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Are you getting worried that you will not be able to work in the future as the economy getting bad in recent years? There is widespread concern the rising unemployment and a weak global economic outlook this year 2017. Will the government able to create enough jobs for all of us? Will the jobs be sustainable in both new and existing industries?

Fear not, my friend; especially mature workers. You can always look for new career and re-start a new journey.

There is a way and I will show you. There is hope out there which you can tap on to start your own business. As long as you are willing to put effort and learn the steps which I outline in my blog here and you will get there in the matter of times. Real people are earning good income just following the steps and they have the faith and believe of the systems that we learned and taught here.

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In this age of fast changing world with technology keep evolving, year after year, we need to skill, re-skill and up-skill constantly in order to stay relevant in the business world. Also, we must continue to develop our potential in life and have an impact in the society.

Cost of living is getting higher and starting a family is become much harder. There is also no job security in any company you work with, with the ever changing market and technology. In order to stay employable, you can consider signing-up the free starter membership program at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Myanmar Business Today

I was reading Today news (24th September 2016) about the article “A land eager to look rich: Luxury brands edge into Myanmar”. This article attracted my eye ball and I started to read into the detail.

I agreed that Myanmar will be a huge potential market for businessmen eager to expand their business into new market. I believe the time is right now for suitable products/services to go in, but which products/services and where to establish your business is the tougher part for businessmen to consider.

Myanmar business today

The article talked about government officials buying luxury sport utility vehicles and many rich people visited high class boutique in Yangon to buy their watches, in those upscale shopping area.

Myanmar’s economy is expanding fast and I believe it will be another China in the coming years. Since 2012, the growth of the economy is swiftly with government encourage foreign investment and there is strong political changes ongoing. In 2015, the GDP grow is about 7%, much increased from the 5.6% in 2011. With the luxury lifestyle most of the government officials are enjoying now, they will want the country to be like China in 10 years time.

Myanmar a land eager to get rich

I was just talking to one of the engineers from China, who moved to Singapore for better prospect in 2005 but realised his counterpart in China is doing much better than him. What a 10 years different a country can be, when the country has better land and huge population, with the government determination to bring the country to the next level.

With so many lessons they see from the news and various countries visiting, I believe the Myanmar government know which direction the country need to go after. Opening the country for foreign investment and make use of their existing cheap labor cost, huge .

Myanmar has huge natural resources like timber, minerals, oil and gas and these give the local people the good opportunities to trade with foreign companies which are eager to get. Yangon, being the capital and most cosmopolitan city in Myanmar, has seen his property market in the urban area growing each year. New high-rises upscale hotels and shopping malls are rising each month. But, be careful which business partner you choose to work with to avoid heavy mistakes. Invest wisely and do your business with diligent.

Myanmar business growing

Middle class is emerging and many Myanmar migrants are coming home start their business opportunities at home. This trend is not going to stop because these local people will want their country to be like China now, in the years ahead. With dream, things will come for all the human race in history.

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If you wish to get more insight into Myanmar business potential, you may visit Solidiance, a Singapore-based consulting firm providing business insight for you to go into new market like Myanmar. Yoma Strategic Holdings, a company also based in Singapore, having larger interest in Myanmar has a lot of knowledge in the country for you to learn. Just visit their company website for further information you need. Want to setup your own site and create articles or posts about your interest? Visit Siterubix Powerful Website builder to create your own website in minutes.

For those who want to see how the rich in Myanmar spend their money, you can go to Yangon’s Golden Valley district and see those watch boutiques welcoming those riches into their shops for business.


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Online Learning Centre

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online learning centre

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take action

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Opportunities in Data Analytics

With more people and companies accessing the internet, the opportunities in data analytics segment will be in huge demand in the near future. A hyper-connected world in many countries will create large business opportunities for businesses to tap on.

Internet access has become much easy and cheaper everywhere in this world. Younger population is familiar with these technologies and will continue to engage the mobile devices throughout their life. How to collect, analyse and use these large amounts of data on the internet is becoming an important topic for all business. Regardless whether in e-commerce, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, the ability to deal with these data will put you in the upper hand.

A survey by Singapore Economic Development Board predicts that the data analytics sector will create additional S$1 billion to the Singapore economy by 2017. This has motivated the government to start their pursue in the data analytics area as one of the strategic push for the nation to compete in the world.

Already there are big names been established in Singapore like SAP, Nielsen Holdings and IBM Analytics Asia-Pacific. Local firms like Sense Infosys and others are also emerging in the market to tap on this growing trend.

Do you want to be part of this growing trend and be wanted by companies in this growing segment?

How Do I Achieve My Dream ?

My dream is to ….  and I want to get it within this year. Once I achieve my dream, I will …

Sound familiar to you? 

Many of us have a dream, especially when we are young and we want to get that dream in short time.  Usually, we will tell ourselves that, when we achieve that dream, we will do this and that. Many promises and wishful thinking.

But did we set up a plan and work towards achieving the dream? Most likely we never do it and our dream forever sitting in our head. As age growing, we loose the confidence and we tell ourselves that dream is impossible to achieve it.

Never…never…lose faith in you!

Today, I want to tell you. Do not lose your confidence and faith on yourself. It is never too late to start, regardless of your age. Age is not a barrier reaching your dream. You will live more happily when you are living a life you want and a life full of your dream make you feel wonderful in this world. Start now and don’t stop your dream. Let your dream fill your mind every day and you will feel more energetic to wake up each day.

All dreams start with a thinking. Therefore, make a habit to let your mind think often those things you want and you will be closer to what you want to get in this life. When you mind keep telling you that you want to reach that dream, start immediately do the action you need to do. A dream without action is wishful thinking and you will never reach your goal.

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Trust me! You are going to live your life fully.


Even Bill Gates read books often

Today I know about two important things which I can learn from it. First, most of the rich people in this world do a lot of reading, one of them is Bill Gates. Second, Bill Gates has a blog online and he said he read about 50 books a year.

I visited his blog just now and saw some of the listing of the books. He mentioned some books is about how steel or glass being made. This is interesting to know that, as a rich and successful man he still do a lot of reading and he is keen to know about the unknown. This is good habit which we should learn from him.

With this finding, this encourage me to put more effort on my online work. The online platform has allowed Bill Gates to reach more people. The internet has brought the usefulness of the technology in this world and online platform allows us to share information freely around the world. We together can make this world a better place, by sharing and communicating more often with one another.

Communication lead to better understanding of each other. Knowledge also help us to improve our life in this world better. A man who never stop learning will never cease to contribute in this world. To continue our contribution, keep learning.

Learn from the successful, and we will be on the path to success as well.

Thanks to Bill Gates for his wisdom to keep me motivated for the day.