about the method to make money online, visit my Get Started page and sign-up for the free course teaching you how to make money online.

  3. Hi Thomas, your real explanation is more attractive to readers. That is a more effective target for elders, seniors or people who are retired. This is the better way to earn money from home and anyone be an own boss with this method. As well as, WA is a big support platform for everyone, who is starting the business. And according to your post, no special place for doing this business, anywhere can work, participate, leave comments etc. And also your suggested business ideas are also better such senior people because they have more experience such product or service. Actually, a very nice, effective explanation, not only seniors but also others. That good for all.

    • Hi Sam,

      I am glad you like my post and the world has changed a lot since I started worked in 1987. Many big companies have folded and companies no more able to provide job security to their employees. It is important for us to stay relevant and work for ourselves.

      Setting up Online business is the way for retires or senior citizens to continue earn money, and Wealthy Affiliate has the proven system to guide us achieve our business objectives. What we need is follow the lessons and action items suggested by Kyle, do it weekly and keep learning all the new techniques taught on the webinar. Have faith in ourselves and we will realize our dream. 

  4. This is a great article. So many seniors live on fixed incomes and this is a great way they can generate some extra money without leaving home or like you mentioned, the library is a great resource. Not just for books, but also the free internet.

    We can learn so much from our seniors. They have a lot of experience and they may not want to work for someone else any longer, but nothing wrong with working for themselves and sharing some of their knowledge and experiences.

    The most important thing that you pointed out, is to find a community that will help you learn and encourage you along the way.

    • Joining Wealthy Affiliate has many benefits to seniors who wish to setup their own business online. The platform is easy to use and all the tools are available in one place. You can purchase your domain here, host your website, manage your email, researching keywords to target and producing high quality content with images/pictures/photo. Founders Kyle and Carson has made it so much easy for any senior to start online business, without knowing all the technical jargon and complexities other platforms contain. 

      There is no better time for seniors to be own boss now. Go to my Get Started Page and take action today.

  5. Affiliate marketing is definitely the best way to go to build an online business with passive income. This is a very well detailed article about Wealthy Affiliate and I like the fact that its directed towards seniors community. That’s such a great idea. There is no place better than Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for dropping by at my site. 

      I want to encourage seniors to continue working, even after their retirement. Building an online business is the best option for senior citizens and I have share some business ideas for seniors to consider.

      Online business is equivalent to home business for seniors and all retires can start doing it at home. Many seniors venture into businesses that cater to the elderly and achieve great success. It is a wonderful opportunity for seniors to continue making contribution to the society.

      For those who have a caring heart, you can consider to teach people, how to start a business helping the elderly to live comfortably. When you search on internet, you can find many senior care business ideas in 2017. This will provide you with a lot of business concepts, how you going to create yours in 2018 or beyond.


  6. I totally agree with you that seniors are considered as the fastest-growing demographic on every parts of the globe. And they continued working  and setting the goal of retirement much later in life. There are many factors to consider why they still continue to work; factors include rising health care cost, low pension or they just want to stay active. 

    Most, not all seniors might perhaps not be a online and computer savvy as compared to the younger generation, but I don’t think this will be the obstacles for them not to start their online business. Wealthy Affiliate will help them on their journey to become successful on their online business.

    • Hi Glenda,

      Thank you for the comment on my blog.

      Yes, you are 100% correct that for those wish to get their online business up Wealthy Affiliate has the tools and resources for them to tap on. 

      I have seen many seniors joining the membership here and they are planning to earn extra income, either to supplement their retirement expenses, or provide consulting services in the area which they have vast experiences to share with others.

      Online business is well suited as home-based business model. With the right guidance and mentor-ship, you can be very successful as compared with traditional business and run it 24/7 without any border limitation. The globe become your oyster and there are 7 billion potential consumers for you to tap on.

      Jump right to my “Get Started Page” and sign-up for the free starter membership to explore this awesome Online Training course.

  7. I am 51 years old and successfully using Wealthy Affiliate to supplement my income for retirement.  This is a great article for any seniors looking to add a bit more to their retirement portfolio.  If you are a senior and reading this you shouldnt hesitate.  It appears Thomas wants to focus on helping you.  Great article and a great extra for seniors.

    • Hi Dale,

      A very warm welcome to you for giving your comment on my website. 

      I want to offer my support to those seniors in age, to extend their retirement fund by creating additional income. When we do not have income coming in each month, we tend to limit our lifestyle and restrict our activities within our home. This is not a healthy living lifestyle, based on my personal opinion. 

      When there is money continue to roll in, we can live our life much better and enjoy our life in peacefulness. We can travel and move about more freely, without worrying about our financial health. 

      Let’s help those seniors in need to create additional income to sustain our lifestyle. 

  8. Very well organized and informative article! I am personally trying affiliate marketing and can vouch for everything you said, it is a great platform. I think it is great how you geared this article towards those over 50, hopefully it’ll make the older generation more comfortable with trying something lime this! What is your favourite part of WA personally?

    • Hi Kohl,

      Thank you for the comment.

      As we grow old, the expenses on healthcare will go up and with inflation increases year after year, our retirement fund may not sustainable for long term. Therefore, it is important for seniors to continue finding alternative income.

      One way I found is the internet home-based business which senior citizen can do at home. 

      The platform I suggested in this article will guide all those who are interested to follow all the online lessons, step-by-step and learn through action. This is the favorite part at Wealthy Affiliate which I use to pick up my online skill set.

      For those who want to learn online business skill, click on those links I recommend to you and start your journey to make the income you wish to have.


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