How To Make Money Online In Singapore

As Singapore move towards a Smart Nation, Internet connection will be vastly available everywhere and businesses are going to embrace with the digitalization.

Many transactions and activities are going to be done online and more people will be using their smartphones to access the internet.

There will be a lot of opportunities for you to offer your services and products online, and make money on the internet. We will teach you how to make money online in Singapore.

When you have decided to make money on the internet, first thing you need to do is learn how to create an online presence. This can be accomplished by learning how to create your website using Siterubix platform.

Once you know the steps, you can start choosing a niche where you are passionate about or you are very good at it.

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Have a strong desire to make money

Many people want to make money online but their desire is not strong. They are half-hearted and tend to sidetrack when other things pop up in their daily life. Their interest last only a while and quickly die down and no action following up.

In order to succeed in making money online, you must have a very strong passion on this make money idea. You live with it, breath every moment of it, think of it every second and you are eager to make money on the internet.

You constantly think of a way to make money online and eager to look for solution. When you spend a lot of times thinking and looking for ways to make it work, you will succeed in making money online.

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Passion about the niche you choose

Passion make a difference. When we are passionate about something, we tend to love doing it and spend more times on it.

The more times we put in the niche we choose, the more reward we can get in return. When we keep doing something we love, we will master it well and know better of the niche we choose.

When we are good at the niche we like, we become more knowledgeable and can teach and guide other people. We become an authority and people are willing to listen and follow us. We have a higher influence on them and become trustworthy to them.

Put your niche online and start making it known on the internet. Once people know about your website, they will visit it often and help to spread the news around. This in turn will bring more visitors to your website. As traffic increase, you can start to put your money machine on your website.

Want to know what kind of niche you can consider? Or how other choose the niche they want? Visit Home Page of this site and click the Free Starter Membership banner  and see yourself how other do it. It is always good to see how successful people have done it and we learn from their success story and avoid those mistakes they make. Do not reinvent the wheel. Instead make a better wheel to move faster than others.

Create Online Presence

With Singapore pushing toward a digital economy, and more people are turning to internet for source of information and advice. Keeping an online presence become essential to create awareness and reach out to more people. How to go about creating your online presence? Go to Home Page and sign up the Free Starter Membership to follow all the online course. It is as simple as setting up your Whatspps.


Make Yourself Known Online

Internet allow us reaching out to more people and connect with others. More people are using their mobile phone to access internet, this leads to increasing opportunities for you to reach them.

Singapore has very high penetration rate of internet usage in the world and is well connected with the rest of the world. The government of Singapore is also encouraging people to learn about internet. The potential of making money online in Singapore is really huge. Start taking action today.

You can use social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln and YouTube to engage with others. All these online tools are free to use and allows you to connect with many people around the world.

The fastest way to make yourself known online, is using Google Ads. By advertising on Google platform, other people can see your Ads immediately. This is the quickest way to reach out to others on the internet.

Google Ads appear on the 1st page and occupy the first few rows. If you want fast result, this is the way to go about it.

Put Your Money Machine On It

Once your online presence is known to others, more people will come to your website to learn more about you. This is the time you put all your money machine on it.

Your money machine are:

  • Affiliate Marketing link
  • Google adsense
  • other third party advertisements
  • Products and Services related to your niche

You need money to survive in Singapore

Singapore is a city state and has limited natural resources. Most of the products need to import into the country. The country adopt an open policy which allows others to come into Singapore to compete with local enterprises. In order to survive in this dense country, you need to constantly upgrade and relearn new knowledge and skills. Otherwise you will be pushed to the side and become marginalised by others.

If you want to keep up todate with the technology and fast moving society, I encourage you to join our free membership online course.

Singapore is building all the necessary infrastructure to connect the city with high speed internet. It is time to master digital skills for the coming challenges.

Government has master plan to make Singapore becoming a smart city. With all the support, there is no reason why we cannot succeed in this fast changing world.

Learn from Successful Online Marketer

There are a lot of successful people making money online since the introduction of Internet. You too can do it, as long as you follow the right people. Many successful Wealthy Affiliate members are making money online and you can learn from them by joining our platform.

The beauty of becoming part of a community allow you to interact and socialize with other members and learn from each other. That is the reason I join Wealthy Affiliate Online community. There are many successful Online marketer in this community you can learn from, and I strongly encourage you to join today.

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One of the young successful Super Affiliate achiever in the Wealthy Affiliate community is Jerry Huang. He has acheived success within a very short period of 2 years by joining Wealthy Affiliate and learn everything about Affiliate Marketing through the platform. In addition, he continue to learn from others as well. With the foundation built up by Wealthy Affiliate, he is able to scale the next height with extra knowledge and skill sets from others.

He has started to create his own Online Training course, teaching others about Affiliate Marketing. His online course bring him a lot of money and he is focusing all of his energy on this new found GoldMine.

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No 1 Tip to make money Online – Learn from successful people

Wonder who to follow and learn all the techniques to make money online . Jerry Huang and Katie Grazer are two hero we can learn from.

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Thrive Themes has many good resources which you can tap on and learn from. Personally I like the recent article, The Ultimate Guide on How To Start an Online Business in 2020. I strongly recommend you to read about it and apply those suggestion.

No 2 Tip to make money Online – Create your own Online Course

Using Teachable platform to create your own Online Course. One of the ways to increase your income source is making your own product. Teachable is a wonderful platform allowing you to create all of your course online with easy steps to follow.

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No 3 Tip to make money Online – Using Viglink

You can use Viglink to monetize your website. It works by converting outgoing links into affiliate links. When users make a purchase, you make money from the commission they pay you.

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Result You Want To Know when using these 3 tips

Without action you will not be able to see the result. Therefore I decided to do what I teach and create my own online course using teachable platform. You will be able to see my result subsequently.

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Every journey start with a small step forward. Want to learn from experts and follow successful people how to make money online?

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Start to Make Money Online Now

Without action nothing is going to happen. It is the same for making money online. Singapore is regarded as a city state with efficiency. We want you to get real money fast and therefore want you to take action immediately.

Here is the way to make money fast, sign up for the Affiliate program from these providers and start to follow what they teach you to do. More actions will lead to faster income. Ready? Go.

Make Money Promoting Hello Bar Program

This is a new affiliate program which I just sign up today on 2019 June 15th in Singapore. It helps you to convert visitors to your website into customers. Hello Bar is being trusted by 500,000 marketers around the world. Companies like Salesforce, Fox, Men’sHealth are using its program to convert visitors into customers. It is a great program and you should be able to promote, with all the reputation it has built up over the years.

If you already have a website and want to convert your visitors into customers. You should visit here at Hello Bar website and put in your website URL and create a free account to try its power.

Promote Online Courses at Springboard to make money online

Here is another company offering affiliate partner program you can sign up and start promoting their products and earn money online in Singapore. Springboard was founded in 2013 and has spread its online courses to 100 countries. Thousands of students have benefited their unique online courses and gain jobs in many industries.

Take Online Survey to get paid

This is one of the favorite way of making money online and most students would have try this method. However, I find that the money you earn each time is very small and you need to do it each time again and again. The effort you did in the past cannot be accumulated and you are not able to make passive income.

Here is a screen shot of what I took. You can see the reward has very little money for you.

What I means by passive income, meaning you will get paid even though you are not at work. Therefore, I do not wish to spend my effort on doing the online survey. I have done it before and do not see it to be able to turn into a full time income. There are other ways of making money online and earning more than this method.

Become a Grab driver using Mobile Apps to accept job

This is one of the disruptive technology which is affecting many taxi drivers income worldwide. Some of the cities ban this new companies entering into their city to compete with their drivers’ income. What you need is a smart phone, equip with mobile Apps and be the partner with the companies providing these private hiring car services to consumers.

I have tried it before when Uber was in Singapore. It provides the passengers a convenient way to engage a driver to bring them to their designated location with ease. Technology is constantly evolving and this provide another new stream of income for new entrance. I would say the technology will continue to evolve and new kind of services in this transportation business model will change in the coming years.

The initial learning to use the Apps and providing the require services to the pickup passengers can be challenging. However, it will become very routine in the subsequent months. Not much learning and knowledge can be gained from the job after driving and providing the service for a year. There are other alternative and bigger income opportunity in the making money online world you should explore.

Use SMRT Taxishare Apps to earn money

In Singapore, there is only one Taxi company allowing  taxi driver to book a taxi anywhere in the city with its Mobile Apps. The taxi driver can book a taxi near his/her home at any hour of the day, just by logging online and find the suitable taxi  and time available. Booking fee is pay online and the opening of the taxi door is through the mobile apps, as well as locking the door after returning the taxi.

This platform allows taxi driver to choose the most convenient time and place to pick the taxi. It offer the flexibility without tying the driver for a contract which needs driver to sign a long term contract at least a week. This taxishare scheme is very suitable for part time taxi driver, and offer an online opportunity for them to book a taxi to fetch passengers for extra income.

Get Ideas from Quora

Quora is a new platform allowing people to ask question on the internet. Answers are being provided by many people over the world. You will be able to gain new insight and learn from others. I visit Quora often and get many inspiration by reading what other people suggest. You need to decide by yourself, which is the right solution you want to adopt.

Here is the URL you can explore and check out all the answers people suggesting how to earn money online in Singapore. Have a read and gain some insight for yourself.

Promoting hosting company like siteground using affiliate link

Siteground has its data centre in Singapore, and it has very strong customer support team to give you the fast and best service you need. I have used Sitegound for my previous company website and like their efficient services.

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Promoting wealthy affiliate membership through affiliate marketing

I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate and using its platform to create my website to earn online income. You should consider become its Free Starter Membership and explore its Online Course and learn all about Affiliate Marketing.

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Within Wealthy Affiliate, there are many ways and tools which you can use to promote the membership. If you prefer to watch a video how to do it, click below button.


        Easy way to make money online in Singapore

How to Add Wealthy Affiliate Videos to Your Blog Review Posts

Promoting products at Amazon Online store by signing up affiliate program

Amazon started as an online store selling books. Since then, the company has evolved and branch out into many other businesses. You can promote all kind of products on Amazon Online store and earn commission, whenever visitor purchase any product through your Affiliate Link.

Click here to learn how to sign up for Amazon Affiliate program

After signing up the Affiliate program, you may want to learn from seasoned Amazon Associate, what are their success strategies.

As of July 2020, Amazon market value is worth at US$1,233.4 Billion as a Public Listed Companies in the world.

There are a lot of resources on their website, which you should check it out and learn hard from it.

Research and learn from leading websites

When you run out of idea to improve your online business, you can also learn from other successful websites. See how these websites create their useful contents to attract visitors to their sites.

Popular website like TechHive have a lot of useful resources and information you can learn from. Research how they come up those contents on their website and create better content than them.

There are so many ways to make money online. What you need to do is, Everyday stay online and work online, on your own business, grow it , care about it, make sure you take care your business at any moment when you are available to work on your own business.

Ready to start?

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