Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore

Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore





I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate Online Business community since 2015, and have gained a lot of knowledge covering topics from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics Tool, Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tool), Bing Webmaster Tool, Keyword Research Tool, Paid-search marketing, and many more.

It has been a wonderful journey since I joined the community. I now host my websites on this platform and my websites are indexing well by all the search engines. With the platform, I can setup my own business Online and grow my business from the ground up.

For everyone wish to establish your own Online Business and master your own destiny, feel free to visit my Get To Know Wealthy Affiliate page to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform. You will be able to access to a lot of tutorials and training modules to upgrade your digital marketing knowledge and skills. Social medial marketing is also covered at Wealthy Affiliate training platform to drive more traffic to your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore
Wealthy Affiliate Online training program to           teach you all about Digital Marketing Skills

There are many successful members at Wealthy Affiliate that go on to build their growing income, after learning all the skills and knowledge taught at Wealthy Affiliate. Simply follow the 4 steps -> (1) Identify your niche (2) Build your website according to your niche (3) Attract traffic to your site (4) Put Income Generator on your site.

Here is a video by the co-founder Kyle, who will walk you through what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you in your lifetime to master your Online business. Click the link here to watch the video.

Learn Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate In Singapore

Both founders Kyle and Carson started their Online Business in Affiliate Marketing. They have been doing affiliate marketing business since 2005, and have many years of successful experiences and record in creating huge income from their affiliate marketing business.

They wanted to share their knowledge and provide genuine teaching to those marketers who want to know about affiliate marketing. By introducing the Wealthy Affiliate platform and provide a lot of resources and tools, members can scale their internet business by following the online training modules inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Singapore Is The Center For South-East Asia

I am from Singapore, a tiny little red dot on the world map. Singapore has been an independent country since 1965, and is a member of ASEAN. Population in Singapore is 5.7 million as of December 2017 and the country has an area of only 800 square km on the main island.

If you are my fellow Singaporean reading this post, and would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you to establish your Online Business, feel free to contact me by email. I will be happy to meet up with you to show you all the wonderful features and tools at Wealthy Affiliate. We can have a coffee together in Singapore!


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4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Adviser From Singapore”

  1. That wasn’t bad at all. I see its a page to promote the WA Hq and seems well engaged within its niche. I liked how he started mentioning about singapore as well, i haven’t been there before but would love to go as i’m sure everybody would. Well all in all i agree that is is a well based piece of published information, so again thanks again

    • Hi Michael,

      I welcome you to come and visit Singapore. The main language in Singapore is English and you will be able to communicate and travel well within our country. Before independent, Singapore were part of British colony and therefore our education and governing laws were originated from the British system. 

      Being the center of South-East Asia countries, Singapore is well connected to many countries around the world. You can find many airlines coming into our countries and tourism is one of our major trades in connecting with the world. Feel free to visit Singapore and read more about us on the internet.

      The time difference between USA and Singapore is about 16 hours, and while the people in USA or Europe are sleeping, we in Singapore is working and full of daily life and activities. It is a great opportunities for business owner to extend their business here in Singapore and the rest of South-East Asia countries. Your business will be able to run 24 hours throughout the world.

      We welcome any one in the other part of the continents to connect with us here in Singapore. Being a small country, we are open in all the trade and be a bridge to the rest of countries in Asia.

      I wish Singapore to be the major bridge for Wealthy Affiliate in this part of the world, as the total population in South East Asia is approximately  600 million people. Huge opportunities for anyone wish aim to grow their Internet and Online business. 

  2. Loved your post about Wealthy Affiliate. It is truly an amazing platform.

    As you said, it covers modern SEO practice and everything else newbies and more experienced marketers need.

    I am really glad your content is getting indexed fast and you are really benefiting from Wealthy Affiliate.
    I also created my first website after joining WA and how i am finishing my 30th post. It was a really great journey and it just keeps getting better.

    How did you benefited from WA the most?

    • Thank you for the comment and glad that you are using Wealthy Affiliate platform to create your own Online business. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly a home-based business platform and you can learn and master all the techniques at home, by watching the video tutorial, communicate with the large community, learn all the training modules at home with your chosen time.

      Comparing with other training program where you need to pay $2,000 and attend the workshop physically at their premises, Wealthy Affiliate training programs are all on the internet cloud. You can watch and learn anytime at home, and re-learn again if you are not sure. 

      Wealthy Affiliate allows me to be my own boss and I can create my own business at home with all the resources and tools at the platform. It is really amazing to have both founders Kyle and Carson to create this wonderful platform and there is no up-sell once you join. Everything you want to learn is on the platform, you just need to search for it and ask any of the community members. 

      For those who really want to explore Wealthy Affiliate Online training program, and you happen to be in Singapore, feel free to contact me locally and we can meet up and I can show you how it works. There is free starter membership for you to sign-up. Therefore, you are free to join me and be the member.


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