How To Manage The Elderly Health Care Costs

Recently I saw a report that elderly will need more health care costs to support their life in their old age. This is scary to me as we grow old you will not be able to work and there is no more income to sustain our lifestyle. Add to our old age, sickness and all kind of health issues may occur. So, how to manage the elderly health care costs by our own?

Do you think the government will take care of you? Is the government going to use their reserve or government fund to support your health care and forgo about their GDP growth? Think carefully about these issues. We need to start our planning now, if you are 50 years old and above. Very soon, we will be too old to work and our body will start create various types of health issues. So, how do we manage it and do our planning now?

how to manage the elderly health care costs

One of the options I am working on right now, is to have passive income which many people are working on it. With the passive income model, when we grow old and not able to work we still have passive income to sustain our lifestyle we want, or at least cover our health care costs.

So what passive income model you can consider or what should you do now in order to have this future money coming into your pocket? The business model I am working now, is using the Affiliate Marketing method to gain our passive income in the years ahead. With right mentor and good support system, we do not need to worry about the rising health care costs.

Affiliate Marketing business model

The report which I saw predict that each senior will cost the government US$30,000 on the health care by 2030. This is a lot of cost to any government in the world. By taking into consideration of the demographic changes, long-term care costs,  medical cost inflation, public expenditure, private insurance and out-of-pocket spending, all these factors contribute to almost 10-fold increase of the health care costs from now. The report also mentioned that the number do not include indirect costs like transport and opportunity costs of the caregivers’ time.

With this reporting, many government will start to think wisely (I guess) how to avoid or pass this huge health care cost away. Any government of today will start to persuade their own citizen to start thinking how to take care of themselves or get your money upfront and keep it for you first, and use it to support you when you are old. All government will not want them to get into trouble. They will start all the education, teaching you how to care about yourselves when you grow old…….. All kinds of excuses and tactics to persuade their own citizen to have long term planning when they are young and strong.

educationhealth care costs during retirement

The health care and social care systems for all  the government in the world are always complex and difficult to manage. All countries face the hurdle to manage it well and are important topics for each election year.

As an individual, we really need to carefully consider how to prepare our future life and how to fund our retirement health care needs. All the insurance companies will want to make money and they will think of ways to increase insurance premium or avoid people with high health care costs.

Are you prepare yourself for all these unknown in the future?
I have already started my planning and started this website to inform and educate all the seniors, and even provide an avenue for you to earn passive income for your future years.

The way to gain your future independence is very simple. Just follow 4 simple steps:

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