Highly trained and middle-aged professionals are out of work

On July 20th 2015, the Straits Times reported that more and more highly trained, middle-aged professionals are getting out work. This is very sadden to hear it, especially when we think about those who have a family to feed. These professionals have spent many years climbing their way up to the top, but are being retrenched now. And the scary part is, when they try to find a new or similar job, many at times they realized a lot of companies will tell them they are “over-qualified”. These group of workers, term as PMETs (Professionals, managers, executives and technicians) have hard times finding job.

Again on 31st July 2015 another sad news released on The Straits Times, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will be cutting several hundred jobs in Singapore as the bank scales back its presence here to just the trading and sales operations only. Many global banks in Singapore are having job cuts, both at the front and back offices. I hope not many Singapore citizens will be affected by this job cutting.

Even the oil and gas industry equipment giant FMC Technologies from United States is expected to cut its job. With oil prices falling, many projects become unnecessary and companies will go for the easy solution – job cutting. Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Total too are cutting jobs, as the oil prices will remain low for several years. The outlook remain very uncertain, and hiring will be extremely tough.

Many factories in Singapore are moving out due to cost pressure and jobs in factories are hard to find nowadays. For those middle age professionals, things going to be even tougher. They may have school-going children  to support and they are not going to get the same pay job in future. With home loan, car loan and monthly expenses to cover, how are they going to face these challenges?

Some of these factory managers may be earning S$8000 to S$10,000 a month with a degree from reputable university.  They have been working in the factory for 10 or 20 years and in-charge of the factory key management decisions for long years. With the downturn coming, are they prepare the face the reality?

Worst part is if they have sick parents to take care of, that will make things even ugly and create more stress on these mature workers.

Ever think one day you will end up at this position?

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2 thoughts on “Highly trained and middle-aged professionals are out of work”

  1. wow nice to know their is a website targeted to help the middle age people that some times get lost in the shuffle even though they still have plenty to offer with their vast experience and are willing to learn more

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you for dropping by at my website. Yes, middle age people have a lot of experiences and knowledge that can impart to younger generation. One of the good ways is through the online platform.

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