How I Create My Content Using The Method I learned From Wealthy Affiliate

Lately I am seeing a lot of smart people joining Wealthy Affiliate, and they are damn smart (as to my knowledge).

I would like to share with you, how I learn to create my content fast enough to publish on my website in one day.

Want to know how I do it?

Continue to read this article to find out more.

Free Your Own Mind and Type Freely as Your Mind Come up with All the Ideas

free your mind

If you are a good typist like me, you will have no problem typing out your ideas on the computer in fast speed.

I learned to type during my National Service time. It was a wonderful time!

I still remember our instructor use a big stick and hit our hand if we did not position our finger correctly at the typewriter. That was the fond memories I like to think about. The training helps me a lot and I have benefited from the skill I learned during that time.

With that skill, I am able to put my idea across on my computer, with fast speed and accurate typing. That skill helps me to speed up my content creation.

When I find myself not being restricted by something, my mind start to flow freely and that is how I create my content easily on the computer.

This is the article which I am typing now, freely on this computer. No restriction, nothing stopping my idea from flowing into this PC.

You get it?

Be free now and start creating original content coming out from your mind.

Now, back to the main topic of this article (read below):

Do A Lot Of Research If You Know Nothing About The Topic Or Niche

With internet, we can find anything online nowadays. Nothing is going to stop you.

Open up any of the search engines, you can search by words, pictures, photo, video, voice, etc. So many ways for you to find information on the internet.

If your house is near the library, you can also visit them and do research by browsing all the books in the library. You can even visit any of the bookshops in your neighborhood and read some magazines on the shelf, just to get some ideas.

As long as you have the will, you will have the means to do the thing you want.

For those whose niches are on devices, you may want to look around your house and see any of the old devices which you have put aside for long. Open it up and start exploring what can make use of it. You will be surprised that you can come up with a very good idea and topic to write good content on it.

As what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate, when you start your website, you need to create a lot of useful contents. By looking at yourself and see what you can improve on and share with others. Your article will be get read and people will start to come to your website for more.

Once you have enough traffic, only then you start thinking about putting commercial intent like inserting Affiliate Link.

Get this?

Creating the habit of Writing everyday

create the habit of writing

Writing can be a fun exercise. In fact, it can helps you to release your stress.

What you simply need to do is, put down your idea and thought on the computer. As I have mentioned before, I am blessed with good typing skill, therefore I can transfer my idea from my mind to the computer in fast mode.

If you are not good in typing, you may want to try using the Google Doc and speak about the ideas in your mind. Thereafter, you can do the alteration and make amendment.

Do not worry about mistakes or perfect speaking. Just talk freely to your computer if you are using Google Doc on you computer. If not, you can also use your phone and open up the Google Doc and use the built-in mic on the phone.

When you create the habit of writing every day, you will have a lot of content on your website. Furthermore, those are really original content coming up from your mind, one and only one in the world and it is originally created by yourself.

How wonderful isn’t it? (You may want to patent it, if you wish)

For a start, you do not need to create a very long blog post. Just 1,000 word article will be sufficient. Importantly, create an article every day and get it publishes.

One of my mistakes I learned, is trying to perfect my blog post every time I write. This is not the way to go about. Just write naturally as you are talking to your friend.

Remember to break down your article into small paragraph. People are having shorter time span and do not have time to read long paragraph.

Use images, video, music to spice up your content and make it more fun to read. Inject emotion into your content.

Get Your Writing Ideas from People Also Ask on Google

Lately I am seeing a lot of suggestion on the internet, to target the “People Also Ask” section on Google.

You can find many topics to write about for your website. By answering those questions being asked on Google, you can rank highly on Google.

For each question, you only need to provide answer in 100~200 words. No need to be long, just straight to the point reply. Wrap up the article with an introduction and a conclusion. You can spice up the blog post with relevant images/photos, plus few of the YouTube videos.

No harm using this method and it will help you generate more contents for your website. As long as you provide useful and helpful content, people will come to read it and that is how you generate traffic.

One idea that come to my mind now, is give your comment on those answers provided by Google and ask your visitors “How about Yours” and ask them to comment on your blog post?

How do you think? Just Do It today and see the outcome for the next 30days.

What Is Topic Clusters or Topic Authority

Google is starting to rank our article based on relevancy. There is no more requirement to focus on the exact keyword phrase.

There are many proofs and success stories that your article will rank, even though your title did not use the exact keyword phase per the searchers input.

Perhaps it is time to ignore all your efforts and times spending on it and waste your money buying any of the keyword research tools. (Sound arrogant, isn’t it?)

No la…

The keyword research tool will help you in determining the search volume and the most important part I feel, is the competition you will face and the difficulty it is on search engines.

High traffic and low difficulty is the best keyword you should target, if you just started your online business.

Get your content rank more on the 1st page of Google, and with enough traffic you will be able to move on to the next higher level.

The new trend that I am seeing and suggested by many SEO gurus, is to write a series of articles around one common theme. This is what they called Topic Cluster or whatever. All saying the same thing.

Using Quora to find keyword to target

If you find quora appear on the first page of keyword search result, that keyword will be easy to rank.

There is an easy method for you to find those easy keywords using Quora Ad Manager. It is absolutely free as long as you do not proceed with the payment of your campaign.

Here are the steps you may follow:

  1. go to your profile picture
  2. click create ad (it changes to Ads Manager if you created once)
  3. click New Campaign (blue button) at the right side
  4. enter any campaign name you wish
  5. click “traffic” at the right extreme box
  6. input your daily maximum budget at the field below
  7. click “continue” (blue button) at the bottom right corner
  8. click “questions” at the left bottom box
  9. click “bulk add” at the Target questions section
  10. add the keyword in the box e.g. SSD
  11. next page will appear all the Long Tail Keywords you can use, with weekly view volume
  12. To Find Out What Keyword Searcher Type In Google, input the above Long Tail Keyword in google and click anywhere within the keyword
  13. Google Autosuggest will tell you what are the keyword phrases you can use and same quora answer will appear on first page

Creating An Article With All the Answers To People Also Ask Section

This one is a brilliant idea suggested by one of the Wealthy Affiliate Member. What you can do is, put in your broad niche in Google and see what are the questions coming up at the People Also Ask section.

Each day you would spend 30 minutes asking each question and record down in your article. By doing this for the next 30 to 90 days, you would have accumulated a very long and useful article

That article can become your FAQ and answering all the questions searchers are looking for. It can attract a lot of traffic in time to come.

I have started using this method and create a blog post to answer all the questions People Also Ask in Google. I will share with all of you my result in the coming months. Stay tune for my sharing.

What Kind Of Contents You Should Write

As Wealthy Affiliate taught us, and many other SEO gurus, the kind of contents you should produce on your websites should include:-

  • Long tail Keywords Focused Articles
  • Low Competition Articles
  • Product Reviews (either single or multiple)
  • How-to Blog Posts
  • Product Guides
  • Information Posts
  • Commercial Intents Articles

You can learn more in detail of each type of article, its unique characteristics and how to compose those kinds of articles on your website. Wealthy Affiliate has a large community of members which you can learn from. Each bring on the table of their own talents and experiences. It is really a great source of information you can tap on.

Don’t Neglect Ad Revenue On Your Site

Comparing income from Ad Revenue you get when people click on them, as to income from your Affiliate Link, the amount of work you put in can be vastly different.

I just learned from Wealthy Affiliate member that it is much easier to create information content in an hour and get ton of traffic to your site.

To write an affiliate product review, it usually takes you about 4~5 hours of hard work and research, and the traffic you get is only half of the volume for informational post. Also, you will need visitor/searcher to use his credit card to spend money, which again create another barrier. So, which one should you go for it?

With Ad revenue, you are earning money from the advertiser which mostly have bigger pocket of cash to burn. So, it is much easier to earn money from these so called “huge spender”.

Check Your Competition Before Writing Your Content

Using Wealthy Affiliate in-house keyword research tool -> Jaaxy, you will be able to identify which keyword has low competition, its search volume and whether it is good to go.

However, if you are newbie, please, please… do one more step in order not to waste your valuable writing efforts. Because, you are not going to be rank on first page of Google.

The strategy that member of the Wealthy Affiliate teaching you, is to check your keyword on the SERP. If the 1st page has strong competition, don’t go for it. You won’t succeed anywhere, if you are beginners.

Only proceed with your article writing, if the SERP has Quora, Reddit and forum appearing. The very best one would be three of these appearing, otherwise at least one if you cannot find any.

This is the strategy that one of the Wealthy Affiliate member been using, and it has proven to be very effective.

Try this and it will work like magic!

Do Not Get Distracted And Be Focus On Your Content

As a content creator, your job is to create quality content. That should be your main task and you need to spend 90% of your effort and time on it.

Any business or even your personal skill set, you need to find ONE FOCUS area that will make you outstanding and shine over others. And the only way to do it, is to spend 90% of your time on it and keep doing it on a daily basis.

Do not get distracted by the other 10%. Otherwise, you will not succeed.

This is one of the wise advice from one of the Wealthy Affiliate member. As I said, there are so many DIAMOND tips inside Wealthy Affiliate, come and check it out yourself. Furthermore, it is absolutely free, what you need is your Open Mind to absorb new way of doing thing.

Final Thought

These are some of the tips I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate. It really helps me in my online journey and make me a better marketer in getting my article rank on Google.

Apart from all the useful lessons I can learn at Wealthy Affiliate, I also host my website on the platform. It comes with Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy and the platform also allow me to buy my domain.

There is another useful tool – Site Content, which I use it to create my content here. This tool allows me to search for free images and photo to use on my blog.

Everything is in one place. I do not need to go other place.

One stop solution.

I love it.

If you wish to create a free membership and explore its feature, visit my OnlineBusiness Home Page and sign up for it.

There are even more features and function you can use when you upgrade to the Premium Membership later on.

See you inside, if you wish to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

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