Have you heard about “The ADBL”? What is “The ADBL”? There are 9094 searches average monthly and having 1546 heavy traffic each month, and you wonder what is that?

ADBL is actually the short name for Academy of Digital Business Leaders and setup by UK company to train new digital leaders in organisation worldwide. When you visit their website, you will see the company vision “We empower and enable effective transformation”. From this vision, you can see how important is Digital knowledge we should embrace on.  Many companies are tapping on the growing need of the digital industry and offer various kind of courses, teaching executives to utilise the right digital skills in managing/handling the new emerging digital world.

Diploma and Certification Courses are being offered by the academy at various pricing. The Executive Diploma in Digital Business is £2,595 +VAT(£3,114 inc. VAT) for 26 weeks online course. For those who would like to save their money and learn the similar knowledge as ADBL providing, I strongly encourage them to visit my highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate Online Learning Platform. You will get more out of it and can start learning free at the beginning. Only when you feel comfortable to learn more, then you move on to the premium level and you will get more out of it.

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