How Traveltech Startup Klook Succeed

Do you like traveling? Are you sick about the Covid-19 restriction and hoping to regain your traveling experiences again?

If you like traveling, perhaps you may hear about Klook travel platform. If not, check it out and see whether this travel platform meet your travel needs?

For every business to succeed, there are some secrets the company must possess and we wish to share with you what we have learned about Klook’s secret recipe.

Hang on here and have a read below to see what you can gain from it.

Know Your Audience Needs

The key success of Klook travel platform is, all the founders of the company has their own traveling experiences and they know what their audience need when traveling aboard. When you put your customers needs in your mind while coming up with your products/services, you will likely to see them coming to you for more.

Who will object you when you know their food preference when they are in need of food while in an unknown location? You recommend them the suitable place to dine for their favorite food and give them their best accommodation to relax and providing them the comfort they need.

With all the planning and price comparison on one place for them, you are likely to please them with all their needs in the online platform.

Klook has done a great job in offering travelers to discover all the local attractions, unique experiences and pleasant services at an affordable price. Klook target on the destination-needs and offering local transportation, attraction tickets, day and outdoor excursions.

Getting Suppliers’ Support Is Key

In business, we cannot do alone. The whole Eco system is well-connected and you need to connect with all your suppliers efficiently. Understand the Supply Chain System is fundamental when you want to succeed in your business.

Try to form good partnership with all your suppliers and seek their support in timely execution. Depending on your kind of business, you need different supplies and this is where partnership come into play. Klook’s founders have worked hard in forming their partnership with all their local partners in each travel destination.

The moment the travelers touch down their destination, Klook’s local partner is aware of their arrival and will provide the necessary arrangement to serve their needs. From local transportation to their local accommodation, and visit local attraction with ticket booking, lunch/dinner suggestion and shopping preferences. The smooth execution of the whole traveling experiences is key to the satisfaction and enjoyment of the travelers.

Patience, Persistence and Perspiration are the Keys to succeed

Life is full of challenges and it is the same as business. In order to succeed, especially in business, you need to be patience, persistence and perspire a lot. Without these 3 components together, it is very difficult to succeed.

It can take you years to find your secret success factors, therefore you should not stop when you face challenges in your journey. Create your own opportunities and connecting with the right people in your industry. Do not waste times on people who are unmotivated and do not have the same aspiration as yours. Focus on your goal ahead and do not get distracted by people who do not share the same dream as yours.

There are millions of people on the internet you can connect with, and share the same dreams as yours. Get out there and leverage on their knowledge, experiences and connect with them. They want to succeed in their business and they are also looking for like-minded people like you to work with.

Use Content Marketing Effectively

Creating quality and useful contents on your website is the most effectively way to generate traffic and business opportunities to your business. Organic search is still the best way to reach out to your target audience. Learn all the SEO techniques, supplement with various social media platform to attract potential customers to your site.

Online Guide, attractive Photo, Useful Video Tutorial are some marketing strategies you can utilize on your website to get more business. If you have the budget, you may want to partner with online influencers like bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers to reach their loyal followers.

Leverage on Technology for Better User Experience

With AI technology getting more advanced and improve in their usage, using it to enable visual and vocal search will vastly help your business targeting tech-savy travelers. More searches are using pictures and vocal commands nowadays, you need to leverage on this growing trend.

Google has various free tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics for you to utilize. The data on these platforms will allow you to get useful insights on your customers. You can offer your curated recommendations to the travelers, based on their culture and common behaviors.

Dream Big But Start Small

It is important to dream big for your business, but it is even more crucial to start small when you want to succeed. Focus on doing one thing great first and then slowly scale your business to other area, only when you have achieved success in one thing.

If you are in the Electronics Products Niche, first start with one electronics product you are familiar with. For example, start with the Smartwatch, write all about the smartwatch, how the device can help the audience and what are the benefits and usefulness of the device.

Provide all the relevant guide, tutorial, how-to-do process and all the pain points your target audience facing in their usage. Offer the best solutions and answer, help them to solve their problem and get them to visit your website often.

Once you have sizable visitors to your website, you can then offer another electronics product like headset which complement with the smartwatch for them. Gradually scale up your product offering on your website, with more relevant electronics products for them to choose and offering them a good user experiences.

Business Culture

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for all the businesses, but we can learn from those successful startup how to succeed. Cultivating the right business culture is essential if you want your business to achieve its founding goal. With the right culture breed the suitable candidates to work in your organization.

If the culture is toxic, it may create internal conflicts and discourage innovation and creative ideas evolving within the company. Team spirit and effort is vital for the business to overcome the initial hurdles every startup faces. The cohesive strengths that the team pull together will knock down any obstacle ahead of them. Therefore, founding members need to create the right business culture from the very start, until the business is on the steady path and business can auto-run by itself.

There are few key elements to create a good business culture for your business:

  1. Open Communication – creating good customer experience will help to draw repeat customers. Every customer that come back for another business with you will increase your business value. Communicate this culture with your team and be open for their suggestion to make the user experience even more enjoyable.
  2. Team Collaboration – by working together as a team, it help to foster better understanding and create bonding among the team members. Nobody can work alone with current fast paced environment. We need others to supplement our knowledge and support our activities in achieving company objectives. What you lack off can be complemented by other strengths.
  3. Never afraid to fail – as the world getting more connected and information travel freely and instantaneously, we are being exposed to all kind of data and news. How do we navigate correctly and smoothly without any trouble? There is no full-proof formula for it. The only way is move forward and do your best. It is OK to step on the wrong path sometimes, but never hesitate to step forward. Equip yourself with the mindset that any wrong step is a learning curve. You learn what is ahead of you, when it is wrong and do your next step correctly.
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