How To Change Your Life

Updated on May 2nd, 2022

Have you ever wonder how to change your life so that you can live happily in this world?

Most of us would have thought about this and looking for ways to change our life and be better in the coming future. But, are we prepare to do the necessary changes and work towards it?

I too encountered setback in my life, especially since my ex-company decided to closed down the office in 2017. I then worked for two companies but not able to stay in these companies for long.

I have since went for conversion course and enter into another new industry and have started working since October 2018. Time past and I have been working full-time for 3 years now. During weekend and off-day, I worked part-time as a self employed and earn additional income.

Work make me busy and do not have time to think much about my future. It is time to plan for future and work towards my dream now.

My work has become more stable and routine, and I have more times now to think and plan what I wish to do next. I am working more on my business online and using Wealthy Affiliate platform to grow my business.

This is my dream and plan at this moment, and I intend to work at it 90% of my times. That is the way to go and the easy way to achieve my dream.

How To Change My Life

Below video will motivate us to think about what we want to do in our life, before we leave this world. Have a thought before we grow old and not able to do what we wish to do when we are still healthy.

Reading books help us improve our knowledge and also widen our perspective in life. I like to re-read those books on my bookshelf and see what ideas can be used to apply in my daily life.

Book like “Release Your Brakes” is one of my favorites  and I re-read it very often, to gain some perspective from it and get tips to improve my life. One sentence that strike me is ” How your life will change, will be the result of some decisions I am making now”. This is a very good phrase which reciprocal within me very well. Any decision we make now, will determine where our life will be. I totally agree with this statement.

The Decisions We Make Now Will Change Our Life

When I acceptted the closing of my ex-company in May 2017 from the management, this is the result I am facing now. If I had rejected their decision and decided to offer other alternatives, thing may change otherwise. Do I feel regret or angry? I am not sure at this moment because when I accepted their decision, I was loosing hope on that company and decided to moved on from it.

I wish to have a change at that moment as I see no future if I will to continue working for that company. The company has created many issues while I was with them throughout the 20 years career. I wish to have a better future life and decided to accept the closing of that company. So, why I am regretting and feeling lost? It shouldn’t be. I should focus on the better side and feel good about my decision. Start creating my new future and do what I wish to be in life.

So what is the life I wish to be?

A life that I can decide on my own terms and not being decided by others what I should do. I have strong feelings recently as I went for interviews and sending resumes to potential employers. Feeling so much stress and need to fulfill their needs instead of my wish, it limits my creativity and I need to focus on their wants instead of what I wish in my life. I kind of feeling frustrated and trying ways and means to please them in order to get the job offer. Is that what we want in our life?

Life shouldn’t be this way. We must live our life with joy and fun and do what we want.

Guides I Should Follow In Order To Change My Life

So, what should I do now? How do I move from here and start making my life better?

With internet and books everywhere, we can always turn to them and refer to them,  and learn from the experts. Which resources are good and effective for us? It depends on each individual. Everyone of us is created differently. Therefore, it is important to find guides, methods and tips which work for us.

As the book “Release Your Brakes” mentioned, just like playing golf or driving a car, we need a manual which teaches us the basic and fundamental techniques so we can start with ease. I am re-learning about the techniques taught in the book, and eager to apply it in my life now.

According to the book, author James W. Newman promised you that Your Life Will Never Be The Same after you apply all the techniques in the book. I am excited about it.

Learn From Other Experts

It is always good to learn from experts who have experienced the same setback as you and they have moved on to become a better person that they want. Most importantly is, the change make you a better person you wish to be, not to follow others. Do what is good for you, uniquely different from others, be yourself and feel happy about it.

One of the articles I came across, is written by Tim Denning, “14 Ways I Completely Changed My Life“. You can have a read and get some inspiration from his article. His words are full of wisdom which I like them very much. All these tips can apply easily in our daily life and we should adopt some of them if all are too heavy for you. Try one of the methods he suggested and see the outcome. You never know what decision you make today will change your life tomorrow.

Going The Extra Mile

As Peter Sage said, by going the extra mile, only then we can make an impact and produce lasting change in our life, as well as others life.

His phrase is full of inspiration, and that is the reason he is a well known international & serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher and teacher. We need to learn from him.

Morning Routine Checklist To Change Your Life

Habit that repeat often will stick with us for life. Therefore, we should cultivate good habit in my daily life.

Benjamin Hardy often emphasize the important of having a sound morning routine. I have the checklist which you can download from this post.

Here is the link:


Vision help you to realize your business goal faster


Create An Action Plan To Realize Your Goals and Dreams

In order to realize our dreams and achieve our goals, we need to take actions and this require planning.

Start creating your own action plan and follow it closely. Of course, you should not be too rigid on it. Give your plan some flexibility, and have fun and enjoyment doing it.

If you make your plan too boring and full of stressful work, your mind will reject it.

I was reading a new book from Jon Mowat – Video Marketing. In his book, he mentioned that we have a two-system mind. System 1 Mind is very lazy, and this mind like to take short cut and easy way. This mind is related to our habit and it always stick to our daily habit because this do not require much thinking.

Therefore, if you want to make a change of your life, you must cultivate good habits. Habits that will help to lead to your achievement, your dreams and the goals you set for yourself.

Some people called System 1 Mind as the subconscious mind. This is the same mind we are talking about. Most of the times our behaviour tends to listen to our subscious mind, which is our habit mind.

System 2 Mind is a logical mind which require more thinking and efforts. Therefore, our mind tends to avoid or reject it. It require more determination and focus to get this mind to work. Not many people has success on it.

Here is one of the videos I find very fascinating, which you may learn How To Reprogram Your Subconscious:


Change your thought today, and make a decision now, your life is going to become better. Have faith in ourselves that we can leave the world a better place and everyone of us can make a different.

Be happy with what we have now, and feel good about ourselves. I find blogging really an effective way to motivate ourselves to become a better person and also free ourselves of all the limits other impose on us. When we are blogging on our website, our mind is full of ideas and we think freely. This is very important to cultivate a confidence within us.

For those of you who want to create your own blog or have your own website, go to my home page or Get Started page and sign up for the free account. It is absolutely free to use and you can create 1 free websites for yourself.

All the best to you and let us start our life changing journey together.

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