Even Bill Gates read books often

Today I know about two important things which I can learn from it. First, most of the rich people in this world do a lot of reading, one of them is Bill Gates. Second, Bill Gates has a blog online and he said he read about 50 books a year.

I visited his blog just now and saw some of the listing of the books. He mentioned some books is about how steel or glass being made. This is interesting to know that, as a rich and successful man he still do a lot of reading and he is keen to know about the unknown. This is good habit which we should learn from him.

With this finding, this encourage me to put more effort on my online work. The online platform has allowed Bill Gates to reach more people. The internet has brought the usefulness of the technology in this world and online platform allows us to share information freely around the world. We together can make this world a better place, by sharing and communicating more often with one another.

Communication lead to better understanding of each other. Knowledge also help us to improve our life in this world better. A man who never stop learning will never cease to contribute in this world. To continue our contribution, keep learning.

Learn from the successful, and we will be on the path to success as well.

Thanks to Bill Gates for his wisdom to keep me motivated for the day.

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