Importance Lifelong Learning

As more people live longer, the importance of lifelong learning become a big issue for most of the countries in the world. Many countries have ageing problem to face, like Japan and Singapore, and it is critical for the government to plan in advance before more people getting old. When the society has more old people to care for, comparing with the younger generation providing the necessary income to sustain the society, the country become an issue. This could pose a heavy burden on the society if it is not properly managed.

With advancement in technology and frequent changes in this new world, what we learned during our young age may not be able to keep us in sync with the society. Look at current internet world, we do not have computer during our lesson when we are at school in the 1960s. Facebook was created in the year of 2004 and Apple Watch was introduced only this year 2015. We need to continue learning even when we age, so we are able to keep up with the changes in the society. Once we equip ourselves with the latest knowledge, we are able to support ourselves without burden on the younger generation.

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Many PME (professional, manager and executive) has embarked on lifelong journey to learn new skill, some learning a new foreign language, others to obtain Master degree and more taking up new sports and musical instruments. These are good sign for any country and we should advocate this kind of spirit. By continue to learn, it can keep our brain active and meet our hunger for knowledge and skill. Our children also will learn from us, when they grow old in future.

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believe in yourself

In Singapore, the government agency Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has launched a new S$27 million strategy called Innovative Learning 2020 (iN.Learn 2020) to encourage more adult using latest technology for their lifelong learning. A new facility called Innovation Lab (iN.LAB) will be setup within the next three years. The learning will be focus on self-directed online learning, a shift from the traditional classroom-based learning. The WA online learning platform which I recommending here is similar to the self-directed online learning.

Singapore government has been very encouraging for people to develop their potential through lifelong learning, no matter where is their starting point. This is a wise move to move the country to the next level of growth, in considering the ageing population and limited population Singapore is having. There is Institute for Adult Learning which you can apply for lesson to upgrade your skill.

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