The Google SEO Ranking Factors

The Google SEO Ranking Factors

How many times you have heard about the importance of SEO to increase traffic to your website and The Google SEO Ranking Factors you need to be aware of? And you wonder which one to follow and learn from?

Worry not. I would suggest you find one or two, the most three factors which you can start with and work on it few months to see the result. After getting success, then move on to the other factors which you think will give you further boost in your traffic. By doing one-step at a time, you learn by doing.

Google SEO ranking factors

Here are those SEO Ranking Factors you need to understand:

  • Keyword in the  Title Page
  • Keyword in the Link Anchor Text
  • Fast Page Loading Speed
  • No Plagiarism
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Don’t Use Stop Word
  • Social Media Marketing


Keywords in the <title> page

This is one of the internal ranking factors which you can control directly. When you do it right, your ranking in the SERP will become much better. Your page title should reflect what is being written in your content, just like the title I have chosen for this article.

The title need to be relevant to your page copy and the words found in the <title> tag must also be found in the page itself.

Use Keyword Tool in Wealthy Affiliate to search for keywords that have high searches and less QSR competition.

Keywords in the Link Anchor Text

Use relevance keywords in your link anchor text to get higher ranking. Google will find your site more easily and it is an effective way to get more inbound links. You may use different variations of anchor text to get more  hits from different combinations of keywords.

Create Link Anchor Text for your visitors, not for the search engines. Therefore, do it naturally and let the readers feel comfortable reading your contents.

Page Loading Speed

Page speed is crucial to your SEO and you can make use of Google developer’s tool to check your score. Following the suggestion to fix the problems once you have completed the Page Speed test.

If your Mobile or Desktop speed is poor, mostly Google will ask you to eliminate the render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.


Google will penalize you if your content is similar to other people’s content. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your content is not being stolen or others do not have the same content as yours. One of the tools which I found very useful is Copyscape. It is an online plagiarism detection platform to help you look for content theft or similar content on the internet.

Copyscape is free to use only once a month, and you can sign-up for the Pro-version when you decide to use it for more times.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

As more and more people using their mobile phone to access internet for information, Google would like to tap on this opportunity and make the user feel at ease. Google love to make the user happy and therefore if your site has slow loading speed, or not friendly to the mobile user Google will not want to show up on their search engine result page.

You can check whether your website is mobile friendly by putting your URL at Google’s Mobile Friendliness Tool.

Social Media Marketing

With the arrival of Facebook, more social media platforms are being introduced each year. We now have many others to use, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, WhatsApp,YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Each has its own loyal users and fan group, with some of them having large followers. These are useful platforms which you can use reaching out to potential buyers of your products/services.

Don’t Use Stop Word

Recently I came across some articles, telling me not to use stop words in our Meta Title; Meta Keyword; Links; Header Tags. You may wonder what are “Stop Words”?

Here are some of the common stop words you may want to avoid using: And, A, The, In, On, Of, Be, I, Me. Does this strategy work? No harm do your A/B testing on your site and see the outcome.


It is good to check your ranking result after all the improvement implemented on your site. I usually will google my post title and see whether my post appearing on SERP Page 1 or 2, if not I will review, research and make improvement.

To make money online, your post or page need to be on 1st page or at least 2nd page. Not many people will browse their search results after the first 2 pages. Therefore, if you are not able to rank your content on these 2 pages, you are unlikely to make money online because no one will ever see your content.

It is important that you learn how to check your ranking on Google, and find ways to rank higher on it.

You will notice that most of the successful Online Marketers have their content rank very well on the internet. When you google those contents relevant to their niche, you will find that their post/page is on page 1. That gives them the competitive advantage over others, because more people will read their content and click on their recommended products/services.

How to get more readers to my blog?

How to get more readers to my blog

How to get more readers to my blog when I have contents but no one come to read it?  What should I do? These are the questions you would like to find an answer for it.

You may want to do some actions on your site and make improvement to it. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Perform SEO audit
  2. Improve website design
  3. Answer questions raise by searcher
  4. Catch visitors attention

Performing SEO Audit

You may need to do a SEO Audit of your website. I found an article written on Search Engine Journal “How To Perform an In-Depth Technical SEO Audit” very relevant to this topic. Have a read and pick up the important pointers from the article.

Some of the tools you may want to explore further are:

It is okay. I will guide you the way as I have learned from the internet. One effectively way is to build relationship with successful and important people in your chosen field. They would like a lot of followers in reading their contents and you can build on their networks.

To reach out more readers, you must focus on engagement and build real, mutually beneficial relationship with them. Only then, the readers will come and read your content. You can also learn from expert Michael Stelzner of his Advanced Blogging techniques – How to Make Your Blog Serve Your Business Needs.

Improve Your Website Design To Get More Readers

When your website design is not effective and easy for the readers, they tend not to continue reading your articles and may leave your site within few seconds. I have came a cross an article by Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media. He teaches us the 27 tips to design your website that works.

Here, I extract few pointers which you can refer and when you have more times, go through the article and have a full review.

1.  Use descriptive, key phrase and focused headline

Reader will decide whether to continue reading, by looking at your headline. If it is relevant to their needs, they tend to continue their read further down your article. The headline need to be descriptive and tell the readers what is it about your article.

There are various articles on Copyblogger which teach you how to write magnetic headlines. You may have a read inside and pick up good tips from those articles.

Popular marketing company MOZ also has good tip to guide you in writing irresistibly worthy headlines you can apply. I found it useful and would like to share it with you here.

2. Use People Pictures

I like the phrase “from the time we were born, we gaze at faces more than anything else”. This is so truly that we human like to see faces of other people and this is one reason Facebook is so popular.

Use real people photos instead of stock photos. Real people pictures are more genuine and build stronger trust.

3. Use Arrows As Visual Cues

A simple arrow can be very powerful in getting your visitor to look at the element on your page. By pointing it with an arrow, your reader is likely to notice it and read about it.

Answer Those Questions Your Searcher Asking

One of the ways to get content idea is, answer those questions your searcher is asking. When searcher come to the internet and go to Google search engine, they are looking for an answer to their question. If you can provide the useful and right answer to them, you win them over.

In order to provide the answers to those questions, you need to identify what are those questions searchers likely to ask on the internet. One useful resource you can turn to, is at Answer The Public. You will get many ideas when you check this website.

Catch Visitors Attention

There are  3 basic ways for you to get attention from your website visitors:

  • educate them
  • entertain your online audience
  • inspire those who visit your article


How To Change My Life

It has been a difficult period since last year 2017 as my ex-company decided to close down the office, after working there for 20 years. This year I have worked for 2 companies but not successful, it does not work out well and ended with jobless now. Start wonder how to change my life, so can provide my family food on table.

How To Change My Life

I have been searching eagerly these few months and looking for an answer to solve my problem. What changes I need to do on myself so that my life will become what I wish to be? Confused, doubts, angry, loss, etc all these negative’s emotion keep coming to my mind. I started to question myself, why this thing happen to me at this stage of my life?

Starting to seek for an answer. I re-read those books I have came across in the past and still lying in my bookshelf. Book like “Release Your Brakes” caught my eyes and I started reading it again, hoping to gain some perspective from it and get tips to improve my life. One sentence that strike me is ” How your life will change, will be the result of some decisions I am making now”. This is a very good phrase which reciprocal within me very well. Any decision we make now, will determine where our life will be. I totally agree with this statement.

The Decisions I Make Now Will Change My Life

When I acceptted the closing of my ex-company last year May 2017 from the management, this is the result I am facing now. If I will to reject their decision and decided to offer other alternatives, thing may change otherwise. Do I feel regret or angry? I am not sure at this moment because when I accepted their decision, I was loosing hope on that company and decided to moved on from it.

I wish to have a change at that moment as I see no future if I will to continue working for that company. The company has created many issues while I was with them throughout the 20 years career. I wish to have a better future life and decided to accept the closing of that company. So, why I am regret and feel lost? It shouldn’t be. I should focus on the better side and feel good about my decision. Start creating my new future and do what I wish to be in life.

So what is the life I wish to be?

A life that I can decide on my own terms and not being decided by others what I should do. I have strong feelings recently as I went for interviews and sending resumes to potential employers. Feeling so much stress and need to fulfill their needs instead of my wish, it limits my creativity and I need to focus on their wants instead of what I wish in my life. I kind of feeling frustrated and trying ways and means to please them in order to get the job offer. Is that what we want in our life?

Life shouldn’t be this way. We must live our life with joy and fun and do what we want.

Guides I Should Follow In Order To Change My Life

So, what should I do now? How do I move from here and start making my life better?

With internet and books everywhere, we can always turn to them and refer to them,  and learn from the experts. Which resources are good and effective on us? It depends on each individual. Everyone of us is created differently. Therefore, it is important to find guides, methods and tips which work for us.

As the book “Release Your Brakes” mentioned, just like playing golf or driving a car, we need a manual which teaches us the basic and fundamental techniques so we can start with ease. I am re-learning about the techniques taught in the book, and eager to apply it in my life now.

According to the book, author James W. Newman promised you that Your Life Will Never Be The Same after you apply all the techniques in the book. I am excited about it.

Learn From Other Experts

It is always good to learn from experts who have experienced the same setback as you and they have moved on to become a better person that they want. Most importantly is, the change make you a better person you wish to be, not to follow others. Do what is good for you, uniquely different from others, be yourself and feel happy about it.

One of the articles I came across, is written by Tim Denning, “14 Ways I Completely Changed My Life“. You can have a read and get some inspiration from his article. His words are full of wisdom which I like them very much. All these tips can apply easily in our daily life and we should adopt some of them if all are too heavy for you. Try one of the methods he suggested and see the outcome. You never know what decision you make today will change your life tomorrow.

Be An Alpha

Recently I came to know a dietary supplement called Alpha-Male and wonder why the name “Alpha” and google it on the internet. It leads me to a site “To be Alpha” and this site contains a lot of tips to help us take control of our lives and live the life we want. Have a read and gain some benefits from it.

Challenge The Impossible

challenge the impossible





I was inspired to add some word here tonight (Sep 13, 2018) after watching the show on TV “Challenge The Impossible”. The show tell us that there is nothing impossible if we put our efforts, time and energy to do those thing we love.

With the huge population in the country, China has many talents and you can see how human can challenge the impossible. Below is the YouTube showing the show. Have a look and see the impossible.


Going The Extra Mile

As Peter Sage said, by going the extra mile, only then we can make an impact and produce lasting change in our life, as well as others life.

His phrase is full of inspiration, and that is the reason he is a well known international & serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher and teacher. We need to learn from him.


Change your thought today, and make a decision now, your life is going to become better. Have faith in ourselves that we can leave the world a better place and everyone of us can make a different.

Be happy with what we have now, and feel good about ourselves. I find blogging really an effective way to motivate ourselves to become a better person and also free ourselves of all the limits other impose on us. When we are blogging on our website, our mind is full of ideas and we think freely. This is very important to cultivate a confidence within us.

For those of you who want to create your own blog or have your own website, go to my home page or Get Started page and sign up for the free account. It is absolutely free to use and you can create 2 free websites for yourself.

All the best to you and let us start our life changing journey together.

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Best hosting company in Singapore

Best Hosting Company in Singapore





With over 50,000 companies providing hosting services, it could be overwhelming to select one for your hosting need. I would like to recommend the Best hosting company in Singapore which I have used personally. The company is SiteGround  and it is also recommended by WordPress to use them as your hosting platform, when you check on WordPress official website.

SiteGround have various types of hosting plans and each has its own merit. It is very suitable for running WordPress and Joomla websites. SiteGround was established in 2004 and has since then become the top few in the hosting industry, and is trusted by more than 200,000 customers all over the world.

Best hosting company in Singapore
                 Click here to visit SiteGround Website

High Quality Web Server with 99.9% uptime

SiteGround web servers are high in quality and 99.9% uptime. This is superior fast among many web servers I came across. It has 3 sites for their data center and one of them is right situating in Singapore. If you are Singapore company, choosing to host your site at a data centre in your own country make very good sense.

The speed and efficiency of your web traffic to your site is super and it allows you to outpace other competitor sites in other parts of the world. Pricing is affordable for most companies with different package to meet each company preference.

Hosting is important to SEO and some search engines like Google pay attention to your site’s IPs. By hosting your site at SiteGround if your primary audience is in Singapore, your users in Singapore will experience faster network latency with faster site response times.

Live Chat Support

I have use Siteground for my Joomla website, as well as WordPress website. The support staffs at the Live Chat are always helpful and knowledgeable. Any time you have query, you can always go to Live Chat and seek support from them. You will be amazed by how fast they respond to your query.

Recently when I requested Siteground Live Support staff to install WordPress at my subdomain, they swiftly do it for me within 3 minutes. I now have a new website powered by WordPress and I am able to rank higher at search engines with WordPress powerful platform.

Want to see for yourself?
You are welcome to visit Siteground and have a view of it, before you make further decision.

Friendly Dedicated Staffs from SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround started as a small startup and has grown to more than 300 staffs. The hosting company has many talented and hard-working people in the industry, sharing the same values, motivation and passion as a team and have fun for their works.

Friendly dedicated staffs at SiteGround Hosting

Criteria in selecting a Hosting company

Here are the criteria I believe you should consider when making a decision, to chose the best hosting company you want to have for your website in Singapore:

  • fastest speed
  • large data bandwidth
  • sufficient disk storage
  • 24/7 technical support (by phone and online-chat)
  • easy to use FTP, PHP
  • secure SSL
  • efficient email, autoresponder
  • friendly control panel
  • good domain hosting, subdomain
  • secure webserver
  • good pricing
  • easy payment plan
  • excellent customer service

Web hosting company is like your landlord which you lease a space from them so you can host your website at their web server. It is the responsibility of the web hosting company, ensuring that the web server keeps working and the internet connection stays connected. Once you have signed up the hosting plan, the hosting company will provide you the control panel or dashboard for you to manage your hosting. You will be able to setup your email accounts and do all the back-end activities related to hosting.

It is important to have a good backup system for your website. Therefore, when choosing your web hosting company you need to choose one with good backup system. Web host that offer phone support, online chat and ticket system are the best to use.

Most of the web hosting company use Linux as their operating system as Linux is very robust and free, thus helping to keep hosting cost to the minimum. SiteGround uses CentOS as its Linux OS, which is built on the Red Hat version of Linux.

Questions you may want to ask the web hosting company if you decided to use their services:

  • is there a limit on how many sites are put on one server?
  • what kind of specifications for all the servers?
  • what is the uplink port speed on the server? e.g. 10Mbit, 100Mbit, or 1Gbit?
  • what is the operating system and server software being used on the server?

SiteGround use cPanel as their hosting system and this is the most popular control panel being used by web hosting companies. cPanel control panel is highly customisable and very powerful. Webmaster will be able to make full use of the cPanel features to increase their site full potential and draw more traffics and understanding of visitors’ detail.

When picking a good web hosting company, you may want to find a balance between cost and features. Generally, the more you pay the more features you will be getting. Standard and share hosting usually the cheapest and there will be lots of websites stored and run from the same web server machine.

Lower Price For Hosting at SiteGround

If you just need a basic website and require only 10GB of storage space, you can choose the lowest price plan at only USD3.59 per month. This is absolutely the best deal you do not want to miss.

Next up the pricing is also very attractive, only USD5.59 per month and give you 20GB of storage for hosting multiple websites. This plan is the best seller and allow you to have 25,000 visitors each month.

Crafted for the professional web user, GoGeek plan provide 30GB web space and allows you to scale up 100,000 visitors monthly. Even with these advanced features, it only cost you USD10.59 each month.


SSL Certificate support help in Google ranking

To ensure your website is safe to visit and help in your Google ranking, you are encourage to install SSL certificate on your website. I have installed all my websites with SSL certificate and would recommend you to do the same. Siteground is fully supporting this security protection on their web server, therefore you do not need to spend additional money purchasing the SSL certificate from third party provider.Just inform the support staff at Siteground, and they will do it for you.

SiteGround Customer Reviews Rating

Here are 3 customer reviews on SiteGround. As you see, the rating of SiteGround given by these customers are excellent. You should consider to host your website at SiteGround as well.

Siteground review rating by customer A
SiteGround Review Rating by Customer A


Siteground Review rating by customer B
              Siteground Review Rating by Customer B
Sieground review rating by customer C
SiteGround review rating by customer C

Want to know about SiteGround? Watch below video and Click the banner below it for detail.


SiteGround web hosting





Singapore Insight

97% of Singaporean age range between 16 and 44 are constantly online. They turn to YouTube for video and daily spent on is about 39 minutes. Typically, they do research online, compare choices before their purchase of mobile phone, TV etc.

Singapore is also at the center of South East Asia market, which has 260 millions internet users. This is the 4th largest market in the market. Do not forget about this huge size. Start creating your online presence to reach this market.

We no longer go Online. We live Online.

Focus on the micro-moments, be there when the searcher looking for the products or services you have.


Jobs you can work anywhere

Jobs you can work anywhere





Do you want to find those jobs that allow you to work anywhere in this world?

When I google on the internet, CNBC has one article mentioned there are 25 companies allowing you to work from anywhere. Here are the list which CNBC listed out:

CNBC listed 25 Companies allow to work anywhere

  1. PRA Health Sciences – Project Manager and Recruitment Manager
  2. CyraCom – Interpreter
  3. UnitedHealth Group – Clinical Coordinator and Data Analyst
  4. SAP – Marketing Coordinator and Customer Manager
  5. Fiserv – Project Manager and Service Executive
  6. Anthem – Marketing Manager and Health Manager
  7. WeightNot – Cloud Administrator and Nutrition/Weight Loss Coach
  8. Western Governors University – Program Mentor & Benefits Administrator
  9. Grand Canyon University – Counselor and Account Executive
  10. Chamberlain College of Nursing – Online Professor & Faculty Specialist
  11. BCD Travel – Account Manager and Travel Consultant
  12. Walden University – Program Coordinator and Academic Coordinator
  13. Paraxel – Clinical Manager and Research Associate
  14. Salesforce – Vice President and Solution Engineer
  15. nThrive – Cancer Specialist and HTML5 Developer
  16. Toptal – Talent Sourcers
  17. Appen – Medical annotator and Transcriber
  18. SecureWorks – Security Architect and Systems Advisor
  19. InVision – Community moderator and Recruiting Coordinator
  20. Perficient – Strategy Director and Business Consultant
  21. Conduent – Customer Associate and Care Agent
  22. Wells Fargo – Data Architect and Application Systems Engineer
  23. Connections Education – Social Teacher and Payroll Specialist
  24. Rasmussen College – Online Instructor and Support Specialist
  25. Pharmaceutical Product Development – Research Associate

I would say that, majority of these jobs actually are regional work which allows you to work at another location or different from the normal working hours. The flexibility and freedom to work when you wish, where you want is still limited in scope.

What I wish to refer you, are jobs that really allowing you to work anywhere you wish and you can decide when you want to work. How wonderful to have this kind of job within your reach.

For example, you are in overseas and you decided to work on some task which you have been thinking for long. You are in the hotel room at night and just finish dinner with other members. Sitting alone in the hotel room and you decided to work in the job which you have been thinking for a while.

Jobs you can work anywhere

No problem. Immediately you can decide to open up your PC notebook and start work on it. With 30 minutes, you would have completed those tasks in your mind and take a break for rest.

I am doing exactly what describe here and typing in my thoughts on this Notebook computer. The freedom you can decide when to do, how to do, what to do have created many wonderful experiences.

Feel tired right now?
You can decide to continue or take a rest break for a while and continue as you like. Rest or not rest  depending on your decision. You decide your own pace and how many hours you wish to put in. All on your own term. How wonderful this kind of job to you?

Here is the job I am talking about:

Internet Marketer <–> Online Marketer <–> Digital Marketer

All of the above allows you to work anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer, or iPad, or Smartphone and with Internet connection. Many countries in this world already have these facilities in place for you to utilize and you must take this great opportunity to use them.

Want to know how to start having this job?
Visit my Get Started page and check how to get it.

Can These Jobs Allow You To Work Anywhere?

For those who are reside in Singapore, I have found some useful resources which you may refer and get a glimpse of what kind of jobs are available in the market.  Can these jobs allow you to work anywhere you wish? I do not think so. If those jobs are not you wish for, explore other means like Affiliate Marketing business model.

Best-Paying Jobs Work  Anywhere – Forbes

There are some interesting jobs which I found out from the article posted by Forbes, which you may want to consider. Those who are entrepreneurial and self-driven will like these jobs very well. Here are the list provided by Forbes for your consideration:

  1. Teleradiologist – They will review patient digitally transmitted images and consult with doctor using videoconferencing.
  2. Telepharmacist – Pharmacist reviewing prescriptions and verify for your drug interactions from anywhere they prefer.
  3. Telenurse -Will perform telephone triage by advising patients over the phone.
  4. Medical Transcriptionist – Working remotely and convert physicians’ voice recordings into typed reports
  5. Online Teacher – Running teaching class online by providing lecture from anywhere in the world, with a webcam and notebook computer.
  6. Online Translator – Help you translating to your prefer language, either they work anywhere or when you travel to another country.
  7. Phone Sex Operators – Providing scheduling and geographic freedom to work anywhere, anytime

Is this the kind of job you wish to work? Not your type.

Consider my suggestion and explore what job I recommend to you.
Visit my review page on this Online course at Wealthy Affiliate Platform to see what is inside.

What are those 18 Jobs & Skills Allow You TO Work Anywhere

By signing-up the Online course I recommend you before, you will be able to acquire those skills (I would say most of them) outline below, especially Online skills. Think about the freedom you will get when you have these skills with you in life. Let’s do it.

  1. Copywriting – You will be writing articles for others and getting paid for it. There are already freelance work at you can apply for.
  2. Virtual Assistance – Can be email correspondence, answering Skype phone calls, data entry or updating websites.
  3. Translation – When you know two or more languages, you can provide translation job and earn income for the service you provide. As China become more developed and many of its citizen travelling to other countries, if you know Chinese language it will be potential for you to do translation and earn money.
  4. Search Engine Advertising – You can help clients manage their advertising campaigns on Google search engine and its content network. Google do offer a program to certify you as Google AdWords consultant.
  5. Social Media Marketing – You can help companies manage their fan page and twitter account and run Facebook ads.
  6. Web design – You can use WordPress to help companies build their websites.
  7. Search Engine Optimization – Helping companies to rank their websites in the top positions, especially the First Page.
  8. Graphic Design – Learn the knowledge of Photoshop or Canva to provide graphic designing work for companies.
  9. Programming – Becoming a great programmer takes a good few years of working experience. Therefore, start early and choose one particular programming language you are good at to start with.
  10. Consulting – You can provide consulting work in law, marketing or HR as your specialty.
  11. Online teaching – You can teach language course, mathematics, science on the internet to students in secondary school or even university students.
  12. Trading – Doing Forex and Stock trading online has been available many years ago and it will continue to evolve.
  13. Sports Betting & Arbitrage Trading – This is more risky but may provide some fun while you work on it.
  14. Affiliate Marketing – By recommending visitors to your website to buy products from your recommended source, you can pay by commission. This require you to know how to drive traffic to your site. The earning potential is huge, and this is the area which I am focusing on. You will learn a lot in my recommended Wealthy Affiliate Online course.
  15. Online Poker – Some people run this from remote places like Bali, Costa Ric, Phuket and adopting game psychology to manage their Online Poker. You need times and money to master this skill.
  16. E-Commerce – Building an online store and sell your products on the internet. You can also consider selling on Amazon or eBay marketplace, which they will take care the shipping logistics for you.
  17. Blogging – You can consider setting up a blog and provide quality contents for people to visit often. When traffic getting more, you can consider to monetize using Google Adsense on your site.
  18. Online Entrepreneurship – There are plenty of opportunities for you to make money online, with creative and innovative ideas from all sources you can explore on the internet. This is the entrepreneur spirit successful online marketer possess.

With the world getting more digital, you will stand to gain when you acquire above skills. Learning another skill take times, therefore I encourage you to start now rather than wasting your valuable time watching TV, browsing internet for gossip news or reading your friends Facebook posting unnecessary.

online training program

How To Find Business Idea

Every business start with an idea, and from there it slowly grows into a big business. How to find business idea? This has always been a challenging topic many people faced when they want to start their business. They spend times thinking about it, checking on the internet or asking around, day dreaming and at the end never start the business at all.

how to find business idea
I wish to share with you what I learned from other experts, How To Find Business Idea for your online business and turn it into a profitable business. With the following 5 simple steps, you can start your online business at ease:



  1. Choose right type of Online Business
  2. Find your genius and share with others
  3. Target right audience for your product
  4. Create the right product people want to buy
  5. Use my suggested blueprint to start your online business

Step 1: Choose the correct type of “Online Business”

The perfect type of “Online Business” I find out, is creating and selling Digital Teaching Products online. What is Digital Teaching Products? You may want to ask me. It is actually referring to e-books, online courses, online memberships, and all the related products or services that can be done online. Importantly, all these digital teaching products teach people to solve a specific problem or get a specific result from your product.

Digital products are the best match for Online business, because the products are digital and you can sell easily online. Teaching is a form of education, and it is an evergreen product. Recently Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma announced his retirement, and you know what is his next project? Education, which is teaching business. 

For example, you can write a 100-page e-book and sell it online. Many people are starting to do this and some of them took only 3 weeks to complete their e-book and they can continue to sell it for 10 years or more, and help them earn US$100, 000 in sales for a year. It is in fact a very profitable business to start your online business.

Of course there are other business ideas you can consider. As long as your business idea is helping people to solve their problem, people are willing to buy from you. Business ideas like relationship problem, health issue, improve productivity, expand business, widen social networking skills, get fit, and much more are hot topics you can write about in your e-book or creating contents on your blog and website.

Other business ideas you can consider:

  • teaching people to play poker
  • how to plan their weddings
  • teach your parrot to talk
  • how to solve your erectile problem
  • how to be successful with women/men
  • search engine for video streaming services (like JustWatch)
  • book review sharing site (like Goodreads)

Filming and Directing Business Ideas

Today (September 8, 2018) while reading Wealthy Affiliate member’s comment, I came across David Lumsden website. He is an MA graduate in Film and Television from Edinburgh Colleague and has directed/wrote various project.

Since young, I was always thinking about producing my own film. His blog makes me think about program/course which teach people how to use WordPress/Computer for producing film. This is one business idea you too can consider exploring.

Meanwhile, enjoy one of the film done on popular Vimeo:

Be Like Pablo – There She Is,  from Andrei Staruiala on Vimeo.

For those from Singapore, you may want to read about this article “10 Real Ways to Earn Money Online Singapore” posted on giving you some business ideas. My favorites are “Start Your Own Blog and Monetize” and “Affiliate Marketing”. Let’s start to create your own destiny now.

Step 2: Find Your Genius And Share With The World

Every one of us is created differently and we have our own unique strengths which other do not have. Find it and show it to others. No one can be better than you and only you are capable of doing it yourself. The moment you were born is uniquely different from others. The timing, date, surrounding, parent, environment and all around you are unique and special. No one in this world has the same experiences and encounter you have in this world. You are special, you are unique, therefore show to the world all these differences.

Like me, I am good in running and I can share with others and teach and guide others how to run faster, longer and better. When creating content about running, I can include products relating to running and start selling those products. If I wish to expand my professional services, I can conduct running lessons for others. All these business ideas can turn into a profitable business online.

Currently, I know a lot about creating website and know where to host my website and what are the best online affiliate marketing course people can learn from. I can refer them to all these sources and earn commission from it. It is called affiliate marketing business model. This kind of business is getting popular and everyone can start with it at a very low cost and do it at their own time and schedule.

Step 3: Target Your Audience For Your Online Product

There are billion of people on the internet and all of them have their unique needs and wants. It is difficult to fulfill every one of them. Each of them wants products or services that cater to their own needs. Therefore, you need to solve their problems in order to win them to buy your online product.

When people are searching product online, they want something that able to solve their problems, the products or services that serve their needs. It is important that you create product specifically for certain group of people, not to sell your product to every one in this world. The more specific you target those people you want to solve their unique problem, the higher chance for them to buy from you.

For example, you want to help those people who are 50 years old and above, and have loss their job and want to create their own business without taking much business risk. You need to find their pain point and find a suitable solution to meet their needs. Only when your solution matches to their want, they will be willing to listen and buy your product.

Some of them called this narrowing your niche to those people who will highly buy from you, instead of selling to everyone in this world. This is a smart strategy to adopt, even in the corporate business world.

buy your products

Step 4: Creating An Online Product People Want To Buy

If your product is not what people want to buy, there is no point of creating it. Knowing what product people already want to buy, it is a very important concept you need to understand. Focus less on what you want to teach for your digital teaching product, and more on what people already want to buy.

There is one resource which you need to tap on, it is called Google. Google has very powerful tool you can use to find what people want. By researching on Google, you will find out what product people already want to buy. Other than google, I also discovered other tools which I am using right now to do my research and utilize all these tools for my online business. Feel free to check it out these tools I am using now, even this article was written by one of the tools inside this wonderful platform. You may click below banner to discover what I am using.

Step 5: Use A Proven Blueprint To Start Your Online Business

Have your heard people talking about “Do not reinvent the wheel”? This is true in the business world, especially when you have limited budget and do not have much time to waste. A lot of businesses failed because they want to create new thing from their raw idea. It is good to have your original idea which no one have in this world, but it will take you a lot of your times and resources.

Tablet’s idea was not from Apple originally. The product concept were developed and came up by other companies before Apple, but Apple managed to get the idea and make improvement on it. This is one way we can create our online business by leveraging on other existing resources on the internet.

I have a proven blueprint which I discovered when I was searching for Affiliate Marketing business to start with. You can check it out and sign-up for free as starter membership to explore all the tools in the platform. Once you are comfortable with this proven blueprint which hundred thousands of members already on board, you can move up your value to be premium member anytime. Click below banner to get the blueprint.

Want to watch another exciting short film about The Camera Hack?
Click here and I will bring you to the website by Andyax Productions (

This film is directed by Anders Overgaard. He is a professional photographer whose editorial work has appeared in many places. By watching his work, you will be inspired with many business ideas.


There is never a problem for finding business idea on your niche. What you need is just a wake up call from your surrounding or people close to you.

Looking for some more ideas?

Here are two popular sites which people frequently ask for solution to their problem? It is good way to come up a business idea to solve their problem.

  1. WikiHow – an online wiki-style community having extensive database
  2. WikiAnswers – a community run question and answer site

Key steps to building your small business website

Key Steps To building your small business website





What are the key steps you need to follow, in order to build up your small business website? Do you want a website for your business?

As a small business owner, you have limited budget to use for your marketing expenses. Thus, finding the right ways and proper steps to follow is essential for you to create an impact on the internet and lead to more businesses.

There are 4 simple steps we will teach you how to build up your company website:

  1. Choose the best platform to build your business
  2. Follow the training inside the platform
  3. Take action each day and complete the tasks
  4. Be active within the community in the platform to continue learning

4 steps to build your business website

Being a businessman managing my small scale business, I share the same problem as you when doing my marketing program. I search on the internet and found Wealthy Affiliate program helping me to create a website for my business within short time, even in 30 seconds if you follow the right way.

How To Create Website Under 30 Seconds

I am going to show you an easy way to create your own company website in less than 5 minutes.

build your website in less than a minute

Above video clip show you the easy steps you can follow through to create a wonderful website for your small scale business. I can promise you that it is comparable to big corporate website which do not have this capability to reach out to many countries and market in the world.

With your own website, you can scale your business to new height and create new businesses which you never thought before. Believe you can do it and your website will bring you the business you want.

Want to know further about the way to create a powerful website for your business?
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Under Wealthy Affiliate online program, you can join the starter program which is free for you to explore. The program will teach you how to make a business website on your own for free, using the site builder on the platform.

Once you decide to up your skill-sets, you can consider go for premium membership to have more online support and large community to support your query, 24/7 throughout the year.

Just like the traditional business, you need to build up your small business website with contents. I have outline 14 steps you can use to leverage on what others have gone through, and create useful contents on your company website:

14 Steps To Create Useful Contents On Your Website

Step 1. Know Your Audience – You need to know who are your customers and their profile. Are they single/marriage, student/retiree/working professional/jobless, age/sex/hobby/education as detail you can find about them.

Step 2. Decide Key Themes and Messages – What do you want to communicate with your customers? Focus on their concerns/problems and find ways to help them solving it. Do not keep thinking about your products and services, instead think like your target customers and what they want to see answer from your website.

Step 3. Set A Frequency Framework – You need to create a schedule for you to create content on your website. Update your website constantly to keep up with current market trend and condition. Think in advance what stories and features you wish to put on your website.

Step 4. Create a editorial calendar – Think like those newspaper publishers, have some features on your website to entice your customers coming to your website for the content. For example, my Online Training School – Wealthy Affiliate, has weekly webinar to teach us how to scale our business further with the latest digital knowledge.

You may learn from the local newspaper, by having a food feature on Monday, home improvement on Wednesday and entertainment section on Friday. With these features, it make your website with useful and helpful tips to those who come to your website.

Step 5. Develop regular features – Horoscopes, comics, weather listings are some examples help people coming back to your website for update information or for leisure reading. They will love to follow your website events when they learn something useful or interesting.

Step 6. Interview Experts – You may seek ideas from experts by interviewing them in similar industry like yours. By learning from others, you can improve your business knowledge and share it on your website.

Step 7. Utilize Multimedia – It is common for us to learn things at YouTube and you can widen your reach by incorporating multimedia on your site. With various forms of communication like text, images, photos, videos and audio you can make your web contents much attractive.

Step 8. Seek Expert Contributors – To create quality and additional contents on your website, you can seek expert in your field for contribution. Speak or write to them for content contribution to your site.

Step 9. Create User – Generated Content – One way to create content on your website by those visitors to your site, is getting them to put comments, ratings and reviews on your web pages.

Step 10. Give Your Opinion – Become an expert of your industry by observing and understanding the details of all the products/services. Offer your opinion and thoughts about the industry and become a thought leader in your respective field.

Step 11. Welcome Comments and Feedback – WordPress website has very good comments and feedback mechanisms, and in Wealthy Affiliate content creating platform – SiteRubix has even more of this you can utilize to let visitors to your website participating in your business.

Step 12. Listen to your customers – When you care more about your customers and listen to their needs, you will win their hearts and gain more business opportunities.

Step 13. Improve Old Contents – The flow of river is ceaseless and you will never able to step on it twice. This shows how our modern day like, with new technology and things keep evolving each day. You may to update your old content and make improvement to make them relevant and exciting.

Step 14. Capture Visitors to your site – Once people found your website, you would want to understand them more, send them additional information and keep them coming back to your website and continue to engage with them.  You would want to capture their profile, detail by giving them to opportunity to subscribe your newsletter and email marketing.

There are plenty of addition resources, tools and information you can gain from our platform. Let’s sign-up with our membership and receive all the useful tips to build up your small business website.

New life waiting for you with a new website


How To Expand Your Business Using Job Search Techniques

How To Expand Your Business Using Job Search Techniques





Today I was clearing my old files and came across some notes I have written, giving me tips and ideas how to find my perfect job and using the right job searching techniques. One phrase stand out loud on a paper: “Stop Thinking About Applying For Jobs And Start Thinking In Terms Of A Marketing Campaign“.

We can learn from those US President election campaigns, most of them secure their job by doing a successful marketing campaign. They do marketing and communicate their values to the target audiences. They are creative and eager to find ways to engage the audiences, and offering a better solution! These are the ideas we should adopt and learn from, to expand our business. We should act like a marketer, defines our target audience and develop messages that appeal to them. Find out how to reach them and execute our campaign.

Job Search Technique 1 – Think Differently

We should make our business expansion exciting and fun. Just like finding a job, we want to work for a place which is fun and exciting. This is true for business too. We want to do businesses with fun people and have a lot of excitement, rather than boring and dead.

Capitalize on whatever opportunity present in the market, and offer your best solutions to your customers. Think uniquely different from others and personalize your approach to each and every customer.

Job Search Technique 2 – Set Your GPS

When we are searching for a job, we need to define the job and position we want to apply for. We want to know the type of work we will be doing and the type of place we will be working at. Apply these same technique in business, we must:

  • decide what industries our business to be involved
  • what level our business will be dealing with? Full turnkey or consignment?
  • what types of products/services your business will be providing/selling?
  • how many departments (marketing, operation, finance) will be needed?
  • what kind of culture you want your business to be? (casual, structured, entrepreneurial)
  • a large company or small startup or in between?

Job Search Technique 3 – Writing a Killer Busines Plan

When you are applying for a job, you would want to write a killer resume. The resume need to be compelling, engaging and highly targeted towards those companies you wish to work for.

For business, you will need similar killer business plan like a resume. The business plan need to be precise and layout how are the marketing and business strategies you need to adopt in your business. You will need to include short-term, medium term and long-term planning for your business. It is wise to include a budgeting plan in your report, so that you know what are the expenses require, and how much profit and revenue you will be generating from your business at each stage of the business.

  • Focus on your target customers – you need to define the type of customers you want and the type of business you want to get involve. This will give you a better ideas of the skills and experiences you need for the business.
  • Focus on what makes your business valuable – to differentiate from your competitors your business need to be unlike others. You need to determine your business values to your target customers, know their needs and find the right solutions to match.
  • The business plan must communicate exactly how your business fit the needs of your target customers. What solutions your business products/services can offer and illustrate how your business can help them.

Job Search Technique 4 – Make Your Mark Online

With internet and the world getting more connected online, a great resume is not good enough to land you a job. Majority of employers also check you out online. What they find online will determine whether you get an interview.

In today business context, you need your business to be Online too. Most customers research online before they purchase their products/services. Many businesses have started go online to make themselves more presence on the internet. If your customer cannot find your business online, it means your business is lacking of online visibility. Your customer may raise concern whether your business is up-to-date with the latest technology and business process know how.

To learn how to get started online, visit my number 1 recommended online course today and sign up for the free starter membership. Click below button.

Job Search Technique 5 – Networking

Networking is the number 1 way to find your next position. You can help others to find job by recommending others, when you find that job suitable for your friend and family members.

In business, it is also about networking. Helping people without expecting anything in return is the best way to network. Every person that you help is a new connection and it may prove valuable to your business down the road. You can be active in relevant blogs and forum, offering your help and advice in your area of expertise and active in that community.

People you already know, or once used to know, can be a great source of help in your business. You should work towards building a thriving and ever growing network, and keeping in touch with that network to open a new world of opportunities for your business. The larger your network, the more likely you can get more business.

Offering volunteer at a non-profit organization in your business area is one of the way to network too. Successful networking is about making mutually beneficial connections in your network.

Job Search Technique 6 – Know Your Own Value

To get your future employer to notice you, you need to show them exactly why they should hire you and only you. You need to highlight your value to them, uniquely and stand out from the crowd. In business, we call this as your business Value Proposition. It is what makes your business products uniquely able to satisfy your customer’s needs.

When the products/services you offer has its own personality, special attribution, different from other companies; your business will convey its distinctive characters and capture your target customer’s mindset.

Human love stories and find them more easy to relate and remember. Stories are a powerful way to engage your customers. Try to incorporate story in your business offering and add value to it.

Job Search Technique 7 – Prove Your Worth

To get your loving job, you would like to outline your achievements in your past jobs and prove to the future employer that you will add value to the company. Same technique apply to business practice, you want to:

  • give specific examples of times your business have demonstrated those qualities and made a difference to a customer
  • provide a brief business description of what your business has impacted your business problem and help them
  • list out what challenges your company has gone through and how your business handled them and what results have been achieved.
  • Show exactly how your business have benefited your customers.
  • Tell your potential customers why your business is the one who will make a real difference
  • create an impact your business have done for your customers and let those potential customers to imagine the impact your business going to have on their business when they use your products/services


Search for more business opportunities is like searching for job opportunities. The techniques you used in finding your dream job can be applied to your business building techniques. I hope this article help you in getting your business grow further and larger each day.

To learn more about new ways to expand your business, especially Online Business, go to my Get Started Page and sign-up for the Free Starter Membership for free Online Learning Course.

There is one particular tool which you must learn to use, it is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. Click on the link, and use it fully to expand your business with ease.






How To Get On Page 1 On Google

I would like to suggest a method which I used currently to put my post on the first page of Google. Follow the steps which I outline here and go through the steps, and you will see your post get improve in ranking. Eventually it will reach the 1st page.

Here are the 6 steps you may follow:

  • Step 1: Go to Google Search Engine, key in this phrase how to get on page 1 on google.
  • Step 2: Copy the URL of those SERP appearing on Google 1st, 2nd and 3rd page.
  • Step 3: Paste them into an Excel sheet and sort SERP by the ranking.
  • Step 4: Start reading and analyse all contents written by SEO writers.
  • Step 5: Implement suggestion by top ranking writers. First with the one on position o and follow by rank 1, 2, 3…..
  • Step 6: Check Google ranking result, re-tune your content and improve further.

Step 1: Go to Google Search Engine, key in this phrase how to get on page 1 on google

Google is the number 1 search engine people use, it is the place people go to when they want to search for information they need. Therefore, it is important for you to know How To Get On Page 1 of Google. The method you use on Google Search Engine can be used on Bing and others as well, once you master all the techniques.

Remember not to put any quotation mark on the phrase, because most searchers do not use it when they type in their question inside search engine. Also, with this method you can reveal the true competition that are related to your content.

Step 2: Copy URL of those SERP appearing on Google 1st , 2nd and 3rd page

Most searchers will look at those SERP appearing on the 1st page, and they are some even will cover till 3rd page; with some extreme will scan through all the pages till the last. But mostly they read the content of those URL listed on front page.

Google search engine has become smarter day-after-day, and they will show you the relevant result and content to your question. There are ton of SEO specialist on the internet who will teach you how to get rank on Google. You can learn a lot from those writers appearing on the first 3 pages.

Step 3: Paste them into an Excel sheet and sort SERP by the ranking

Paste those URL you copied appearing on 1st, 2nd and 3rd page onto an Excel sheet and rank them according to their position appearing on the SERP. It is important for you to have a framework to work on and track your progress and result. Excel sheet has been widely used by company to monitor performance and report the result subsequently. It is a tool you can use in your ranking exercise.

In the Excel sheet, you can create various column with “SERP”, “Rank”, “Read”, “Implemented”, “Improved” to keep track of your action and progress. This is the method I used to keep myself on track to achieve higher ranking result on Google.

Step 4: Start reading and analyse all contents written by SEO writers

When I entered the title of this post, my post not even appear in all the 27 pages of the SERP on November 20th, 2017  because I have yet to implement those guidelines given by those SEO experts. The first post appear with featured snippet is Neil Patel “The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings Without Getting Penalised“.

Neil Patel Featured Snippet Posting

This position is name as Position 0 in the industry and is picked by Google to be highly relevant to the search phase, especially those DIY “How to” topic. It may attract searcher attention and encourage them to click your post, better than the Position 1 ranking number 1 on SERP.

Neil Patel is the expert in SEO ranking therefore I have no issue for him to rank on this 1st row of the SERP. He is indeed a genius in this highly competitive niche market. I learned a lot from this blog post. The steps that he highlighted here are relevant for you to take note of, when you want to get to Page 1.

Update on September 5, 2018 on Neil Patel’s post ranking

When I google the same phrase “how to get on page 1 on google”, Neil Patel’s post not anymore ranking on 1st page. However my article of this post appear on 1st Page, right at the bottom (wow… I have made it to 1st Page of Google).

How can Google find my site? Check out my Get Started Page.

Step 5: Implement suggestion by top ranking writers. First with one on position 0 and follow by rank 1, 2, 3…..

Knowing something but without any action is not going to work, especially in SEO industry. After reading those articles, you need to take action and put efforts on your content. As I said in earlier step, Neil Patel article has many useful tips for us to follow and implement. you need to analyse it and do those actions you deem relevant to your post and you have not done on your content.

Here are some of the suggestions by SEO experts:

Meta Title

Meta Title is very important for the searcher to identify what kind of content on your page. Google suggest that the characters length should not be more than 60. More than that, it will be cut off by Google during the SERP.

You can edit the Meta Title in your All-In-One SEO or Yoast SEO Plugins when you are using the WordPress Content Management System.

Try not to use words like “a”, “the”, “but”, “thus”, “if”, “an” in your Metal Title. These words will not help you. You can consider adding prefix (before) or suffix (after) to your title like words “buy”, “review”, “purchase”, “discount”, “coupon”, “deal”, “shipping”, “order”. Words like these may attract the eyeballs of the searcher to click on your post.

Meta Description

The Meta Description appears right below the Meta Title during the SERP when searcher found your page. Google recommend to keep the length less than 160 and you can edit your Meta Description in the All-in-One or Yoast SEO Plugins.

Some SEO specialists prefer to customize the Meta Description themselves, rather than leave it to Google for its own insertion. The Meta Description is not one of the ranking factors by Google, but certainly it may attract the searchers attention and motivate them to click on the SERP.

Link Building

In order to get rank well, you need to put external links and internal links within your page. These are essential elements Google look for when Google decide which page to put forward to the searcheres when they put in their keywords.

If you prefer to learn online, about How To Get Ranked number 1 Of Google, you may consider to explore Wealthy Affiliate Online Course. On this online platform, you will be able to access various kind of modules to learn all about SEO.

Social Media Posting

With the popularity of Social Media platform, many people are using these social media for communication. They spend a lot of their times on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. In order to reach out to them, you need to get yourself presence on all these platforms.

Once you created your content as a page or post, remember to post your content on your social media sites. This action will lead you to get found by the search engines faster.

Google Tools

Google has useful tools which you can utilize to make your site page rank higher. The Google Search Console (used to be Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics are free tools provided by Google for all of us to use. Feel free to check them out and learn to use them effectively. Another important tool – Google Keyword Planner, is very useful for you to identify right keywords to use on your page.

After you have created your content, it is advisable to do a Fetch as Google in the Search Console. This action will lead to faster index of your page/post and allow the search engine to find you in soonest time.

Step 6: Check Google ranking result, re-tune your content and improve further

With all the earlier 5 steps you have performed, the exciting part you wish to know is your ranking performance. This is the step you want to do now. Put in the phrase you wish to rank in Google search engine, see the ranking result. I hope the steps outline here will make your ranking improve one step, and you need to continue to climb further.

How long does it take for a new website to rank on Google? I would say, as long as you keep learning all the techniques and action on your website, you will reach the top rank on google.

See you at the top!!!

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It is always helpful to learn from others as well. You may want to click on below book from Amazon to learn from Ben Norman, and he will teach you to get ranked to Page 1 on Google. Most importantly, Google will rank you when your content is relevant to what the keyword phrase searcher has input at the search box.

Ben Norman is the CEO and founder of Koozai, a digital marketing agency in UK helping SME to increase their business online. I found his book in Singapore National Library board at Ang Mo Kio branch, and would like to share with you what I have learned from this book.


One important lesson the book teaches you, is the use of Organic SEO on your site. According to Google Webmaster guide, there are various elements you need to consider and master, in order to get your page rank highly on Google. You will know more, when you purchase the book from Amazon for further reading.

How To Get On Page 1 On Google

Creating useful contents helping reader is the most effective method to get rank by Google. When your content is love by Google, it will reward you with your content being displayed on the 1st page of Google search.

This article How to create pillar content Google will love, is going to help you tremendously in getting more traffic to your website. Have a read and apply what you learn from the article.

Learn From Brian Dean How To Rank #1 In Google

Below is the video by Brian Dean teaching us how to rank on Page 1 of Google. I suggest you to watch it often so you can utilize his method.

Wealthy Affiliate Programs
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Use Attention Getting Words In Your Title Post

When your content post appear on the 1st page of Google, you need to attract the eye balls of the searchers. In order to stand out from other Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you need to use Attention – Getting Words in your title. Below are some of the suggestions:

  • advise
  • congratulations
  • limited time
  • save
  • wanted
  • announcing
  • free
  • new
  • secrets
  • which
  • at last
  • guaranteed
  • now
  • smart
  • who else
  • because
  • how to
  • proven
  • special invitation
  • why
  • confidential
  • introducing
  • revolutionary
  • success
  • yes

How To Get Millions of Visitors from Google in 2018 To Your Site

On September 7th, 2018, I get to know this article “How Four-Numbers Can Send You Millions of Visitors from Google in 2016“. This really excite me because I was searching for a way to increase traffic to my site. Amazon has just rejected my affiliate membership due to low traffic to a site, which  I was promoting Amazon product.

I am eager to learn all the necessary steps to gain more visitors to my site. This article make me want to read more about it. How I get to know this article, it is through the wonderful network I got at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a wider network of successful Affiliate Marketers helping each other to succeed. You really must join. Visit my Get Started page and sign up for the free membership today.

The strategy work in 2016 and it will still work in this year 2018. Imagine million of visitors coming to your site, and you will have a huge opportunity to offer your products to them.

Money waiting for you

Google is a technology company, just like Facebook and Microsoft, they continue to evolve and keep upgrading their technologies, products and services to meet the ever-demanding consumers. In order to keep up with the changes, we need to be part of a growing community.

One of the best Online Business Community I recommend you to join, is the Wealthy Affiliate Online Community. Feel free to sign-up for the free starter membership here  and get inform all the latest development in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore

Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore





I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate Online Business community since 2015, and have gained a lot of knowledge covering topics from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics Tool, Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tool), Bing Webmaster Tool, Keyword Research Tool, Paid-search marketing, and many more.

It has been a wonderful journey since I joined the community. I now host my websites on this platform and my websites are indexing well by all the search engines. With the platform, I can setup my own business Online and grow my business from the ground up.

For everyone wish to establish your own Online Business and master your own destiny, feel free to visit my Get To Know Wealthy Affiliate page to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform. You will be able to access to a lot of tutorials and training modules to upgrade your digital marketing knowledge and skills. Social medial marketing is also covered at Wealthy Affiliate training platform to drive more traffic to your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore
Wealthy Affiliate Online training program to           teach you all about Digital Marketing Skills

There are many successful members at Wealthy Affiliate that go on to build their growing income, after learning all the skills and knowledge taught at Wealthy Affiliate. Simply follow the 4 steps -> (1) Identify your niche (2) Build your website according to your niche (3) Attract traffic to your site (4) Put Income Generator on your site.

Here is a video by the co-founder Kyle, who will walk you through what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you in your lifetime to master your Online business. Click the link here to watch the video.

Learn Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate In Singapore

Both founders Kyle and Carson started their Online Business in Affiliate Marketing. They have been doing affiliate marketing business since 2005, and have many years of successful experiences and record in creating huge income from their affiliate marketing business.

They wanted to share their knowledge and provide genuine teaching to those marketers who want to know about affiliate marketing. By introducing the Wealthy Affiliate platform and provide a lot of resources and tools, members can scale their internet business by following the online training modules inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Singapore Is The Center For South-East Asia

I am from Singapore, a tiny little red dot on the world map. Singapore has been an independent country since 1965, and is a member of ASEAN. Population in Singapore is 5.7 million as of December 2017 and the country has an area of only 800 square km on the main island.

If you are my fellow Singaporean reading this post, and would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you to establish your Online Business, feel free to contact me by email. I will be happy to meet up with you to show you all the wonderful features and tools at Wealthy Affiliate. We can have a coffee together in Singapore!