Today I learn about this new start-up called Sprinklr and checked on google found it has 513,000 results. Why does Singapore Economic Development Investment arm EDBI and Singapore Investment Company Temasek want to invest on this company?

You must be wonder what the big deal of this company? Spinklr is New York-headquartered which specialising in selling applications for you to schedule your social media campaigns, managing online commentary on your social posts and handling digital advertisement. This company was only established in 2009 and is working closely with many big players like Intel, Microsoft, P&G etc. It has more than 1,000 employees and has offices in 150 countries.

What makes this company so great? This is driven mainly by the online world. Thus, if you want to stay ahead of the game, learning all about online marketing, internet marketing is the main task you need to start this year. Do you want to learn how to? Visit my “Get Started” page and learn how Wealthy Affiliate 4 simple steps to create your online business.

Singapore Government has been trying very hard to expand its digital innovation capabilities and are encouraging more companies to expand and established their presence here. It is really very good opportunity for all Singapore Citizen to pick up all the essential digital marketing skills you can learn from the expert. I found Wealthy Affiliate the best online platform for you to learn all the knowledge you need for the digital transformation.

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