Key steps to building your small business website

Key Steps To building your small business website





What are the key steps you need to follow, in order to build up your small business website? Do you want a website for your business?

As a small business owner, you have a limited budget to use for your marketing expenses. Thus, finding the right ways and proper steps to follow is essential for you to create an impact on the internet and lead to more businesses.

There are 4 simple steps we will teach you how to build up your company website:

  1. Choose the best platform to build your business
  2. Follow the training inside the platform
  3. Take action each day and complete the tasks
  4. Be active within the community in the platform to continue learning

4 steps to build your business website

Being a businessman managing my small-scale business, I share the same problem as you when doing my marketing program. I search on the internet and found Wealthy Affiliate program helping me to create a website for my business within a short time, even in 30 seconds if you follow the right way.

How To Create Website Under 30 Seconds

I am going to show you an easy way to create your own company website in less than 5 minutes.

build your website in less than a minute

The above video clip shows you the easy steps you can follow to create a wonderful website for your small-scale business. I can promise you that it is comparable to big corporate websites which do not have the capability to reach out to many countries and markets in the world.

With your own website, you can scale your business to new heights and create new businesses which you never thought of before. Believe you can do it and your website will bring you the business you want.

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Under the Wealthy Affiliate online program, you can join the starter program which is free for you to explore. The program will teach you how to make a business website on your own for free, using the site builder on the platform.

Once you decide to up your skill sets, you can consider going for a premium membership to have more online support and a large community to support your query, 24/7 throughout the year.

Just like the traditional business, you need to build up your small business website with content. I have outlined 14 steps you can use to leverage what others have gone through and create useful content on your company website:

14 Steps To Create Useful Contents On Your Website

Step 1. Know Your Audience – You need to know who are your customers and their profile. Are they single/married, student/retiree/working professional/jobless, age/sex/hobby/education as detail you can find about them.

Step 2. Decide Key Themes and Messages – What do you want to communicate with your customers? Focus on their concerns/problems and find ways to help them. Do not keep thinking about your products and services, instead think like your target customers and what they want to see answer from your website.

Step 3. Set A Frequency Framework – You need to create a schedule for you to create content on your website. Update your website constantly to keep up with current market trends and conditions. Think in advance about what stories and features you wish to put on your website.

Step 4. Create an editorial calendar – Think like those newspaper publishers, and have some features on your website to entice your customers to come to your website for the content. For example, my Online Training School – Wealthy Affiliate, has weekly webinars to teach us how to scale our business further with the latest digital knowledge.

You may learn from the local newspaper, by having a food feature on Monday, home improvement on Wednesday, and entertainment section on Friday. With these features, it makes your website useful and helpful tips for those who come to your website.

Step 5. Develop regular features – Horoscopes, comics, and weather listings are some examples that help people come back to your website for updated information or for leisure reading. They will love to follow your website events when they learn something useful or interesting.

Step 6. Interview Experts – You may seek ideas from experts by interviewing them in a similar industry to yours. By learning from others, you can improve your business knowledge and share it on your website.

Step 7. Utilize Multimedia – It is common for us to learn things on YouTube and you can widen your reach by incorporating multimedia on your site. With various forms of communication like text, images, photos, videos, and audio you can make your web content much more attractive.

Step 8. Seek Expert Contributors – To create quality and additional content on your website, you can seek an expert in your field for contribution. Speak or write to them for content contribution to your site.

Step 9. Create User-Generated Content – One way to create content on your website by those visitors to your site, is getting them to put comments, ratings, and reviews on your web pages.

Step 10. Give Your Opinion – Become an expert in your industry by observing and understanding the details of all the products/services. Offer your opinion and thoughts about the industry and become a thought leader in your respective field.

Step 11. Welcome Comments and Feedback – WordPress website has very good comments and feedback mechanisms, and in the Wealthy Affiliate platform – SiteRubix has even more of this you can utilize to let visitors to your website participate in your business.

Step 12. Listen to your customers – When you care more about your customers and listen to their needs, you will win their hearts and gain more business opportunities.

Step 13. Improve Old Contents – The flow of the river is ceaseless and you will never be able to step on it twice. This shows what our modern day is like, with new technology and things that keep evolving each day. You may update your old content and make improvements to make them relevant and exciting.

Step 14. Capture Visitors to your site – Once people found your website, you would want to understand them more, send them additional information, and keep them coming back to your website and continuing to engage with them.  You would want to capture their profile, and detail by giving them the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter and email marketing.

There are plenty of additional resources, tools, and information you can gain from our platform. Let’s sign-up with our membership and receive all the useful tips to build up your small business website.

New life waiting for you with a new website


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