What is the best Affiliate Marketing training?

Best Affiliate Marketing Training





Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing training so you can sign up for it?
Indeed I was searching for it online after I attended one affiliate marketing event locally and decided to find out more about it on the internet.

At the event, I almost sign-up for it but because of the organiser behaviour I did not take the offer. The speaker introduced their affiliate marketing program at first with more than 2 thousand dollar course fee but gradually he reduced to about 1 thousand dollar to attract people signing up. At first, I thought the training going to be held at weekend on the following week but due to my schedule I not able to make it. I spoke with the speaker/organiser any other day available for it to sign up but was informed no at all and they try to ask me to sign up on the spot.

Feeling not very flexible in their offering I left the venue and went home to search more about what affiliate marketing is all about. It was during that night when I google for affiliate marketing topic Wealthy Affiliate website shown up. After reading up the website introduction, I sign up for the free membership, since it is free for me to register.

I would consider the Program as the best, if the Affiliate Marketing Training program consists of following:

  1. Free Starter Membership for you to try out
  2. Video Training easy for beginner to follow
  3. Easy for you to create content
  4. Compare with other Affiliate Marketing Programs
  5. Proven Successful Student from the program

Free Starter Membership To Learn Affiliate Marketing

I enjoyed the free startup lessons and find that Wealthy Affiliate give people the feeling of a honest company which I can trust. For the first 7 days, free starter member can use all the features of premium members entitlements like live chat with other members. Below is the chart showing the difference between starter free membership and premium membership:


Wealthy Affiliate different membership

For the first 7 days, I log in to Wealthy Affiliate for the free starter membership and witness how all the WA members interact with each other and motivate others to learn about the online marketing skill. I enjoyed the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform and started to know more about affiliate marketing topics. After the 7 days, I continue to use the starter membership without paying any single cent, but of course I missed all the premium features like live chat and other supports.

It was about one month later, I decided to sign up for the premium membership and to enjoy the cheaper discount rate I go for full year membership at US$359 which workout to be US$29.92 per month. This is much cheaper if I pay US$49 each month. I would encourage you to sign up for full year, if you are serious about creating your own business and this small investment is worth to take on.

Comparing this US$359 I paid for the full year premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, with the one thousand dollar I would have paid for at the local event affiliate learning course, Wealthy Affiliate is much much cheaper. I like the best part is all the online courses can be self-learning, at your own pace and you decide when and how fast you want to learn about online business skills.

Wealthy Affiliate online training program teaches you how to setup your own website using WordPress platform, and guide you to get more traffic to your website. You just need to follow those steps provided at Wealthy Affiliate and you will get your website up and running within a very short time. I can guarantee that your website will be ready by the next day.

Click Here and I will bring you to the sign-up page for the free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Try it to see yourself how powerful the Wealthy Affiliate online training program will benefit you.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very large community you can tap on, to learn more about Affiliate marketing. Each day, members will post useful and tips on ways to improve your marketing skills. Affiliate marketing uses the principles of inbound marketing methodology, which is the direction most of the modern marketers using currently.

Inbound marketing is less intrusive than outbound marketing and it is the right marketing strategies we should adopt.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Training Through Video

There are many methods for you to learn about Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform, you can watch the process of making money online through video and have a better understanding of the whole process. Founder Kyle has prepared many useful video for you to learn and start making money.

As YouTube become popular, many of us often choose to watch other people do things in a proper way. I personally use YouTube for my learning on topics like Excel Power Pivot, How to Troubleshot My PC, etc. It is so much easy to learn from others by watching how they do it.

Content Creator SiteContent To Power Your Affiliate Marketing

When you become the member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have the access to its content creator called SiteContent. This is a wonderful platform for you to create content. Founder Kyle has a classroom training, teaching you how to Create Your Keyword Rich Content for SEO. Take a look at the video lesson. 

Kyle recommend us to create content with 500 to 3000 words with high quality content. This will help you to rank higher in Google. Wealthy Affiliate is always on the lookout for new ways of improving its platform for members to improve their Affiliate Marketing business.

SiteContent was only released in late 2017 and there are a lot of free photo and images you can use while creating your content. This makes our job so much easy and faster in creating our content with images.

What other people recommend for their Affiliate Marketing Training?

When you google, below are a list of the Affiliate Marketing Training providers you will find on the internet:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • SiteSell
  • Chris Farrel Membership
  • Affilorama
  • and many more

All of them have their unique strengths and capabilities and I believe they do provide good services and results, otherwise they should not be exist by now. I would suggest you pick one of them and try out yourself. Give it sometimes to see whether it work for you.

For any business or task to get result, you need to put in time and efforts. This apply for your online business like Affiliate Marketing. For me, I choose to use Wealthy Affiliate as my main training platform to grow my Online Business.  It is comfortable for me and value for money at this moment.

Feel free to check out all of them and use what you feel is good for you!

Successful Wealthy Affiliate Member Become Business Owner

There are many successful members of Wealthy Affiliate become business owner after they enroll with the training online, follow the steps and put in the efforts. They are now having own online businesses and teaching others.

Here is one of the members Dom Wells, owner of Human Proof Designs, which have been featured in many authority sites for their tremendous works. Have a look!

Leo, founder of Netwise Profits, has been making a full time income Online since 2005.  He joined  Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member in 2012 and his income has continued to climb higher each year.

Best Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Why not sign-up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and explore it yourself. It is absolutely free.  Go to my Home Page and visit the site.

With internet widely available at home, the best place to learn is Online. Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Platform you can access 24/7, anytime you want; anyplace you wish.


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12 thoughts on “What is the best Affiliate Marketing training?”

  1. This is an interesting review.
    It is nice to watch the videos to get an idea of how things work at Wealthy Affiliate.
    You mentioned other programs but didn’t go into detail as to how they compare with Wealthy Affiliate. I would have liked to read that.
    Thanks for the read!

    • Dear Christine, 

      Thank you for the comment. Glad you like the video at Wealthy Affiliate. I will be adding more content on other programs to share with other people, so that they have more options to consider. I believe each program has its strengths and weaknesses and we can pick up those that are relevant to our business model. 

  2. Best affiliate marketing training is no doubt Wealthy Affiliate. All the content they offer is so simplistic and so useful. No need to mention the helpful community that helps you always!!

    Also, you can start out with 2 free websites to test stuff out. I have always been satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate offer the best training for Affiliate Marketer, and it provides all the necessary tools and platform to start building our own business within one single place. From creating your website, hosting, domain purchase, mastering the art of SEO and earning online income as Amazon Associate, everything is at Wealthy Affiliate. For those keen to start an online business, visit Get Started page and start working on it.

    • Hi Angelina Talley,
      Yes, I have been using Wealthy Affiliate platform to power my OnlineBusinesFor50, and I also setup other websites using all the tools and resources from Wealthy Affiliate. Since 2015 I joined, I have seen great improvement in Wealthy Affiliate, many features have been added and these have simplified our business and make us more effective and rank better in Google Search Engine.

  3. Hi Thomas,
    I just wanted to leave a quick note to say great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I personally enjoy the training on their platform. I see their training is the most comprehensive and up to date.
    A few years back, Kyle and Carson (WA’s owners) help me a lot on building my very own affiliate marketing business.
    I would recommend the platform to anybody reading.
    All the best!

    • Hi Maun,
      Glad that you too see the effectiveness of Wealthy Affiliate platform in your business and how helpful both founders are always helping the community at large.
      I like to go through the training again once a while, and every time I re-discovered new ideas and tips to improve my Online business.
      In the area of Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the best so far I experienced and you are very honour to get personal help from Kyle and Carson.

  4. Affiliate Marketing is really competitive these days so I think it makes sense to get the best training that you can. Like you mentioned in your blog, a lot of trainings want money up front which I find very uncomfortable because most things these days give you a trial period to feel it out before making the decision to go all in. After looking at a handful of other companies, I think that wealthy affiliate is the perfect place for a beginner in the affiliate marketing business, especially since you can join, set up a website, and get rolling without even reaching for your wallet. You also mentioned the community at WA which is really important in my opinion because if you’re surrounded by people that are willing to help, then you will save a lot of time because you will learn things the easy way instead of the hard way. Thanks for writing this post to help people sort through all of these choices to get to a program that fits.

    • Hi Don, 

      Thank you for dropping by at this site. It is awesome to know people like you are using Wealthy Affiliate platform to power their Online Business. There are so many resources for members to tap on, especially in the area of Affiliate Marketing. I have managed brick-and-mortar business and know the support mechanism that is needed to run a successful business. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools we need to launch any kind of business Online. We just need to constantly engage within the community. For beginners, it is really good for them to join as free starter membership and experience how awesome Wealthy Affiliate can benefit them in achieving their goals and dreams. 

  5. Thank you for your informative post on the best affiliate marketing training available online.
    What I like most is the element of trust it brings. Most people are worried about ending up in the hands of a scam.
    This training is indeed the best. It seems like a whole package which covers affiliate marketing training, content writing, building a website and other important aspects of building an online business.

    • Yes, after I sign-up for the free starter membership, within one week I upgrade to yearly premium membership in order to enjoy the discount saving when I paid annually. It costs me less than a cup of coffee, and I have my own business online with all the tools to get my business on the internet. 

      At any time I want to learn a particular topic, I can access all the training modules anytime and also there are a pool of helpful community to support and motivate me each time. In addition, the comment platform is a wonderful feature to boost our ranking in google search. 

      I strongly encourage anyone who want to learn about Affiliate Marketing to sign-up for the membership, and start creating own business online.

      Thank you for the comment on my post and wish you enjoy all the learning tools and resources at Wealthy Affiliate.


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