Learn Data Science For Your Online Business

There have been a lot of talks about the usefulness of Data Science for businesses, and I wish to focus on the use of it for our Online Business. You can use Data Science to predict whether the niche business you plan to enter, has the sufficient volume to generate the income you wish to get.

Data Science is getting hotter each day and it is spreading everywhere in the business world. It is one of the skills IT professional need to learn and master in this modern day and is considered the hottest job for IT specialist. The salary for Data Scientist is also one of the highest among the rest, if not above the average.

According to Robert Half’s tech guide, the salary is at least US$100,000 in their Technology  2018 Salary Guide. If you are IT professional, you really need to know Data Science and master this skill set as soon as you can. Want to know more about the reasons of learning Data Science? Visit this post at ThoughCo.

While you learn about Data Science, it is important that you put that into practice and share your skill and knowledge with others. You can learn how to do it by creating your well designed website and high traffic generator. Visit my “Get Started page” and realize your dream today.

Take a look at Data-Mania, a website created by Lillian Pierson teaching others about Data Science and Big Data knowledge. If you want to do the same and create your own version of Data Science’s website. Get my recommendation at previous paragraph and start a website of your own.

Creating new possibilities for Sales and Marketing

More and more companies are using Data Science to help them managing their customer experience. Sales and marketing professionals love to make data-driven decisions to engage prospects and customers in order to generate more business for them.

With greater intelligence data and right analysis, sales and marketing can target a higher quality prospect and close the deal effectively.

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Online platform to start your own business

When you are learning about Data Science, you will come across Machine Learning this topic. According to Google current chairman Eric Schmidt, machine learning enable computers to become smarter and customize to our needs. In order to teach the computers, you will need to give it the right algorithms. You may visit this site to know the common types of Machine Learning Algorithms.

Microsoft has an online platform Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio which you can sign up and use it for your business analysis. You can integrate R programming into it and customize the report you want. Watch the series of video by Microsoft  targeting Data Science for Beginners.

Keen to create your own video like Microsoft to teach others about Data Science? Visit my Home Page to sign up for the Online course.

When you acquire the knowledge of building your own website, you can use it to generate interest from your followers to your niche market. Many websites like Data Science Central has fully utilize the powerful effect of web presence and create Online resources for Big Data practitioners to connect with them. You can do the same with your website created using the platform I suggested.

Google started its own machine learning program many years ago and it has its own technology and platform you can tap on. Here is the video from Google Cloud Platform about the 7 steps of Machine Learning you can view it on your own time at home.

Google has an official blog for Machine Learning. It has plenty of useful information you can refer and learn about this new and upcoming technology. Google want more people to know more about Artificial Intelligence and has also created learning resource at Learn with Google AI.

If you want to use Google Machine Learning Tool, you can visit TensorFlow and explore its features. I find it has a lot of information for us to learn about Machine Learning, giving you another perspective apart from Microsoft Azure ML.

Data Science Books For Beginners

A lot has been said about Data Science and many Data Science Beginners would like to know what this industry is all about. I had found a website at nathanbrixius.wordpress.com which has many topics about Data Science. Perhaps you can have a look and get some idea about it.

Many banks around the world are also embracing new technology like data science in their work process. Charlotte Tng, the head of human resources for Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore recently said, machines and technologies are changing most of the job scopes within the financial industry. Therefore, the bank is focusing on training its employees in data analytics, block chain, data mining and artificial intelligence to prepare for their future roles.

You are on the right path to learn about Data Science and getting all the relevant books about Data Science will allow you to master these skill set.

I found a book about Data Science and its title is “Data Science For Dummies” by Lilian Pierson. Have already made a reservation at local library and once it arrive I will start my reading. Meanwhile, I see it is available to be purchase at Amazon website.

He has published a new book “Digital Renaissance” talking about a startup story in Asia. You can purchase his book at Amazon online store.

Use Data Science To Improve Your Business

With technology keep evolving each day, new and efficient tools are available for businesses to utilize, even small businesses can benefit from it. Data science will be getting more exciting in 2018 and if you are small business owner, do not neglect about this new tool.

Data Science help you to understand your customer and audience better, by collecting the require data you need and use the right tools to give you the insights. You will know what has happened and where to go from there after all the data analysis. Important skill sets is know how to extract usable information your business need.

There are many articles on the internet talking about this subject you can read about it. I have listed a few of them here for your easy reference.



It is time for you to master all the skills relating to Data Science. Get all the books you like and start acquiring the right tools for your future.

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