Starting A Business at 50

Starting a business at 50

How to start a business at 50? Will I lose out to younger generation since there are less years for me to fall back on? What is the success rate for seniors like me to start a business?

When I learned that Wealthy Affiliate allow me to start my business at this age and the capital and resources I needed is very minimum, I was so happy and excited for many days. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful my life will be, when I have my own business.

The thrills of owning your business , and able to setup one fully belonging to you will excite many entrepreneurs.

It is the freedom of deciding what to do in your business entices many people to step forward.

It is not too late and surely possible to create your own business even though you are 50 years old. In fact, it is better to have your own business at this age. Why?

Because by this age you would have accumulated a lot of working experiences and have plenty of real life knowledge with you. You would have seem many businesses gone through the up and down, and will be able to handle all the hiccups in case any issue arises.

Starting a business at 50

By having your own business, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to utilize your knowledge and experiences in wide range of areas and business segment. There is no limit on how you are going to handle the business scale and what level of business you wish to participate with.

You decide how you are going to run your own business and create the vision you want your company to be. Sound exciting isn’t it? If yes, you should never miss this good opportunity to start your own business.

Once you decide to have your own business, you need to decide which kind of business platform you wish to start with. There are huge kind of businesses you can consider to setup, but do not forget about your online presence.

To succeed in this internet new world, you must let people find you and know you. Conventional business talk about getting traffic to your store, if you are in retail. Office setup will need sales people to promote and introduce products and services to others.

With the interconnected world like today, almost everyone has access to the internet. You need to establish your online presence for your business, the moment you setup the business.

How to go about getting your company be heard online? Come and visit my “Getting Started” page and you will discover there are so many useful tips for you to kick start your online presence.

With your online presence, you can reach your potential customers 24/7 and extend into many countries around the world.

You are never too odd to have your own business. Many seniors have done it and I believe you too can make it. Take a look at these successful seniors who have achieve wonderful business in their late life.

Business Ideas for you to start

You can consider to start a business focusing on the greying population. Many developed countries have this problem and they are in need of more healthcare workers. If you can help to eliminate this concern, your business will be in high demand. 

At Senior Service Business, you can find profitable idea to serve the senior citizen with your home-based business. Check it out today and start your own business to fulfill your dream of owning a business.

To give you an idea of an online store, whereby you can sell products targeting on seniors, you can visit website at Haf Box. This online retailer was setup by Mrs Eugenia Yeo in 2012 to offer those products she found lacking in the market. She has been doing well for her online business.

Public hospitals, community hospitals and nursing homes will require various products and services to support the aging population. Your company can help these organisation to fulfil their obligation or supplement their services.

Caring for Seniors are in big demand for many countries and the government usually have various subsidies to support them, your company can tap those schemes and provide the necessary products and services to meet the demand.

You can consider to provide active lifestyle among the seniors, offering products and services to keep them active and fit for their growing age.

Helping Seniors

If you have a good heart and want to help seniors to live comfortable without any worry in their old age, I can help you on that mission. I have learn a lot from Wealthy Affiliate and wish to share it to those till have not found this wonderful community.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to reach out to more people on the internet, and guide you to have your online business and create your passion in your heart in helping others.

When you know that you can help others, especially those that are close to you and dearer to you, you will feel energise and have more power to face each day. It gives you the hope and dream for each day forward.

Seniors Doing Business Online

It is actually more convenient and many benefits for seniors to setup business online. Less times will be wasted on your travelling time from home to office and back. As seniors, the body movement is usually less flexible moving from place to another.

With online business, you can do your business at home and save all the hassle of climbing steps and ladder to reach your office.

High speed internet connection is widely available at most homes, and the internet allows you to reach any country in the world within second of connection. What you publish on your website and products offering, can be reached and accessed by anyone at every corner of the world, when they find you online.

Millions of potential customers are waiting for you to explore within the reach of your online presence.

Go for it and reach out to all these potential clients. With your products and services that cater to their needs. Helping those find you online to solve their problems and needs.

My personal preference of starting a business at the age of 50 years old and above, or for senior citizens wish to setup own business, is go into online business. This is the new trend in our modern world as more people are using their smartphones or tablets to access information.

When you have a business online, people can find you online and you will have opportunity to connect with them.

Resources On Internet Helping Seniors to Start Business

There are resources on internet you can turn to for help, one of them I found today is Jeff William, founder of BizStarters. He has setup online service to coach older entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

According to him, older business owners tend to treasure flexibility in their work schedule than younger generation. They have gone through the corporate world and some of them have achieved success in their career.

These older entrepreneurs have been there, done that, already managed people and they would like to grow a company without employee.

Povinelli, Founder of Dainty Wrist Jewelry, setup her online business selling all kinds of bracelets for the small-boned. Her aim is not to have a lot of money and big house but to be with her grandkids and enjoying the business.

James Glay, finally started his business at 59, after collecting vintage musical instruments for many years and setup Crash Boom Bam (now Vintage Drums And More) when he was laid off by his ex-company.

You can learn a lot from these senior citizen, how they setup their online business and witness there are many business ideas you can consider.

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20 thoughts on “Starting A Business at 50”

  1. Hi Thomas. Thanks for sharing this encouraging article “Starting A Business at 50”. This article is packed with awesome details to conceive and setup an online business or to take an existing business online. In the online world, the possibilities are endless.

    On the other hand, starting an online business at a very young age could give one so much advantage too. It’s never too late to start a business online. Please try start one even if you’re young too. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Start little.

    It’s always a good idea to set up an online business using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Recommended for both experts and upcoming.

    Keep sharing. Cheers!

    • You are right to say, the younger you start your business online, the better you will be.

      As our life span become longer, starting at the age of 50 is not old. In fact, you have at least 15 to 20 years to work towards your dream and goal in life. 

      With the right support system, you will be on the safe hand and you can start your business online today. Stop worrying about the future but start doing it immediately. 

      I wish you succeed in your plan journey and enjoy your life while learning a new skill set.

  2. Hey Thomas

    Being in my early fifties myself, I totally relate to your blog!  I am also an online entrepreneur and a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    The main purpose of my online business is to be able to support myself and my wife once I retire.  I have years to go, but it’s like the story about the hare and the tortoise, in my case I am the tortoise and I will get there eventually.  In the mean time, I am building something great!

    And with Wealthy Affiliate on my side, I just have to follow their lead and I know I can succeed!

    Great inspirational and informative post!  I have your website bookmarked for future references!



    • Hi Denis,

      I am glad that you have joined this platform and you are on the way to succeed in your online business. When we have dream, our life become more motivated and we work towards it each day. 

      Why are younger people traditionally more energetic? It is because of their dream and believe that their life will become better and richer. As seniors, we should have the courage to dream big and far, just like when we are younger.

      Let’s us show others that we can do it and we have our dream in the pipeline waiting for us. We will reach our destination as long as we continue.

      All the best to you and enjoy your online journey

  3. Thanks for writing this article on starting a business at 50 year of age. Firstly I will say starting a business at any particular age, either old or young age. Age does not determine the success of a business. It all depends on how experience you have in any particular field and how much of commitment are you willing to put into the business.thanks 

    and I will like to say thank you for this article once again. It serves as word of encouragement to older age to pursue there dream at wealth affiliate 

    • Yes, that is what I wish to encourage more senior citizens to grow their business online. With more people living longer in their life, it is crucial for people age 50 and above to continue working. However, most of the times employers prefer younger age and therefore I want to guide those seniors to start their own business.

      I welcome all of them to learn about online business techniques at my website and create the future for themselves.

      For those who are keen, go to my Home Page and click on those links to sign-up the free membership today.

  4. Thank you very much for the inspiration you’ve provided in the article. My uncle has just retired and start to think for an opportunity in online business. He has a good interest in teaching language (he can speaks 3 different languages). I agree that seniors will have plenty of knowledge and experience that they can offer to the audiences. I will tell about it to my uncle. He will definitely happy and motivated to start doing online business 🙂

    • Wow…. you have come to the right place. I urge you to get your uncle to join the free starter membership program.

      He will benefit more from this community and can use all the tools to create own business online. As long as your uncle willing to step forward one step to join Wealthy Affiliate program, he will benefit from the training program.

  5. This article is a very effective one for any person who is over or about 50 years of old. Though I’m not 50 years old but I can suggest my father to read this article and I hope he’ll do better after reading this one. He is very much curious to start a new business in his 52years of age. He have a less idea about internet. But I’ll make him eligible for internet service. He has already developed his business idea and now he is taking help from his most senior person. If anyone reading my comment then I’ll suggest you to read those 4 articles.

    • I am glad that you find my article useful and I would like you to get your father to sign up the free starter membership program. He will learn plenty of techniques and skills to create his own business online. 

      Personally I have benefited from this program and I am committed to make higher success through the wonderful platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. I’ve always stated it’s all about finding the correct target market, or that niche in your business. Once one successfully identifies such a market and has their niche geared toward that market, only growth can occur. When I first created my site, I found my niche was too wide, but when I narrowed it down, or down-niched, traffic has started to roll in quite nicely. 

    My message for seniors is if you can find that one sliver of the population you’re willing to help, you will become successful at this regardless of age. While I’m only 27, my niche is one that anyone of any age can write content for and the traffic wouldn’t care who’s writing the articles at what age, as long as they find the content helpful. 

    • Hi Todd, 

      Yes, age is not an issue and I wish more seniors to consider starting their own business online. With the world getting more connected, the potential is huge and it is good to start now to catch the trend coming onboard.

  7. Hey Thomas,

    Seniors will be a big proportion of the population. And they will be growing even more in tre following decades, with life expactancy rising. Also, with the advance of technology, which many seniors can’t cope with it. So, dealing with seniors is a major niche, and will be growing. So, being aware of the issues the seniors face, can help lead to solutions.


    • Hi Marios,

      Our society has evolved over the years and people are living longer. It is important for seniors to occupy themselves and continue to earn income. 

      Online business is the best option to consider and start. 

      It is time to start now and I strongly encourage more people join us in realising their lifetime dream. With all the online training and helpful community, anyone can create own business at ease.

  8. Hi Thomas, 

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging article “Starting A Business at 50”. This article is filled with awesome details to conceive and setup an online business. It’s always a good idea to set up an online business using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Recommended for both experts and upcoming. In the online world, the possibilities are endless. It’s never too late to start a business online. Great inspirational and informative post!  I have your website bookmarked for future references.

    • Hi Tawhid,

      Great to hear from you.

      I strongly agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate platform allow any new member to get up their online business easily. Everything has been well thought before hand as both owners Kyle and Carson have achieved great success since they establish Wealthy Affiliate year ago.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of new programs and features coming onboard. I wish more seniors citizen to join us to help others creating a healthy life and live their life with fullness.

  9. Hi there,

    I have found your article “Starting a Business at 50” very inspirational and verifying for me that I am on the right path with what I am doing.

    I was 52 when I found Wealthy Affiliate and became a member, this is now over 4 years ago. I had to find something which I can do, working from home, being also the sole caregiver to my elderly and ailing husband. There was no way anymore to keep any job outside from home.

    I needed something so I wouldn’t go crazy just staying at home. 

    I also appreciate the resources for seniors starting a business on the internet, this is very helpful indeed.

    Thank you for sharing so appreciated.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I am very happy to see you joining Wealthy Affiliate and have been with this community for 4 years. I can see that you are very active in this wonderful community and helping all the new members to learn about online business.

      We are blessed with members like you and we wish more people with age of 50 and above, come forward and sign up with the free membership and create own future.

  10. At age 50 it seem one is old but reverse is the case,when you start a business around that agea that when you have the experience to run your business normally,a senior tends to get it better with that age.but all in all don’t get old before doing business,but getting old should not deprive you of doing businesd

    • You have a very good point that senior are more experience in handling difficult situations and they too have a lot of knowledge in their industry. 

      For those 50 years old and above to start their own business online, I strongly believe they can compete effectively with the younger generation. 

      It is time to get started by creating own business online. Everything that you need to learn about creating own online business, all the tools and techniques are being taught on this Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      My website has useful links for anyone who are interested to learn the techniques. Just visit any of my web page and join the free starter membership program. You will be surprised that you too can create own business online.


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