Digital Marketing for businesses

Digital Marketing for businesses have become the new form of marketing to expand their business. The trend is going to increase further in the coming years, with more digital solutions targeting the online business community.

With the grow of smartphone usage, digital marketing will become even more important from now. We can search anything on the smartphone, more information is being stored digitally and can be assessed everywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Cloud computing is one of the factors driving the wider adoption of digital marketing in all the industries. The two most population countries in the world (China and India), are seeing increasing usage of smartphone among it younger generation. This trend has a big impact in the near term on how new generation consuming the information in their hands.

We are seeing many younger generation holding their smartphone wherever they go, and they are using different kinds of Apps in their daily life. Popular Apps like WhatsApp’s, Shapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc are widely used by the younger population. It has become their lifestyle, and they cannot liver without their phone.

Even older generation at the age of 50 years and above are digitally driven. This group of consumers is coming to the online world to search for new opportunity, be it additional income or to improve their health. All kinds of activities can be learned from the internet and the internal is digitally connected with all the countries in this world.

Being digital, it means information can be transmitted through the internet and stored electronically. Comparing with the traditional way of marketing, digital marketing allows small companies to compete directly with the multinational corporation.

The bosses of these small setups are able to handle marketing by themselves, without spending a large amount of budget on marketing, especially like advertising on the TV and radio.

Build Your Digital Assets

The important of going Digital is clearly in many people mind. But how are you going to stand-out among all the noises on the internet?

Building your Online Digital Assests become paramount in this new age. Here are a few you should establish:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Online Store
  • Social Networks presence
  • Mobile apps

Marketing Your Digital Assets

After you have created your Online Presence, other people must be able to find you on the internet. That is what Attracting Traffic all about.

2 main strategies you need to implement in order to attract traffic to your Online Presence:

  • Having a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • creating a clear vision what you want to achieve
    • knowing who are your target audience
    • having the right tactics to achieve your goals
  • Developing Multi-Media Content
    • having a variety of media formats (articles, images, videos, audios, email)
    • using multi-channel marketing channels
    • considering paid Digital Marketing to accerate the reach

Where To Learn About Digital Marketing For Businesses

You can register here for the free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate and explore all the digital marketing lessons to kick start your business.

Google has partnered with Squared Online (started in UK 2013) to build digital skills for employees of businesses. However, the cost fee is rather expensive costing about USD2,595 as of September 20, 2018 on its website. Will you pay for that or explore below option?

Free Online Digital Marketing Starter Course

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