How To Start Business Online Free

You may be wondering, How To Start Business Online Free? Is it really true that there is such kind of business available online? Will you get scam or cheated by this kind of company? How do you know whether they are legitimate or not?

Not to worry. I am here to assure you that this company – Wealthy Affiliate, is a honest company and they have a Starter membership which you can sign up for free. Once you sign it up, fill up your profile on the site, and click on the Affiliate Program at the sidebar on the left and start learn about WA Affiliate Program. This is totally free for you to sign up.

By promoting WA Affiliate Program, you will get pay for a commission. It is like you are a Representative for Manufacturer, and when you promote their products the manufacturer will pay you commission for your effort and work. As a Starter Member, when new member sign-up for their premium membership, you will be paid for a commission. For premium membership, new member can sign-up for just a single month, or yearly.

For new membership promotion, first month is only US$19. When they sign up through your Affiliate Link on your site, you get commission of US$4. This is really awesome because when you add-up for a sign-up rate of 30 new members per month, you get commission of US$120. The more members sign-up for the premium membership, you get even more (if 300 sign-up, you get US$1,200 commission).

After the 1st month promotion, the premium membership is US$49 per month. If the new member continue to pay monthly, you get commission of US$11.25 recurring. When I say recurring, it means as long as they pay each month US$49 to Wealthy Affiliate, you can US$11.25 each month. In ten month times, you will get total commission of US$112.50 for each member. Imagine you have 10 members sign-up under your Affiliate link, you will get US$1,1250 for your effort.

If the new member sign-up for the yearly premium membership of US$359 because he/she want to enjoy the saving, you will get even more commission of US$87.50 recurring. When you have 10 new member sign-up for the yearly premium membership, you get US$875 from it and it is recurring each year when they continue to be member for the subsequent years. If you work for one year to get 1,000 new members to sign-up for the yearly premium membership, your total commission is going to be awesome at US$87,500.

How about double of this commission for you? What you need is yourself sign-up as the premium member, all your commission will be double. For the same situation like the above, when you have 1,000 new members sign-up for the yearly premium membership, your commission income is going to be US$175,000 for a year. Is it awesome income for you?

If you want to start a small business online, I strongly recommend you to join our community here. You will learn what are the ways to start a clothing business online, starting a retail business online or get your business online ideas here. There are many ways you can create your online business, for example starting a candle business online or setup a drop shipping business online.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a loving community that constantly guide you to succeed online. You will not feel alone when doing your online business.  Each time you come across a difficult task, simply just post your problem on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and you can receive support from other members, 24/7 and free.

When you sign-up for the premium membership, you can access many “How-to” online learning modules at the Wealthy Affiliate Online platform. Teaching like how to start business with no money, how to start a business online for free, how to start business on amazon, etc are freely available for members to learn at own times own pace.

Online business is different from conventional physical space business. It operates 24/7 whole day and running 365 days throughout the year. You can reach out to wider target audiences and different countries. Therefore, your market size has become larger.

Go to my “Get started” page, and you can start your online business immediately. To succeed, you need time and effort to keep you going. All businesses have online strategy in their pipeline and will be happy to assist you.

Reviews for Wealthy Affiliate have been very positive and I do not see any cheating case on the internet about Wealthy Affiliate. You can be assured that it is not a scam to get your money. I have just renewed my annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate and intend to continue my learning at this community. Wealthy Affiliate provide WordPress website hosting to you once you sign-up the premium membership. Security at Wealthy Affiliate server is very reliable and secure.

Feel free to visit my website more often to check out other useful information you able to adopt in your business management.

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