Opportunities in Data Analytics

With more people and companies accessing the internet, the opportunities in data analytics segment will be in huge demand in the near future. A hyper-connected world in many countries will create large business opportunities for businesses to tap on.

Internet access has become much easy and cheaper everywhere in this world. Younger population is familiar with these technologies and will continue to engage the mobile devices throughout their life. How to collect, analyse and use these large amounts of data on the internet is becoming an important topic for all business. Regardless whether in e-commerce, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, the ability to deal with these data will put you in the upper hand.

A survey by Singapore Economic Development Board predicts that the data analytics sector will create additional S$1 billion to the Singapore economy by 2017. This has motivated the government to start their pursue in the data analytics area as one of the strategic push for the nation to compete in the world.

Already there are big names been established in Singapore like SAP, Nielsen Holdings and IBM Analytics Asia-Pacific. Local firms like Sense Infosys and others are also emerging in the market to tap on this growing trend.

Do you want to be part of this growing trend and be wanted by companies in this growing segment?

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