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There are many keyword research SEO tools in the market and many people have difficulties finding the right tool for their use. It is the same for me when I research on the internet, various types of keyword tools appear when I google it. One of the tools which I discovered is Jaaxy, the best keyword research platform you should use to increase your SEO traffic.

Thousands of websites want to make it big online but they fail to achieve their goals. Why?  It is because site owners have created their sites blindly, without conducting proper keyword research. To be successful online, they need to use the right keywords in their content, title page, meta description, and knowing what is search engine optimization (SEO).

Jaaxy allow you to know what are the competition out there for a particular keyword. Know how competitive the keyword is will lead you to plan your content effectively. The success of your online activities will greatly enhance if you know what keyword to use in your content writing. Jaaxy will help you to rank higher in Google search, when your target searcher type in those keywords you have found in Jaaxy.

Jaaxy keyword research tool

With Jaaxy keyword research tool, you will be able to target the right keyword to be used and use it to rank your content on Page 1 of the google search engine. It help you to gain mindshare on the internet when you target a particular niche market. When you do your SEO due diligence, your google ranking and popularity will go up.

Comparing Jaaxy with below list of keyword tools, you will know why I choose to use Jaaxy as my sole keyword research SEO tool. The following tools lack the width of knowlegge Jaaxy bring you and give you the cutting edge in driving the traffic to your website and thus increase your income earning power.

With the right keyword tool, you are able to find out what are the popular keywords used by the searchers. Using these keywords, you can put them in your content to drive more traffic to your website. The success of your online business will greatly enhanced and you will be able to reach out to these searchers. Content is king and keyword is the queen. Without the keyword (queen), the king will not come.

I will show you the way to make it easier for people to find your website, and help you to convert casual visitors into active buyer of your products/services. You can click on the Jaaxy banner above and it will show you the simple steps to create success for your online business.

The importance of keyword strategy cannot be ignored and it is with the use of right keyword tool you will be able to drive traffic to your website and encourage them to take any action you want them to do at your site. Using Jaaxy keyword tool I recommended here, you can avoid and remedy search engine traps.

I have written a Jaaxy Review Page for you to consider the usefulness of Jaaxy in helping you to gain more traffic to your site. Do have a read and drop me a comment so I can share with others as well.

What is a Keyword Search Tool

For those who wish to know more detail about what Keyword Search Tool can help you, here are few key points you will benefit from when you use it before your content writing:

  • improve your writing’s relevance and higher traffic
  • help you to generate content idea
  • optimize your content for higher ranking
  • understand better the searcher intent
Keyword Search Tool
Keyword Research Tool


Use Keyword Qualifiers

Study has shown that with the right keyword qualifiers in your title, the chances for searchers to click on it is higher. Below are some of the common keyword qualifiers you may consider:

  • time/date:   e.g. 2001, December, Morning
  • price/quality:   e.g. cheap, best, most popular
  • intent:   e.g. buy, shop, find
  • location:   e.g. Houston, outdoor, online, Singapore

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2 thoughts on “Keyword Research SEO Tool”

  1. Hello Thomas, you have done a great article here, it’s true that many websites don’t reach their goal because they are not using the right keywords and that’s why I came across your article because I was searching for the best way to find keywords.
    I do not want to just write blindly without knowing if I stand a chance of appearing on the first page of Google like you did when I typed my phrase.
    So I want to thank you because you have shown me how to find the best keyword, and since you are recommending Jaaxy, I think its a good tool because hey, I guess that’s how I found your article right? because Jaaxy gave you a great keyword to use.
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Rose,

      I am glad that you too are using Jaaxy Keyword Tool to find the best keyword to use in your article.
      It is important that we do research first and find out what kind of keyword phrases people search online and write quality contents for these people.
      Google will reward you for your good effort and rank your article on the first page.
      When your content appears on the first page, it is the magic power that business or profit come into play.


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