So you know Affiliate Marketing?

I came across Affiliate Marketing in April 2015 when I attended one of the seminars telling you how to make money online and get richer. The seminar was by Click Events, and it was advertised on Facebook and I clicked on the advertisement when I was reading my friend posting.

During the seminar, the speaker spoke about the “New Rich”. He told us that in the new age, you do not require to have land or money to get richer, just your new knowledge. That sound cool and excite me because I do not have land and much money with me now, therefore what he said really keep me motivated throughout the seminar.

He even mentioned there are virtual workers nowadays, whom you can outsource your tasks to them. The speaker was Andrew Koh, he informed formerly he was AIA Insurance Director before the financial crisis in 2008. I almost sign up for the course even it costs thousand dollar. But, due to my other commitment and I not able to attend the seminar date, I asked the speaker any other date available but they just want to close the deal on that day and reluctance to service me. So, I walk out from the room.

It was a blessing that I did not sign up for the course. After reaching home, I started google on the internet and researched more about Affiliate Marketing. That was during that time I discovered the best Online Affiliate Marketing Course I can try out for free at first.

So, what exactly is Affiliate marketing all about?
It is in fact promoting someone else products and services online. There are many Affiliate marketing providers and the trend is growing. Some companies in fact started to adopt this as one of their marketing strategies to grow their business.

Affiliate Marketing

A typical scenario is like, you create a camera lens review site and convert your expertise into review and link the review pages to Amazon product pages. If your site visitors follow the link and buy a product, you earn commission. The aim of Affiliate marketing is to promote other peoples products in exchange for a commission on the sale. This is very similar to traditional business model as a Manufacturer Representative. All you need to do, is promote and you get paid. By referring the customer to the vendor, you exchange for a referral fee.

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Recently I came across one of the articles by Neil Patel – Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide when google about Affiliate Marketing. You may visit the article and have a read of it. It gives you a good understanding of Affiliate Marketing. For those of you wish to become an Affiliate Marketer, Neil Patel has the 4-step guide you may follow.

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