How To Make Money Online For Seniors

How to make money online for seniors

With internet connection widely available in most countries, a lot of seniors have been looking for ways to make money online, either to supplement their income or covering their medical expenses. With old age, the body will get weaker and may require more money to keep the body in good shape. With the wide spread of internet everywhere, finding ways to make money online become the best solution to most of the seniors.

As you enter into the senior age, your health care cost is going to go up. At the same time, you are likely to go into retirement and not working anymore. There are certain bills you need to pay as retirees, even you are not working. Bill like Electricity and Water services at home, your telephone bill, your daily meals, transportation cost, etc. You need to find ways to cover all these expenses. Company is unlikely to employ senior citizen in general, and they tend to look for younger employee to work with them.

With this dilema, how are you going to cope with the rising expenses? Do you think that your saving will be enough to sustain your lifestyle you used to have when you are working with your company? Think twice and look further into your retirement life. It is not going to be rosy as people wish their retirement life to be.

With smartphone and tablet commonly accessible to most of us, now is the best time to utilize the technology and internet to make money online. When you go online, the world become yours and you can access to many people around the world, 24 hours a day, non-stop and reaching out to many people in multiple countries.

You may try to find information on the internet, on ways to make money online and find many ways and all kind of people teaching you different methods to generate income online. Do not overload yourself with all kind of information. Find someone you can trust and learn from him/her. Stay focus on one source to follow the steps and instruction, until your online business start making money.

Here are a few ways seniors can make money online:

  • Write a blog
  • Publish an ebook
  • Provide consulting work
  • Give lessons Online
  • Create YouTube Tutorials
  • Selling on Amazon website

The best method I find out, is to create your own Online Asset, and start putting your knowledge and expereince on it.  Follow the process below:

Create A WordPress Website Using Siterubix

Before you start to make money online, the very first step you need to do, is creating a WordPress Website using Siterubix platform I am going to teach you. Here is the link you can go to create a free website and start to see the magic of your work being build and lay the foundation for you.

==> My Website I Wish To Have

WordPress has been powering many website around the world for many years. It is also ever upgrading and have many developers to support the community to make the whole industry very vibrant.

Siterubix utilize WordPress core features and further enhance it to make it very user friendly, especially to non-technical people who wish to create website with ease. It is a wonderful platform to earn money without leaving home.

Choose A Niche You Are Familiar With

When you are creating a website, you will be asked to decide what niche you wish to enter. I would recommend people to start a niche which you are familiar with, because in the beginning you are going to create a lot of contents on the wesbite. Writing those that you are familiar with is much easier to start with, rather than beginning with the unknown.

It is OK to change your niche or create new niche along the way, after your first website creation. Life is ever changing therefore our niche also change as we progress along our life journey. You can also have few niches and it is absolutely allright with it.

Examples of niche could be Long Distance Running, Experience Uber’s Driver, Data Science Specialist, etc. In order to avoid competition with other established website creaters, my advise is choosing a more narrower niche rather than a broader niche. As you gain more experiences, you can then branch out and widen your coverage.

There are many ways to find your niche, you can consider those skills or knowledge you currently having and write about it on your website. A hobby you love to share with others and want to master it further. You can also choose a niche which you wish to learn more, so you can start researching it online and write articles on your website. While learning you can share with others and put your learning experiences online.

Your niche can also be those things which you or your family members purchase frequently. These are the niche which money need to be spent and you will be able to make money on it.

Selling Info-products Online By Sharing Your Experiences

You can put your experiences on eBook and sell it on your website or other online platform. Alternatively, you can promote other people products through Affiliate Marketing efforts. You can visit below link to learn about Affiliate Marketing. I recommend you to join the free starter membership.

==> Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Creating your own product allows you to have full control of your business. You can decide to sell through many platforms available in the market now. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Q0010, Lazada, etc all have their marketplace for you to offer your Info-products.

You will be able to increase your profit margin, without going through too many layers of middlemen marketing your products if you decide to create your ecommerce site.

Important Of Continue Bringing Income

After 60/70 years old, your physical stamina is likely to reduce as compare with your younger colleagues, or even to your own self when you were younger at age. I would encourage seniors to start learning how to earn passive income at 50 years old.

Internet is a powerful tool which we should not neglect in this modern era. It has power Amazon to become a Trillion dollar public company. More is yet to come therefore take full opportunity now to create your side hustle and make extra income in your retirement.

If you are tired of being retired, explore all the resources at my website and learn to work from home. You do not need to go out to work, and expose to Covid-19 during this pandemic period. This is the best at-home job you can get and earn money to feed yourself, without relying on your kids for extra money.

By Teaching Others Your Professional Skills

Most seniors have developed vast amount of talents during their working life,  and these are essential skills which can be shared with others. By teaching others about the knowledge they gained and earn a living.

You could have the knowledge to service computer and IT products when you were younger. Put that knowledg online and share with them your technical knowledge, how you troubleshoot and solve those difficult problem you encounter in the past.

If you are professional marketers in the past, you can teach younger generation your past experiences in gaining new business through your selling techniques and customer relationship management skills.


It is going to be very exciting moving forward. With technology keep evolving and new tools available for us to use with the world getting connected, we have access to a very huge market to promote our products and services.

Learning how to market your knowledge, experiences and products/services online is going to give you a wonderful experiences in your life journey.

Start today and make it one of your greatest decision you make in your life.

Cheer you my friends.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online For Seniors”

  1. Ah, this is a very good one and I see here that I will be able to learn a thing or two from how to make money for the seniors. My aunt is going to retire very soon and she doesn’t want to stay home idle so we is on the lookout for anyway she can make some money online. I think creating a website and running it like will be a very good way for her. This is just perfect.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thank you for dropping by at my site onlinebusinessfor50. Your aunt is going to love this new way of making money online.

      How old is your aunt? 

      Perhaps you can ask her to think about a particular niche which she is interested in. It is much easier for new beginner to do often what they like. The more passion she has with the niche, the longer her staying power will be.

      Feel free to ask her to sign up for the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  You never know what kind of business she will be able to create from here. 

  2. Learning online services for 50 and above is a good idea for their health at the same time while still earning. Their mind becomes active and busy discovering what other potential they’ve got. For sure, they have more ideas to write and are eager to learn all the services you mention to keep them active.

    • Hi Lyn,

      Yes, you are absolutely right. With their vast experiences and knowledge they gained throughout their working life, they can continue to contribute online while staying home. 

      Internet technology really change our lifestyle and create new opportunities for all of us, and this offer the window for seniors to continue making income even they retire at home. 

      Thank you for the comment and wish you encourage all of your senior friends to come online and make a different.


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