How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

There are so many resources on the internet for you to learn about Digital Marketing, when you google on the internet and spend some times on your computer. However, it can be overwhelming if you keep reading and reading without doing anything.

The most important thing you need to do is Action. Without actually performing the action, you will never achieve what you intend to realize it.

Here, I am doing the necessary action to acheive my goal in 2020 to achieve my goal of improving my Online Business. By doing the action we need, which is Action.

Today, Jan 5th 2020 in Singapore time, I have learned so much on the internet and also from social media posts. There are plenty of resouces for us to improve our life, creating our own business, help us to manage our relationship with others, improve our productivity.

All these resources on the internet are plentiful and as I said before, it can be overwelming and we may be motivated a while. But, without actually doing the action we will never achieve our goals we set in life.

This is the post which I created and I actually did the action to create this posting. Action is important to realize our goals.

If you want to improve your Digital Marketing Knowledge, here are some of the articles I found useful and I am sharing with you here. I will also be spending time to apply what I learned from these articles and share with you the result.

Shane Melaugh Most Ambitious Project In 2020

I am a fan of Shane Melaugh as I find that he is a sincere guy and have achieved big success in his Online Business. He has launched one of his most ambitous project in 2020 and you can learned how Shane Melaugh intend to build up his ambitious project in 2020 here.

From this post, you can see the trend in the future, how video content going to become more important in 2020 and the popularity of Online Course in 2020. You may want to capitalize on these 2 important niche areas and make that your goals in 2020.

In the post, you can learn from him, how he conduct his business and what are his leadership in leading his team and the ways he manage his co-workers in this age of Digital World. Many of his business strategies are very effective in running our business in this modern age.

Neil Patel teach you How To Improve Your WordPress SEO in 30 Minutes

I subscribe to Neil Patel Youtube channel and today I got this notice, How To Improve Your WordPress SEO in 30 minutes. Cool isn’t it? Who don’t want to improve in their SEO in 30 minutes. You will likely to watch it if your are SEO learners.

Do you want to learn How To Improve Your SEO in 30 minutes?
Click the link above and watch how Neil Patel teach you the method. You need to actually doing it by going into your website and Google Search Console. Do those action Neil Patel teach you to improve your SEO.

I will share with you when I do the action suggested by Neil Patel and inform you the outcome. Neil Patel has many experiences in SEO and he is sincere to share with you his knowledge. We really can learn a lot from him.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Digital Marketing by Neil Patel

Learning is more effective when you do the action step-by-step. Here, I wish to share with you an article written by Neil Patel. You will gain a lot by following those steps outline by him and do what he advise you.

Do what is being suggested and take your own notes what you have learned. I will share with you what I learned with you. You may also come out your own ebook, how you intend to do your own Digital Marketing step-by-step.

Brian Guide in 2020 for Content Marketing

Many wonderful tips on internet you can learn from, on ways to improve your digital marketing by improving your content marketing techniques. Brian, being one of the experts in the field of Digital Marketing have come up with a Definitive Guide in 2020 for you.

Click above link and do the action as suggestion by Brian and do a reflections of what you learned. You can also teach other people what you have leared from Brian. Learn by teaching is one of the effective methods of learning.

Learn from the expert to upskill your Digital Marketing Knowledge

Digital Marketing involves a lot of skill sets, here are some of them you will need to master along the journey:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing

Learning is a life long journey and you will gain much in life when you have the quest for knowledge. We have found a wonderful platform you can learn by taking up the Free Starter Membership and get yourself ready for the Digital Age.

Free Online Digital Marketing Starter Course

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