Best hosting company in Singapore

Best Hosting Company in Singapore





With over 50,000 companies providing hosting services, it could be overwhelming to select one for your hosting need. I would like to recommend the Best hosting company in Singapore which I have used personally. The company is SiteGround  and it is also recommended by WordPress to use them as your hosting platform, when you check on WordPress official website.

SiteGround have various types of hosting plans and each has its own merit. It is very suitable for running WordPress and Joomla websites. SiteGround was established in 2004 and has since then become the top few in the hosting industry, and is trusted by more than 200,000 customers all over the world.

Best hosting company in Singapore
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High Quality Web Server with 99.9% uptime

SiteGround web servers are high in quality and 99.9% uptime. This is superior fast among many web servers I came across. It has 3 sites for their data center and one of them is right situating in Singapore. If you are Singapore company, choosing to host your site at a data centre in your own country make very good sense.

The speed and efficiency of your web traffic to your site is super and it allows you to outpace other competitor sites in other parts of the world. Pricing is affordable for most companies with different package to meet each company preference.

Hosting is important to SEO and some search engines like Google pay attention to your site’s IPs. By hosting your site at SiteGround if your primary audience is in Singapore, your users in Singapore will experience faster network latency with faster site response times.

Live Chat Support

I have use Siteground for my Joomla website, as well as WordPress website. The support staffs at the Live Chat are always helpful and knowledgeable. Any time you have query, you can always go to Live Chat and seek support from them. You will be amazed by how fast they respond to your query.

Recently when I requested Siteground Live Support staff to install WordPress at my subdomain, they swiftly do it for me within 3 minutes. I now have a new website powered by WordPress and I am able to rank higher at search engines with WordPress powerful platform.

Want to see for yourself?
You are welcome to visit Siteground and have a view of it, before you make further decision.

Friendly Dedicated Staffs from SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround started as a small startup and has grown to more than 300 staffs. The hosting company has many talented and hard-working people in the industry, sharing the same values, motivation and passion as a team and have fun for their works.

Friendly dedicated staffs at SiteGround Hosting

Criteria in selecting a Hosting company

Here are the criteria I believe you should consider when making a decision, to chose the best hosting company you want to have for your website in Singapore:

  • fastest speed
  • large data bandwidth
  • sufficient disk storage
  • 24/7 technical support (by phone and online-chat)
  • easy to use FTP, PHP
  • secure SSL
  • efficient email, autoresponder
  • friendly control panel
  • good domain hosting, subdomain
  • secure webserver
  • good pricing
  • easy payment plan
  • excellent customer service

Web hosting company is like your landlord which you lease a space from them so you can host your website at their web server. It is the responsibility of the web hosting company, ensuring that the web server keeps working and the internet connection stays connected. Once you have signed up the hosting plan, the hosting company will provide you the control panel or dashboard for you to manage your hosting. You will be able to setup your email accounts and do all the back-end activities related to hosting.

It is important to have a good backup system for your website. Therefore, when choosing your web hosting company you need to choose one with good backup system. Web host that offer phone support, online chat and ticket system are the best to use.

Most of the web hosting company use Linux as their operating system as Linux is very robust and free, thus helping to keep hosting cost to the minimum. SiteGround uses CentOS as its Linux OS, which is built on the Red Hat version of Linux.

Questions you may want to ask the web hosting company if you decided to use their services:

  • is there a limit on how many sites are put on one server?
  • what kind of specifications for all the servers?
  • what is the uplink port speed on the server? e.g. 10Mbit, 100Mbit, or 1Gbit?
  • what is the operating system and server software being used on the server?

SiteGround use cPanel as their hosting system and this is the most popular control panel being used by web hosting companies. cPanel control panel is highly customisable and very powerful. Webmaster will be able to make full use of the cPanel features to increase their site full potential and draw more traffics and understanding of visitors’ detail.

When picking a good web hosting company, you may want to find a balance between cost and features. Generally, the more you pay the more features you will be getting. Standard and share hosting usually the cheapest and there will be lots of websites stored and run from the same web server machine.

Lower Price For Hosting at SiteGround

If you just need a basic website and require only 10GB of storage space, you can choose the lowest price plan at only USD3.59 per month. This is absolutely the best deal you do not want to miss.

Next up the pricing is also very attractive, only USD5.59 per month and give you 20GB of storage for hosting multiple websites. This plan is the best seller and allow you to have 25,000 visitors each month.

Crafted for the professional web user, GoGeek plan provide 30GB web space and allows you to scale up 100,000 visitors monthly. Even with these advanced features, it only cost you USD10.59 each month.


SSL Certificate support help in Google ranking

To ensure your website is safe to visit and help in your Google ranking, you are encourage to install SSL certificate on your website. I have installed all my websites with SSL certificate and would recommend you to do the same. Siteground is fully supporting this security protection on their web server, therefore you do not need to spend additional money purchasing the SSL certificate from third party provider.Just inform the support staff at Siteground, and they will do it for you.

SiteGround Customer Reviews Rating

Here are 3 customer reviews on SiteGround. As you see, the rating of SiteGround given by these customers are excellent. You should consider to host your website at SiteGround as well.

Siteground review rating by customer A
SiteGround Review Rating by Customer A


Siteground Review rating by customer B
              Siteground Review Rating by Customer B
Sieground review rating by customer C
SiteGround review rating by customer C

Want to know about SiteGround? Watch below video and Click the banner below it for detail.


SiteGround web hosting





Singapore Insight

97% of Singaporean age range between 16 and 44 are constantly online. They turn to YouTube for video and daily spent on is about 39 minutes. Typically, they do research online, compare choices before their purchase of mobile phone, TV etc.

Singapore is also at the center of South East Asia market, which has 260 millions internet users. This is the 4th largest market in the market. Do not forget about this huge size. Start creating your online presence to reach this market.

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