How To Find Business Idea

Every business start with an idea, and from there it slowly grows into a big business. How to find business idea? This has always been a challenging topic many people faced when they want to start their business. They spend times thinking about it, checking on the internet or asking around, day dreaming and at the end never start the business at all.

With internet we can access to many information around the world. What we need is just our curious mind and explore a solution to solve problem other people are facing.

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how to find business idea
I wish to share with you what I learned from other experts, How To Find Business Idea for your online business and turn it into a profitable business. With the following 5 simple steps, you can start your online business at ease:



  1. Choose right type of Online Business
  2. Find your genius and share with others
  3. Target right audience for your product
  4. Create the right product people want to buy
  5. Use my suggested blueprint to start your online business

Step 1: Choose the correct type of “Online Business”

The perfect type of “Online Business” I find out, is creating and selling Digital Teaching Products online. What is Digital Teaching Products? You may want to ask me. It is actually referring to e-books, online courses, online memberships, and all the related products or services that can be done online. Importantly, all these digital teaching products teach people to solve a specific problem or get a specific result from your product.

Digital products are the best match for Online business, because the products are digital and you can sell easily online. Teaching is a form of education, and it is an evergreen product. Recently Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma announced his retirement, and you know what is his next project? Education, which is teaching business. 

For example, you can write a 100-page e-book and sell it online. Many people are starting to do this and some of them took only 3 weeks to complete their e-book and they can continue to sell it for 10 years or more, and help them earn US$100, 000 in sales for a year. It is in fact a very profitable business to start your online business.

Of course there are other business ideas you can consider. As long as your business idea is helping people to solve their problem, people are willing to buy from you. Business ideas like relationship problem, health issue, improve productivity, expand business, widen social networking skills, get fit, and much more are hot topics you can write about in your e-book or creating contents on your blog and website.

Other business ideas you can consider:

  • teaching people to play poker
  • how to plan their weddings
  • teach your parrot to talk
  • how to solve your erectile problem
  • how to be successful with women/men
  • search engine for video streaming services (like JustWatch)
  • book review sharing site (like Goodreads)

Filming and Directing Business Ideas

Today (September 8, 2018) while reading Wealthy Affiliate member’s comment, I came across David Lumsden website. He is an MA graduate in Film and Television from Edinburgh Colleague and has directed/wrote various project.

Since young, I was always thinking about producing my own film. His blog makes me think about program/course which teach people how to use WordPress/Computer for producing film. This is one business idea you too can consider exploring.

Meanwhile, enjoy one of the film done on popular Vimeo:

Be Like Pablo – There She Is,  from Andrei Staruiala on Vimeo.

For those from Singapore, you may want to read about this article “10 Real Ways to Earn Money Online Singapore” posted on giving you some business ideas. My favorites are “Start Your Own Blog and Monetize” and “Affiliate Marketing”. Let’s start to create your own destiny now.

Step 2: Find Your Genius And Share With The World

Every one of us is created differently and we have our own unique strengths which other do not have. Find it and show it to others. No one can be better than you and only you are capable of doing it yourself. The moment you were born is uniquely different from others. The timing, date, surrounding, parent, environment and all around you are unique and special. No one in this world has the same experiences and encounter you have in this world. You are special, you are unique, therefore show to the world all these differences.

Like me, I am good in running and I can share with others and teach and guide others how to run faster, longer and better. When creating content about running, I can include products relating to running and start selling those products. If I wish to expand my professional services, I can conduct running lessons for others. All these business ideas can turn into a profitable business online.

Currently, I know a lot about creating website and know where to host my website and what are the best online affiliate marketing course people can learn from. I can refer them to all these sources and earn commission from it. It is called affiliate marketing business model. This kind of business is getting popular and everyone can start with it at a very low cost and do it at their own time and schedule.

Step 3: Target Your Audience For Your Online Product

There are billion of people on the internet and all of them have their unique needs and wants. It is difficult to fulfill every one of them. Each of them wants products or services that cater to their own needs. Therefore, you need to solve their problems in order to win them to buy your online product.

When people are searching product online, they want something that able to solve their problems, the products or services that serve their needs. It is important that you create product specifically for certain group of people, not to sell your product to every one in this world. The more specific you target those people you want to solve their unique problem, the higher chance for them to buy from you.

For example, you want to help those people who are 50 years old and above, and have loss their job and want to create their own business without taking much business risk. You need to find their pain point and find a suitable solution to meet their needs. Only when your solution matches to their want, they will be willing to listen and buy your product.

Some of them called this narrowing your niche to those people who will highly buy from you, instead of selling to everyone in this world. This is a smart strategy to adopt, even in the corporate business world.

buy your products

Step 4: Creating An Online Product People Want To Buy

If your product is not what people want to buy, there is no point of creating it. Knowing what product people already want to buy, it is a very important concept you need to understand. Focus less on what you want to teach for your digital teaching product, and more on what people already want to buy.

There is one resource which you need to tap on, it is called Google. Google has very powerful tool you can use to find what people want. By researching on Google, you will find out what product people already want to buy. Other than google, I also discovered other tools which I am using right now to do my research and utilize all these tools for my online business. Feel free to check it out these tools I am using now, even this article was written by one of the tools inside this wonderful platform. You may click below banner to discover what I am using.

Step 5: Use A Proven Blueprint To Start Your Online Business

Have your heard people talking about “Do not reinvent the wheel”? This is true in the business world, especially when you have limited budget and do not have much time to waste. A lot of businesses failed because they want to create new thing from their raw idea. It is good to have your original idea which no one have in this world, but it will take you a lot of your times and resources.

Tablet’s idea was not from Apple originally. The product concept were developed and came up by other companies before Apple, but Apple managed to get the idea and make improvement on it. This is one way we can create our online business by leveraging on other existing resources on the internet.

I have a proven blueprint which I discovered when I was searching for Affiliate Marketing business to start with. You can check it out and sign-up for free as starter membership to explore all the tools in the platform. Once you are comfortable with this proven blueprint which hundred thousands of members already on board, you can move up your value to be premium member anytime. Click below banner to get the blueprint.

Want to watch another exciting short film about The Camera Hack?
Click here and I will bring you to the website by Andyax Productions (

This film is directed by Anders Overgaard. He is a professional photographer whose editorial work has appeared in many places. By watching his work, you will be inspired with many business ideas.


There is never a problem for finding business idea on your niche. What you need is just a wake up call from your surrounding or people close to you.

Looking for some more ideas?

Here are two popular sites which people frequently ask for solution to their problem? It is good way to come up a business idea to solve their problem.

  1. WikiHow – an online wiki-style community having extensive database
  2. WikiAnswers – a community run question and answer site
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  1. Good post on teaching us how to find business idea when we are running out of idea.
    I would share your article with my teammates, so all of us become more creative in generating new business idea and put in place in our company.
    One good thing about selling digital learning product online, is no inventory involvement in the selling process and this will cut down a lot of inventory risk.
    As education become more important in the digital age, continue learning to keep up the technology changes is the way to stay competitive.

    • Thank you for giving us your valuable comment.
      I have benefited my online learning from Wealthy Affiliate Online course, and would encourage those wish to start online business to sign-up for the starter membership. There is no payment needed and new business owner is able to pick up essential online knowledge for setting up online website and promoting it on internet.
      There is also more advanced lessons in place for premium member and a large internet marketer community to help each other succeeding. This is absolutely worth the time and effort for the signing up.
      With more people sharing idea with each other, we can generate newer business idea for new product and services introduction in the market.

  2. You make some great points here but I’m interested in your second step that states we all unique and therefore have a different ability. I totally get this. I’d love to write about what I’ve learn’t in life but not sure anyone else would like to read it. I think this is a confidence issue. Do you think anyone can achieve success at creating their own website?

    • I would say every success need to put in efforts, time and thinking into it. With current digital world, many things are done online and having a web presence become a necessity. Creating a website has become a lot easier and it will lead to many more opportunities.

      We should not just limit ourselves to website creation, it is only one of the means. As you can witness the growth of Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, and many other social media platforms. Because of all these evolution, Wealthy Affiliate continue to upgrade and make changes to its platform and teach its members to use other means to reach out to others. 

      However, if we keep learning all the methods, finding the best solution and keep seeking for the ideal answer before we start our work, we may end up achieve nothing. Therefore, I suggest we start with one project and focus on achieve result from it, before we decide the next step.

       Wealthy Affiliate offering free starter membership program for anyone to explore its program. It is free to learn Online Business techniques and is a genuine online learning program. Where on earth to find such a good program to learn free nowadays? 

      For anyone interest to learn the free program, sign-up today and get started with your online journey.


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