Best investment to consider when you have time and cash

What will you invest on, when you have the time and cash on hand?

It will depends on how much time you have and also the amount of cash you are able to invest out to grow your money. When you are young, you will have more time to do your investment as the saying if you fail there are more years for you to pick up from the fall and re-start again. But, when you are old and at the age of 50 or 60, will you able to withstand the failure and redo everything?

The other angle you have to look at it, is the time you have currently. If you work full-time and need to work overtime mostly, you may left with little time to do other thing. Also, if you have family, you may need time to socialize with them or take care of their needs. For people without work, they will have more times on hand and can spend more of it to build another business or learn a new skill. As I have created this blog, wish to reach out to 50 years old and above to seriously consider how are they going to spend their times for the next stage in their life.

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Invest only when you know its direction

I advise people to invest on thing which they know where its moving direction will be. For example I know more people are coming on board the internet, thus online business is growing each day with this trending. You should take this opportunity and move along the trend. As Chinese saying, when the water rise up, your boat will also become higher. Same goes for the stock investment, you must invest only on stock you know it will grow for the coming years, and do not forget to constantly monitor its trends. It apply for our online business too. We need to constantly optimize our online presence, ensure traffic continue to find us so that you are able to reach out to more people.

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