Duct Tape Selling

This is a great book written by John Jantsch, telling all the salesmen to think like marketer if they want to be superstar.

I have read it and have learn so much from it. Thus, I wish to share this book with others that pursuing the online business.

Inside the book, you will pick up a lot of useful tools which you can use it in your business. For example, I now know you can conduct free webinar using MeetingBurner for up to 10 attendees (most of the softwares need you to pay). You can also use Google+ Hangout On Air to broadcast and record your Hangout to your YouTube channel, making your Google+ Handout a much valuable sales and marketing tool.

Phrase like “It’s not who you know, it’s what you know about who you know.” will make you think deeper of what you need to know, in order to be superstar salesman. John Jantsch encourage us to use social media to know more about our prospects and customers. Best practices for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are mentioned in the book which you can learn from.

Journey with your prospect or client

One new approach John Jantsch has taught in this book, is journey with your prospect or client throughout the sale process. By identifying those hidden problem the prospect or client is having, you will be able to gain the trust and authority from them once they discover that you have the solution for their problem.

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