Best opportunity for seniors to learn ==> Is here !

There have been a lot of talking about asking the seniors to live independently, well after their retirement. But how?

Here is an opportunity for senior to learn how to create an online business. With the knowledge of creating a business online, seniors can live a more fulfilling lives. It is never too late to learn. Do not doubt your own talents and skills. You may have it hidden and waiting to be discovered. Learning is a lifelong journey and it is part of our personal growth. All the seniors are encouraged to upgrade themselves even at their old age. As the Chinese saying, as long as we live, we must continue to learn.

The trend of online marketing is getting popular in many countries and this create many opportunities for wide range of industries. Surely, online marketing is not a sunset industry and it is future-ready you would like to equip yourself preparing for the shift. At Wealthy Affiliate online platform, all the senior citizens have the opportunity to pick up the online marketing skill to create passive income for the years to come.

Senior learning online marketing

You do not need to take up a degree course or go for night classes to learn about online marketing. Here, I would like to recommend this online training platform from Wealthy Affiliate for you to learn the skill online. You decide when, what time and how much you want to learn per day. You choose your own comfort time to learn. Get yourself ready when the opportunity presents itself gives you an advantage.

Online learning platform is very suitable for people who have no time to attend course and give you the flexibility of learning at home with ease, at your own time and self target. Many of the online learning has to be learn alone, but not for the WA platform I am recommending to you. Wealthy Affiliate online training has very good support system, and there are a lot of WA members to guide you and cheer you on to keep learning. This is a strong community which no other learning community in this world has. You really need to tap on with this wonderful platform.

With advanced medical care, we can expect seniors living past 80 years old. At the age of 50 years old, this can be a new start for a new career or pursuing new experiences. Many seniors, in fact, are very enthusiastic to learn about new skill.

continue to learn even old

Many countries are having ageing population and there are many studies on the ageing trends. Studies has shown that by keeping every senior physically and mentally fit, they will be able to continue leading a useful and active life. Picking up online marketing skill is one way to keep them mentally alert, as well as creating a opportunity to work at home.

As an individual, we have the personal responsibility to plan and prepare for our old age. Family and the community should be our second line of support, when we become too old to care about ourselves. We are more educated and economically better off than our older generation, and I hope we can help to lessen the burden on our younger generation by continue to work at our comfort home. Lifelong financial planning will prepare us for our financial needs in old age.

The trend of smaller families and longer life expectancy has big impact on the family support system and this system may not be sustainable in most countries. If we wish to have our desired retirement lifestyle beyond the basic level, we need to find a way to continue having an income when we get older. WA online platform will be able to meet this need, if you decide to take action now.

smiling seniors learn online


The importance of seniors maintaining active lifestyles continues to be emphasized, with efforts to encourage healthy living, active lifestyles, social networks, lifelong learning and strong family ties.

business for seniors

The key to your future-proof career, is to learn about online business. And here I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the online learning platform for you. You will learn and master all the necessary skills needed to run your own online business, open 24/7 throughout the year.

How to promote a New Product online

Have you ever wonder, how do you get your product online and offer to internet searchers?

Well. Here I am here to show you one of the best online training platform which you can learn at your own pace. Online marketing can be complicated and expensive if you do not know how to start. Many business owners thought that their websites need to have a lot of detailed product information, but in reality searchers do not read all the text. Majority of us only spot important matters which are relevant to us.

Wealthy Affiliate is the online platform which I wish to recommend you trying out for yourself. WA platform has the trust and credibility you can be assured of. I have seen myself many people benefitted the training program and able to create their online presence with their websites selling own products or using affiliate program to market other people products. Both present you with vast opportunities to earn income online.

With more people having smartphone on their hands, it is imperative to ensure your website is mobile-friendly and provide the best user experience. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to use the right tool in order to create a website which can be viewed easily on all the smartphone.

Feel free to visit my other pages on how Wealthy Affiliate can support you in creating your online business website. There is a starter program at Wealthy Affiliate you can sign-up to experience how to setup a website in simple steps. And decide to go premium only when you want to get more support from Wealthy Affiliate online training university.

No hard pushing of buying anything. You decide how you wish to learn at what pace and level at the Wealthy Affiliate online program. You have full control, absolutely in your hand. Enter and exit anytime you wish.

Invest in online business

Is online business worth for you to venture into? Should you invest in online business? Online business can means Internet marketing business or Digital Marketing business. There are various names interchangeable with the term, all refer to similar business. E-commerce is considered an online business. It allows the goods or services to be transacted on the internet without the physical presence of a store.

Look at China company Alibaba, one of those e-commerce players and consider the tech crown jewel of China, the company is expanding fast and always looking for opportunities in every market. It has invested huge money US$206 million into Singapore company’s SingPost to build its online retail business in SouthEast Asia.  Singapore Online cosmetics startup Luxola has also been acquired by luxury giant LVMH for tens of millions.

The growth of Smartphone is everywhere and adoption of Mobile website and Apps are gaining ground in all the countries. Investing in online business will give you the advantages over competitors and you will be able to reach more audiences through your online platform.

With rising business expenses such as rentals and operating costs, setting up online business become an ideal option to consider for most of the companies, regardless they are small or big enterprises. With the digital revolution, we need to adapt the new mind set going online, or risk being left behind.

There are financial consultant encourage you to invest in stock or do currency trading, but these are risky investment and may wipe our your retirement fund if you are not careful and inexperience. To succeed in the investment market, you must have thoroughly understanding of the financial risks and potential gains. In addition, you need to well read about all kind of investment products and keep day to day update of what is happing in the financial world.

Hard to find workers in Singapore

Many companies in Singapore has a hard time to find workers, especially the small and medium size companies. SMEs usually do not pay as well as multinationals, and the situation is worst with current tight labour market. Therefore, if you think about setting up company in Singapore, think carefully, you will end up do everything yourself. In recent years, it is even more difficult as Singapore government increase the levy for foreign workers.


This is a new term referring to shoppers visiting physical stores to check on the products before buying them online at a lower price. By “show-rooming”, the shoppers can touch and feel the items before they buy them. In fact, this term started year 2010 in the United States whereby shoppers visited the electronics chain Best Buy to check on the electronics goods, and buy from online store Amazon instead.

With the rise and use of smartphone, shoppers can check online to compare price when they are in the physical stores. For country like Singapore, it is even tougher for brick-and-mortar stores due to popularity of online shopping. The growth was 17% year-on-year for online spending.

Reach out to new market

With online strategy, companies can sell their products beyond the limitation of local market and to serve countries in the region and beyond. 

Build your nest egg

As we live longer, we need to build more nest egg so that we have enough money to help us tide over the years when we are no longer working. The nest egg is our personal retirement fund we keep when we are still working, and safe it for later use. It is also a form of insurance and financial backup when you need it during emergencies.

The average life expectancy for most people has increased, therefore we need to recognize this and begin our financial planning. To have a comfortable life after retirement, relying on our social security income is not sufficient. We need alternative way to create income stream even when we are old. Online business is the best way to go about it and I have the method for people who are willing to learn. Go to my “Get Started” page.

Best investment to consider when you have time and cash

What will you invest on, when you have the time and cash on hand?

It will depends on how much time you have and also the amount of cash you are able to invest out to grow your money. When you are young, you will have more time to do your investment as the saying if you fail there are more years for you to pick up from the fall and re-start again. But, when you are old and at the age of 50 or 60, will you able to withstand the failure and redo everything?

The other angle you have to look at it, is the time you have currently. If you work full-time and need to work overtime mostly, you may left with little time to do other thing. Also, if you have family, you may need time to socialize with them or take care of their needs. For people without work, they will have more times on hand and can spend more of it to build another business or learn a new skill. As I have created this blog, wish to reach out to 50 years old and above to seriously consider how are they going to spend their times for the next stage in their life.

Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) has opened for applications on 1st September 2015 for investors. If you are interested, you may visit for more detail of the amount of bonds on offer and the pay-out schedule.

Invest only when you know its direction

I advise people to invest on thing which they know where its moving direction will be. For example I know more people are coming on board the internet, thus online business is growing each day with this trending. You should take this opportunity and move along the trend. As Chinese saying, when the water rise up, your boat will also become higher. Same goes for the stock investment, you must invest only on stock you know it will grow for the coming years, and do not forget to constantly monitor its trends. It apply for our online business too. We need to constantly optimize our online presence, ensure traffic continue to find us so that you are able to reach out to more people.

Where can I find the best online training program for affiliate marketing => You found here

If you are looking for an online training program which teach you how to make huge money from all kinds of affiliate marketing program, you are very lucky to find one here.

Here you are and reading my blog! Congratulation to yourself as you will be on the journey to a very successful business of your own. You will become boss of your own and decide what you want to do, each day every moment.

Of course, every successful business require efforts and strategies to make it succeed, the online training program offering here will need efforts and strategies too. Please do not think that this is a get rich fast path of training program. If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong place.

online training program

The online training program I going to show you has been around since 2005, and till this year which I am blogging now has reached 10 years. This show how successful it is and you can be assured of the program.

To learn more about this online training program, click this “Get Started” button.

For beginner, I suggest to start with free membership to know more about the training. Once you feel comfortable with the online training program and decide to go deep further and acquire higher skills and knowledge, as well as supports thereafter you decide to sign up for the premium membership. You decide how slow or how fast you want to acquire your online marketing skills. You have the freedom to decide. Not to worry as no one is going to push you to buy product there.

In addition, there are live chat and video training which you can access to, once you sign up as the premium membership. I find these supports very useful and interactive. There is big community there which you can tap on and everyone helping each other to grow. This is really awesome and I love it very much. You should seriously consider joining this online training program, if you want to master the art of affiliate marketing and make money online and become your own boss.

By acquire the knowhow from this online training program, if you have a brick and mortar business can consider setting up your company website, offer your products and services online, get more people to visit your site and generate more sale lead for your business. This is what I did for my business.

business online

One thing I like about this online training program at Wealthy Affiliate University is, you get to learn from other members too. Today I learn that, the desire of your success must be greater than your fear of failure. This is a very good phase. We need to remember this. Ultra motivating phase to keep us going when face with difficulties and challenges.

There are many successful members in Wealthy Affiliate whom I would like to share with you, how they found Wealthy Affiliate when they are searching for a way to make money online. What they did, is just follow the steps outline by the founder Kyle and do it consistently. They have found success eventually. Therefore, I can say, Wealthy Affiliate is a honest and genuine company that you can trust on to learn all about the online business setup and growth.

Gifts for 50 year olds

What kind of gift you wish to have when you reach 50? What are the best gifts for 50 year olds family members or friends?

Ideas for 50 year olds can be vastly different, depending on whether you are giving the gifts for 50 year old woman, or preparing the gifts for 50 year old man. For man, he may be a golf lover thus you can get him a golf-related present. As for lady, she would prefer cosmetics-related gifts.

I guess different people have different needs and wants. Thus, the answer could be huge and vary widely. For me personally I prefer something that is useful and meaningful. It is not necessary to be expensive but allow the recipient to be excited when he or she get it from you.

Here, I like to suggest you to offer WA online platform learning to them. By joining the Wealthy Affiliate, there is an opportunity for he/she to create an online business for himself/herself. With the internet marketing growing each day, the skills and knowledge we need to have are all covered by WA platform. I have a page “Get Started” you can access to learn about the way to setup your online business. Do not hesitate to view and have a thought on it.

best gift for 50 year olds
Wealthy Affiliate Online training program free membership


Singapore’s rapidly ageing population is a big concern and we need to learn from others. One country which we can learn from is Finland. It has a population of 5.4 million similar to Singapore and is also the fastest-ageing societies in the world. The Finland’s government is helping their seniors to lead a more fulfilling lives. I hope my website here is able to create opportunities for Singapore’s seniors to live a fulfilling lives too.

As reported recently, the number of old people aged 65 and above who live by themselves has about 42,000 as of August 2015. This number will get even higher with the ageing population. Government has been ramping up their efforts and investment in the care of the elderly but I believe it is better to prepare Singaporeans in advance, before they reaches the old age. Teaching them how to learn a living even when they are old at home with the online business skills will be very helpful. Teach them to catch fish rather than giving them the fish.

Singaporeans are living longer nowadays and also more healthy than the past generation. Thus, I wish more seniors can take up online learning platform at Wealthy Affiliate and continue to earn income so they are able to support themselves.

Best home based business for seniors

There are many types of home based business seniors can consider to setup, and one of the best I would recommend is online business. With more people being able to access the internet, and the growing number of portable devices like smartphone, tablet, Notebook computer or even new product like Apple Watch, the potential business at the internet is very huge. No businessman should ever neglect this niche market!

Business potential at Internet
Online business

But how to go about starting your home-based online business? You may wonder. How? Who can help me?

If you are reading this article, very good luck to you. You are on the path to success now. I am going to guide you to the platform which I am using now to create my online home-based business. This platform is unique in the world and I feel very comfortable using it to grow my online business. On this website, I have two pages which you can visit to know more about it, “Get Started” and “Is it true?-Check Here”. Feel free to take a look. No obligation. You can also log in to try for 30 days free and if not your cup of tea, then move on.

Why do I recommend online business to be the best home-based business for you to start with? Reason very simple. If you are reading this article, chances you already got a computer and able to access internet. These are the 2 assets which you already possess and immediately you can start your online business. Only thing you need is the guidance. And guidance I can provide to you, free! How wonderful isn’t it? Where to find in this world to learn setting up your own business without paying a single cent? It is true. I have the solution for you. When you decide to learn and acquire more advanced technique, then you decide to sign-up as the premium member to access with plentiful of resources and help other members willingly to provide you. Check here!

online business to realize your dream
Key to unlock your dream

Lately the world economy is not doing very well. United States economy has not pick up and China growth has slowed down. As for European and Japan market, they are still at the bottom based therefore do not put much hope on them. Standard Chartered bank just recently announced laying off quite a number of senior executive. Other banks are also streamline their organisation and operation. It will be painful for senior workers to get layoff when they are 50 years old and above, and they will have a hard times finding job again at their age. Home-based business provide the best option for seniors to consider, with very small capital to start initially. What is required, is the time you can spare, on your online business and determination to succeed.

time and effort

As the online business is home based, you can work at it when you reach home after work and do it at evening time or during the weekend and public holiday period. This best home based business will provide you additional source of income. With rising business costs and tighter labour policies, it is difficult to setup the traditional business model whereby you need to pay for office rent and employ staff to manage the business for you. With online business model, you can setup your office online and run it 24/7 throughout the year. Of course, you must engage good and trustworthy hosting company to manage your site.

When choosing the best business for seniors, you need to consider those limitation seniors are facing. Age, physical condition and movement are big concerns I would like to highlight, as seniors do not have the advantages as compared with the young when the do businesses require higher physical strengths and require to move about often. Home-based online business is the best which I found it require less travel/movement and can work comfortably at home with ease.

Worry about losing job? – Come to here

Have you ever worry about losing job, especially when you have reached 50? With slowing economy in recent days, many households start to get worry about their future income.

Don’t worry it anymore. I will show you the way. Gone are the days when company will employ you till you retire.

As I was searching for a good affiliate marketing program, I found out about Wealthy Affiliate and I have done quite a fair bit of research on the internet. After weeks of hesitation, I decided to give it a try, since Wealthy Affiliate offer a starter program which is free for the 7 days as a start. As I went through the 7 days free online lessons offered from Wealthy Affiliate, I found it very convincing and provided a lot of online support to internet entrepreneur like me to jump start my digital business.

Even after the 7 days, Wealthy Affiliate did not cancel my free starter membership and I am able to upgrade to premium membership after my careful thought. With the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, there are even more training program at the WA platform for you to learn. As I have created WordPress website at .com before and also know how to create website using Joomla platform, I know the usefulness of a website which help businesses attract customers and lead to more sales eventually.

With the knowledge of website creation, and with Wealthy Affiliate training support in getting traffic to your website you can monetize at your business website. Through your website, you can offer your own product, or promoting other people products and earn commission for it.

I know this is a real business opportunity for people without much capital and want to start their own business. This is the best option to start with, and I am going to create success using Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Want to have the life style like below?


Visit here to start your business, right away. Believe me! It works.

What should I do when I retired? — Read on here

With a longer life span, many people do not wish to retire early. In Singapore, the official retirement age is 62 and the employers are asked to offer eligible workers to continue working till 65. And Singapore government is looking into raising the age to 67, and this will give older workers additional 2 year of working life. Even then, 67 is still has many years away from the average life people live in this world. Therefore, I would like to ask people to find meaningful work to do after they retired.

It is important to plan ahead before your retirement age come. One of the concerns most retirees face is the financial means to enjoy their retirement and also worrying the inflation will erode their money. Another concern is the healthcare issue. As age come with health problem, this is no doubt about it and all the senior citizens need to get ready for it. The healthcare cost is increasing year after year, therefore it is advisable for seniors to find a means to earn income. Online business is the most suitable platform for them to pursue at their age.

With rising cost of living, we need more money to set aside for our retirement. According to a survey done by HSBC Singapore in July 2016, we need to save 9 year longer in order to have a comfortable retirement when comparing with our previous generation. This is rather scary to me. Work and save for another 9 years? I will get burn out more early. This is going to put more pressures on my current working life.

I would suggest to everyone who is reading my website here, to stop thinking about retirement. Instead, build your own online business now and continue to work as long as you are capable of working. I choose online business for seniors is because with online business you do not need to travel so much and you can simply work from home. This is the most suitable job for seniors as movement is minimum and you can work at home anytime you wish.

Interested to learn how to start your online business? Visit Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform and start follow the simple steps to build your online business.

For most of us, work provides purpose and meaning to our life, especially the older workers. Without working, life can become very dull and boring. It is important to all of us, as long as we are able to cope with the work commitment physically and mentally, we must continue to keep us occupy with things in life.


You can setup a website to offer your experiences and know-how to younger generation. Posting all your knows on the website, allowing people to reach you online. Experience is the best teacher and I am sure there will be a lot of younger workers wish to learn from you. Senior employees have very deep knowledge of how a company being run and they have wide contacts to tap. You can decide to collect a token from them, or quote based on market rate. With the additional income, you are able to live your life with dignity earning your own income. Age is just a number, and there are many things you can do proactively at age 50 and above. Servicing the community is one good way, and by learning how the online community interface with others will serve you well.

Retirement ahead

Having problem to create your website? Not an issue. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate online learning platform for you to learn. You can try the learning free for the first 30 days, and subsequently you decide to continue with a small fee. Every decision you make, you are in full control. You can create a blog of yours by focusing on talent development, imparting your knowledge to the younger generation. This is what the society need from older generation. The platform which I mentioned here give you the opportunity to create your dream and live the life you wish.

Once you decided, you can visit my “Get Started” page to start your learning journey. Do not be afraid to ask me too, if you has any query to clarify. I am always here to support you.

Why practice Search Engine Optimization? – I tell you the reason!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in short, is gaining popular in this internet world. If you have a website and you want people to find your website, knowing Search Engine Optimization will help you to reach your target audience. SEO help the search engine to rank your site and improve the click for SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Search Engine Optimization also aide in the user experience (UX) allowing them to navigate your website at ease.

For businessman who want to build a website, learning about SEO will help them a lot in reaching out to much more potential customers and lead to more revenue for them. The web has moved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and even to Web 3.0 now and newer and advanced technologies are being used to increase the visibility of business website. Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, etc are gradually being used widely by marketers.

Copywriters are required to know about SEO too. They cannot just write good, organic web copy without knowing the SEO principles. For marketers, they too need to master the SEO principles so they can plan their online marketing strategies and campaigns to target the right audiences.

Organic Content Strategy

SEO plays heavily on the Organic content strategy! By creating original, genuine and true content in the business website, searchers will come to your site more frequently. In order to reach out to the web user, we need to know the value of SEO and execute it according to the right strategies.

Google is still king

As of today, Google keeps innovate and continue to keep relevant to the searchers. At present, Google has 67% and Bing has 29% of the search engine usage. This makes Google remain at the top of search engine industry. Many of the big search engine companies like Netscape, Lycos and Alta Vista have went missing. Google has killed them.

Collapse of Brick-and-mortar business

With competition and reduced costs of the E-Commerce websites, many of the brick-and-mortar business collapsed. E-commerce spending has reached US$186 billion a year in 2014 and is expected to increase further. The growth of internet for work and leisure has expanded in every country. Consumer prefer the comfort of online purchasing, with the improved security and credit card transactions. Online research is also very convenient and easy to use.

Keyword Research

In order to get more traffic to your website and have more online presence, finding the right keywords to use on your website is very important. By using the keywords that people use when they perform their google search allow your website to be shown up to them. Once your website appear, you have all the means to present your content to them, and that allow you to show them your products or services.

One of best keyword research tools I found is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It provides all the necessary tool you need to identify the right keywords to use at your website and drive more traffic to your online presence.