How Do I Achieve My Dream ?

My dream is to ….  and I want to get it within this year. Once I achieve my dream, I will …

Sound familiar to you? 

Many of us have a dream, especially when we are young and we want to get that dream in a short time.  Usually, we will tell ourselves that, when we achieve that dream, we will do this and that. Many promises and wishful thinking.

But did we set up a plan and work towards achieving the dream? Most likely we never do it and our dream forever sitting in our head. As age grows, we lose confidence and we tell ourselves that dream is impossible to achieve.

Learn from this lady, who has a dream to fly since she was a kid. And to be a pilot, she need to master English as the International Language. Therefore, she decided to attend course from Cambridge University Press. Watch her amazing story below: (and always remember to keep your dreams alive!)

Never…never…lose faith in you!

Today, I want to tell you. Do not lose your confidence and faith in yourself. It is never too late to start, regardless of your age. Age is not a barrier to reaching your dream. You will live more happily when you are living a life you want and a life full of your dream make you feel wonderful in this world. Start now and don’t stop your dream. Let your dream fill your mind every day and you will feel more energetic to wake up each day.

All dreams start with thinking. Therefore, make a habit to let your mind think often those things you want and you will be closer to what you want to get in this life. When your mind keeps telling you that you want to reach that dream, start immediately doing the action you need to do. A dream without action is wishful thinking and you will never reach your goal.

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Start now… Visit my “Get Started” page and use the 1 free website for the starter program and see yourself, your dream is coming back to life again and you will wake up each day live happily from now.

Trust me! You are going to live your life fully.

Permission To Dream

One thing that we truly have full control of is our dream. No one is going to take away our dream. It is fully within our reach.

We do not need to get permission to dream. Anything you can dream of, nobody is going to take away from you and they will not have the exact dream as yours. Your dream is unique only to yourself. Therefore, my friend, start utilizing this God-given permission, dream big and take action to achieve it.

You can do it, as long as you dream day and night and do it consistently to realize your dream.

I get to know Chris Gardner when I was reading one of the Wealthy Affiliate member articles on the platform. It is so inspiring that I do a search on the internet and learn about him. Gardner believes that fear is the main reason that holds us back from not achieving our dreams but also stopping us from pursuing our dreams.

Want to read more insights about his thoughts?

Get his book at Amazon below:

Living Young

If you want to feed your dream, keep yourself Living Young.

Mineral Water Maker – Evian had a very successful advertising campaign years ago, to remind us to live young . Its message want us to make a conscious living choices, focusing on those things that really matter to us.

Keeping our dream alive and stay young should be our conscious effort every day of our life.

I would like you to enjoy the advertisement initiated by Evian:

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