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Are you getting worried that you will not be able to work in the future as the economy getting bad in recent years? There is widespread concern the rising unemployment and a weak global economic outlook this year 2017. Will the government able to create enough jobs for all of us? Will the jobs be sustainable in both new and existing industries?

Fear not, my friend; especially mature workers. You can always look for new career and re-start a new journey.

There is a way and I will show you. There is hope out there which you can tap on to start your own business. As long as you are willing to put effort and learn the steps which I outline in my blog here and you will get there in the matter of times. Real people are earning good income just following the steps and they have the faith and believe of the systems that we learned and taught here.

Go to the “Get started” page on my site and I will show you the necessary step you can sign up for the free membership on Wealthy Affiliate learning platform. Give yourselves the trial, since it is free for the basic features for members who want to have a feel of what we taught here. It is absolutely free to sign up. Try it for free.

One thing wonderful about the system which I learned from Wealthy Affiliate is, you can work anywhere and any time of the day and place you choose to and you decide when and how to do your work. All the efforts are control by you. You will not complain that because other people never support you, therefore your performance is no good. This is not going to be the excuse you can use anymore.

In this age of fast changing world with technology keep evolving, year after year, we need to skill, re-skill and up-skill constantly in order to stay relevant in the business world. Also, we must continue to develop our potential in life and have an impact in the society.

Cost of living is getting higher and starting a family is become much harder. There is also no job security in any company you work with, with the ever changing market and technology. In order to stay employable, you can consider signing-up the free starter membership program at Wealthy Affiliate.

Get started now and get ready for the bright future you are longing for.

Unemployment Reach 6.6million in US on March 28, 2020

Can you imagine this figure, 6.6 million people are being unemployed right now in the USA? This is a very scary information with the Covid-19 virus spreading across the globe. No one predicted this pandemic and it has hurt many ordinary working people in every country, especially if you are an employee.

This was reported in Vox news on April 2, 2020 and I was informed by Robert Kiyosaki’s article on April 15, 2020 when I read about his email newsletter.

Many companies have been hurt and most bosses decided to reduce their manpower and save themselves. They let go their employees and protect their wealth from further deterioriation. If you have been working for that company for long, and depends solely on the income from the company salary, you are going to get hit badly.


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